30 Gifts for Artists that Will Inspire Creativity

Creative people have a certain eye for all things beautiful and unusual. From the classic to the abstract and contemporary creations, there are endless ways to express oneself through multiple mediums.

To give an artist in your life a gift they will truly appreciate, we have compiled a list of must-have items they need in their life.

  1. Famous Painting Socks
  2. Famous Painting Socks

    Combining famous art pieces with functional fashion is something every artist can appreciate. A fun way to express their creative side, this collection of socks is designed with famous paintings like Starry Night, Mona Lisa, Hokusai Wave, The Scream, and more.

    With a dozen different sock designs to choose from, every comfortable soft cotton blend sock can be a new form of fashion expression.

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  3. Art History Mug
  4. Art History Mug

    Enjoy a collection of the classics with every sip. A creative coffee mug adorned with some of the most influential art pieces in history is a must-have item that every art lover would appreciate. The solid ceramic mug holds 12 ounces and the outer design perfectly captures how much art has inspired so many to create.

    Perfect for any occasion and personality, this functional gift briefly spins through the history of art and becomes a wonderful conversation piece for the creative type who loves to teach others.

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  5. Animating Tablet
  6. Animating Tablet

    Whether you know an art lover who paints, sculpts or loves to try things that are altogether different, one thing that’s sure is they will love to play around with a drawing monitor. With the ability to draw, sculpt 3D images and animate on a large screen, this is a gift they will truly appreciate.

    This set includes a slim graphic monitor and multi-function pen that has the ability to perform different functions including draw and erase like a standard sketching pencil. A great gift for artists of all levels, this is something they can use for many years to come.

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  7. Art Supply Set
  8. Art Supply Set

    What is an artist without a huge collection of mediums for all of their creative projects? For the creative type who loves to draw, paint, sketch, and color, this is the ultimate set that has endless uses. With 145 art supply pieces and 2 drawing pads, the set will be their go-to case for anything from crayons, watercolor paints, pastels, colored pencils and more.

    Perfectly organized in a stylish wooden case, everything stays neat and compact, making it the perfect art set for travel, or to tuck away in a pack for on-the-go art sessions. A great gift for art lovers who seem to have everything, no one can ever have too many art supplies.

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  9. Abstract Cat T-Shirt
  10. Abstract Cat T-Shirt

    For the art lover who has a truly quirky sense of humor, this t-shirt is not only creative in design but is also a great gift for anyone who loves cats. This Picatsso shirt is a hilarious take on Picasso, combining his signature cubism style with the adorable image of a beloved pet.

    Fun and playful for any age and art level, this is a unique style that works perfectly with a pair of casual jeans, skirt or layered under a jacket. A great splash of color and eye-catching design for anyone.

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  11. Motivational Art Canvas
  12. Motivational Art Canvas

    Sometimes creative minds feel down and lose motivation to do what they love most. To help lift their spirits and get their creative juices flowing again, give them fun inspiring canvas wall art to add a splash of color to any space and remind them about what matters most in life.

    The bright bold design fits beautifully in any room or art studio and paired with the message “Do More of What Makes You Happy”, they will always be reminded of the things that turned them into an art lover in the first place.

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  13. Professional Wooden Easel
  14. Professional Wooden Easel

    Whether you know an art lover who is a budding novice or someone who is more of a professional, a beautiful French easel stand will surely bring their game up a notch. The classic design and clever design make this a must-have in any collection.

    The easel folds down into a case, making it compact for storage and portable for travel to the perfect painting location. The convenient drawer perfectly stores essential art supplies. This beautiful beech wood and brass design is a touch of luxury in any art lover’s life.

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  15. Modern Art Desserts Baking Book
  16. Modern Art Desserts Baking Book

    Inspired by famous pieces of modern art, this is a unique gift that will not only get their creative juices flowing but also taste delicious. A baking book unlike any other, there are dozens of recipes and details of their inspiration from great work by Matisse, Warhol, Koons, Kahlo and more.

    Beautiful as a coffee table book or simply to display around the house, this is a beautifully creative gift for the artist in your life.

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  17. Unique Phoenix Necklace
  18. Unique Phoenix Necklace

    A phoenix represents creativity, strength, and rebirth. Usually depicted with incredibly vibrant colors, they are the perfect symbol for an art lover who loves to create. This necklace is not only stylish, but a beautiful way to give someone the strength and inspiration for their craft.

    The simple design and beautiful swirl of color are sure to appeal to anyone who loves art, but also looks great with any look. A great eye-catching gift for any occasion.

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  19. Famous Painters Shoes
  20. Famous Painters Shoes

    Art lovers will have their favorite artists who inspire them to create beautiful things, which is why they will love these adorably unique casual shoes with the faces of iconic artists throughout history. From Dali to DaVinci to Van Gogh, they are a playful way to add something different to their everyday look.

    Comfortable as they are eye-catching these shoes are perfect for any occasion and personal style. They are made of durable canvas and have soft rubber soles for cushioning and grip. A great pair of shoes for any time, day or night.

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  21. Watercolor Brush Pens
  22. Watercolor Brush Pens

    For the art lover who loves to draw, paint or try their hand at calligraphy, this set of watercolor pens is something they absolutely need in their collection of art supplies. With 48 colors to choose from, the pens a versatile for wet and dry work, and the brush tips let them change their brushstrokes to any style they choose.

    Perfect for home, school or travel, the brush pens are perfectly organized in a compact case that easily fits in a bag, pack or supply case. A great gift for any occasion, this is something they will want to use every day.

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  23. Secret Lives of Great Artists
  24. Secret Lives of Great Artists

    Lots of people the names of famous artists, but what about their secret lives away from the artwork? This book of great artists talks about some of the quirky and scandalous stories that are often missed in lecture halls and museums.

    A great read to see the raw side of great names in history, this book is perfect for anyone who loves and creativity. Perfect for any occasion, the colorful artwork presented in each story can easily be displayed as a focal point in any room.

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  25. Tracing Light