32 Gifts for the Science-Loving Person on Your List

The art and beauty of science are missed by many people, but for the absolute science-lover on your list, give them something that they will love. If they have an interest in chemistry, biology, astronomy or physics, there are lots of awesome things that will bring out the science nerd in them. To help you find the perfect science-themed gift, here is a list of interesting items that they will truly appreciate.

  1. Levitating Moon
  2. Levitating Moon

    A beautiful combination of magic and science, this levitating moon lamp is an eye-catching décor item that will impress anyone over for a visit. Simple in design yet striking in any space, the realistic-looking moon effortlessly hovers above its futuristic-looking base.

    Choose between bright white and warm yellow light to change the look and mood of the lamp or adjust lighting between the moon and the base. A great choice for any time of year, this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves science and space.

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  3. Anatomy Coloring Book
  4. Anatomy Coloring Book

    Combining the interest and curiosity of the human anatomy with a creative hobby like coloring, this is a great gift for anyone who loves to learn about biology in a fun way. The detailed pages clearly show how the human body is built and how everything is connected together.

    Perfect for science-lovers and medical students alike, the coloring book is a unique gift that is filled with illustrations, color keys, facts, notes and quizzes at the end of each section. A fun and unusual gift for the person who has everything.

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  5. Solar Motor
  6. Solar Motor

    A unique gift for the person on your list who loves science. This vertical Mendocino motor is a quirky form of entertainment and home décor item that is eye-catching and fun. The solar-powered electric motor magnetically levitates when exposed to warm light like a bulb or out in the sun.

    It has 6 small solar panels and easily sits on a metal base to hold it in place. Once exposed to sunlight or a bulb that emits heat, a gentle push will start the rotations that quickly speed up on its own. A great gift for any occasion, this is something they will truly appreciate.

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  7. Cooking for Geeks
  8. Cooking for Geeks

    Ideal for foodies and chemistry lovers, Cooking for Geeks is the ultimate cookbook for anyone who has ever wondered about the details as to why recipes are structured the way they are. From discovering chemistry reactions in baking to the effects of cooking temperature for different foods, this is a must-have for the curious minds.

    With information from food scientists, chefs, writers, molecular gastronomy researcher Hervé This, and quirky TV personalities like Adam Savage, this cookbook will not only help create incredible dishes but also entertain with every recipe.

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  9. Bluetooth Bedside Lamp
  10. Bluetooth Bedside Lamp

    For the person on your list who seems to have everything, give them a fun gift that can easily fit at home or travel with you. This stylish bedside lamp that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker is something that anyone would appreciate.

    Compact and cordless, the lamp is charged with a simple USB cable attachment when needed. The beautiful deep sound and adjustable light settings make this a versatile décor item that can be used anywhere indoors or out.

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  11. NASA Shirt
  12. NASA Shirt

    For the science-loving person on your list, a stylish long sleeve shirt with classic NASA patches on it is just what they need in their wardrobe. Space enthusiasts and NASA collectors will love the beautiful details and fit of this shirt.

    Officially licensed and made for comfort, the soft cotton blend fabric feels cozy and helps regulate body temperature. Perfect for wear year-round, this is a wonderful way to show pride in the advances of science and space travel.

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  13. Heavy Metals Mug
  14. Heavy Metals Mug

    Combining a functional gift with chemistry and humor is exactly what any science geek needs in their life. A classic coffee mug with heavy metals printed on the side is the ideal gift for anyone who loves a good pun.

    The large 11 ounce ceramic mug is designed for easy grip and care. Microwavable and dishwasher safe, this hilarious mug will surely be used anytime they need a chuckle. Great for friends, teachers, and dad’s with a great sense of humor.

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  15. Hubble Universe Book
  16. Hubble Universe Book

    A coffee table book unlike any other, the striking photos and full-color spread in this book will surely capture the eye and mind of anyone that comes along. With information and specially selected images from the renowned astronomy writer Terence Dickinson, this is a unique gift for any occasion.

    Filled with over 300 incredible images from the Hubble Space Telescope and even a four-page fold-out image that will dazzle, this is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves astronomy, space, and science. A great read and wonderful display for any room in the house.

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  17. Lab Rules Coaster Set
  18. Lab Rules Coaster Set

    For the science-lover who also enjoys a quirky sense of humor, this 4-piece coaster set is exactly what they will want in their home, office or personal lab. Each coaster is designed to look like a regular “Lab Rule”, but with a quirky twist that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

    With hilarious rules like “never lick the spoon” and “If you don’t know what you’re doing, at least do it neatly “, this is a wonderfully humorous set that can be used at parties or left out on display. Perfect for any occasion.

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  19. Cell Division Gold Foil Art
  20. Cell Division Gold Foil Art

    For a little sophistication and class, give a biology-themed art print in a stunning gold foil finish. Easy to hang in a minimalist frame, the gold foil beautifully shows cell division and mitosis. Subtle yet eye-catching, this art print will look great on display in any space.

    Detailed without looking like a biology textbook, the print is a unique way to show their love of biology and science. Perfect for an office, living room or library, the print measures 8”x10” and instantly becomes a feature in any space. A wonderful gift choice for anyone who loves science.

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  21. Chemistry Infinity Scarf
  22. Chemistry Infinity Scarf

    A classic infinity scarf with a cute chemistry print is just what any chem-geek would love. Filled with sketches of equations, beakers, and molecules, this is a lovely scarf that will only get attention when close enough to discover what the pattern is made up of.

    Versatile and lightweight, the chiffon scarf can be wrapped around the neck, left loose, worn over the shoulders like a shawl or even tied as a light summer top. Endless possibilities for the fashion-forward science-lover on your list.

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  23. Cozy Constellation Blanket
  24. Cozy Constellation Blanket

    A cozy blanket with a quirky touch of science is exactly what this gift is all about. Soft and warm to use as a throw or layering blanket, the constellation pattern throughout have a hidden feature of glowing in the dark.

    Designed in Italy and made of ultra-plush microfiber, the blanket is a unique gift that can be given anytime of the year. Perfect for any celebration, they will appreciate the warmth and relaxation every time they curl up in this blanket.

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  25. Atom T-Shirt
  26. Atom T-Shirt

    For the chemistry-lover who has a great sense of humor, this t-shirt is the ultimate pun that will make some laugh, and others wonder why it is supposed to be funny. Printed with a large graphic of an atom and the words “Never Trust An Atom, They Make Up Everything”, this is the ideal gift for any science geek.

    Made of 100% cotton, the soft comfortable feel of this t-shirt will leave them feeling relaxed and wanting to wear this everywhere they go. Lightweight and easy to wash, this is perfect to wear any time, and compact enough for travel.

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  27. Chemistry Whiskey Glasses
  28. Chemistry Whiskey Glasses

    A stylish gift that shows off their love of chemistry, this set of clear whiskey glasses is just what they need in their drinks collection. Modern in design and etched with a beautiful combination of molecules that relate to smooth whiskey, this is a wonderfully unique set that anyone would love.

    Made of premium glassware and large enough to hold 10 ounces of liquid, the glasses are easy to hold, have a solid base, and are perfectly suited for the dishwasher. The perfect gift for any occasion, this one they will truly enjoy using every day.

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  29. Book of Women in Science
  30. Book of Women in Science

    Celebrating the brilliant minds of women in the fields of science, this book is perfect for anyone who loves to learn about the famous names in history who have laid the foundations for technology and discoveries of today.

    Women in Science highlights the lives and accomplishments of women like physicists and chemist Marie Curie, primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall, paleontologist Mary Anning, ophthalmologist Patricia Bath, and more. A wonderful book for any occasion.

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  31. Marvel Periodic Table
  32. Marvel Periodic Table

    Combining the love of science with their love of comic books, this Marvel t-shirt is a unique gift that appeals to so many interests. This is perfect for the person who has an interest in chemistry and a geeky appreciation for the characters in the comics.

    Designed to look like a standard periodic table, each element is actually a character from the Marvel Universe. Great for anyone who loves the comics and movies, or serious collectors, this officially licensed t-shirt is soft, comfortable, and stylish for everyday wear.

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  33. 3D Dinosaur Lamp
  34. 3D Dinosaur Lamp

    Bring out their playful side that goes back to their childhood interest of dinosaurs with this amazing 3D dino lamp. Featuring three of the most popular dinosaurs in history, each one is designed to look like a digital wireframe kit in multiple adjustable colors.

    Perfect for kids of all ages, the lamp is made to look like an incredible optical illusion that looks striking in the dark. Perfect for any space in the house or office, this is a wonderful gift that will bring a smile to their face every time the lamps are on.

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  35. Kinetic Art
  36. Kinetic Art

    For the person who loves to present quirky discoveries and explain the science behind them, this simple kinetic stainless steel toy is just what they need at home or in the office. Stylish in design and soothing to watch as it slowly spins around, this is the perfect décor item that suits every design style.

    Perfectly balanced on a small pin, the vintage airplane rotates with a cantilever on the other side. A great gift to help them unwind and regain focus, this is a simple gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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  37. The Way Things Work
  38. The Way Things Work

    For the curious mind on your gift list, this is the ultimate book they will love to dive into. Filled with information, technology, and the science behind how things like windmills, touch screens, and wi-fi work, the book is fully illustrated and written in a way that is humorous and fun.

    More than simple explanations, the book also touches on topics like notable inventions, connections between seemingly unrelated things, and offers a glossary of technical terms that are not commonly used in day to day language.

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  39. Apollo Rocket LEGO Set
  40. Apollo Rocket LEGO Set

    For the kid in every science geek, give them a gift that will bring out their inner child and put a smile on their face as they construct a NASA Apollo Saturn Rocket out of LEGO bricks. This incredible set has nearly 2000 small pieces to recreate a rocket model based on the real thing.

    Complete with 3 rocket stages, Lunar Lander, Lunar Orbiter and other accessories, this is the ultimate set for space enthusiasts and LEGO collectors alike. A wonderful gift they would love at any time of year, this is a great gift to enjoy on their own or to spend quality time with others.

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  41. H2O Water Bottle
  42. H2O Water Bottle

    For the science geek who loves to make others laugh (or some cringe), this water bottle is the perfect combination of humor and function that they will love to show off. Perfect for staying hydrated all day, this bottle is convenient to take to work or attach to packs while enjoying the great outdoors.

    The aluminum bottle has a bright warning label printed on the front, made to look like hazardous material. Written at the top is “Dihydrogen Monoxide”, which just a clever yet complicated way to say “water”.

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  43. Galileo Thermometer Set
  44. Galileo Thermometer Set

    A sophisticated gift that looks beautiful in any space, this classic Galileo thermometer and globe barometer set is visually striking and serves an important purpose that they will love to check every day. This mini weather station uses ancient methods to interpret weather changes using only these two instruments.

    The beautiful glass sculptures are eye-catching and classic, while the wood base warms the entire look. A gorgeous set that anyone who loves science and history would love to display at home or work. Ideal for the person on your list who seems to have everything.

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  45. Concept Game
  46. Concept Game

    A clever game that uses the mind and intricate ways to communicate with others, this is a wonderful game that is a hit at parties and with families of all ages. The game requires players to choose a token on a board filled with icons and subtly communicate which one they have chosen without saying a word.

    Fun and unique, each player must use their creativity to clearly communicate with other players however they choose, but it has to be done within a minute. With riddles and various levels of difficulty, this game is for those who can think outside the box.

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  47. National Geographic Space Atlas
  48. National Geographic Space Atlas

    The beauty of National Geographic photography paired with information and stories from scientists and perhaps one of the most famous names in history, Buzz Aldrin. This is an incredible journey through space from the farthest reaches that humans have been able to explore.

    Stunning to display in any room of the house, the book is an excellent gift for anyone who loves science, astronomy, history and incredible photography. Perfect for any occasion, this is a wonderful book they will cherish forever.

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  49. Flask and Beaker Shot Glasses
  50. Flask and Beaker Shot Glasses

    For the chemistry geek on your list, this set of beaker shot glasses are just plain quirky and fun. Designed to look like the real thing, each shot glass is made of lab-grade glass that is durable and dishwasher safe. The smooth modern design is easy to hold and looks unique in any drinks set.

    Handmade to the highest quality, this set has two flask designs and two beakers to mix and match for a variety of drinks. A great conversation piece for entertaining guests or just to display as a fun home décor piece that is both eye-catching and playful.

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  51. Relaxing Spinning Art
  52. Relaxing Spinning Art

    For the science-lover who likes to unwind every now and then, give them a gift that will not only still their mind, but also highlight laws of physics and optics in one unique set. Perfect for anyone who appreciates simple demonstrations of momentum and illusions, this ellipsoid shape will entertain and promote relaxation when they need it.

    The gentle spinning top paired with the smooth mirror finish of the surfaces grabs attention with the smooth trance-inducing motion that instantly causes the body to relax. A wonderful gift for any occasion, this is perfect for the office, library, workspace, and more.

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  53. Periodical Travel Mug
  54. Periodical Travel Mug

    Everyone needs a reusable travel mug for their daily dose of energy, and this one is perfectly designed for the science geek in your life. Printed with “I periodically need caffeine” the last word is created using elements from the periodic table.

    Humorous and beautiful in design, this is the perfect gift for teachers and casual science-lovers alike. This stainless steel mug is able to hold 20 ounces of liquid, has a double-wall design, and includes a splash-proof top for easy travel without the fear of spills.

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  55. Jelly Fish Night Light
  56. Jelly Fish Night Light

    Fun for all ages, this is a fun gift for the person who has everything. Bold and fascinating to observe, this unique night light is designed to mimic deep sea conditions with the use of realistic-looking jellyfish that gently float in the water.

    With several light options to choose from, the lamp can be adjusted to suit a professional office or children’s playroom with the touch of a button. Soothing and fun to watch, the lamp is a fun light and relaxing home décor item that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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  57. Famous Scientist Socks
  58. Famous Scientist Socks

    For the fashion-forward science geek who truly appreciates quirky style, a pair of socks that highlight famous scientists is just what they need in their wardrobe. Colorful and tastefully printed, the socks feature the cartoon likeness of famous scientists like Pavlov and Curie.

    Soft and comfortable, these socks are made of a cotton blend that feels secure and regulates temperature for all-day comfort. The fun design and reinforced heel and toe areas make them durable and easy to wear with jeans, khakis or dress pants. Versatile and fun for year-round wear.

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  59. DNA Necklace
  60. DNA Necklace

    A unique necklace unlike any other, this beautiful DNA pendant is a lovely modern design that looks stunning with any look. Made of 18K gold plating and polished to a high shine, this is an eye-catching style that can be worn both day and night.

    Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, the necklace is packed in a sophisticated velvet bag and stylish box for easy gifting. A wonderful choice for any occasion, this is a great design for anyone who loves science, biology, and chemistry.

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  61. Vintage Science Lab Prints
  62. Vintage Science Lab Prints

    For the science geek who loves all things related to a lab, this set of vintage-looking patent prints is just what they need to dress up a lab, office, living room or library. With four patent print designs of equipment like a microscope and filtering apparatus, the set proudly shows the humble beginnings that lay the foundation for discoveries and technology of today.

    Beautiful to hang as a set or separately, the 8”x10” prints look great in any frame style. Easy to display and enjoy for many years, this is the perfect gift for the person on your list who has everything.

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  63. Periodic Table Cuff
  64. Periodic Table Cuff

    Quirky, fun, and very stylish, this silver cuff is sure to get attention. Designed and etched with sections of the periodic table, the entire cuff is printed with the number and element from iron to copper to mercury and more.

    Sleek and modern in design, this is a wonderful accessory that any science-lover would appreciate. Dress is up or wear it for casual days, the cuff is the perfect addition to any wardrobe and for any style.

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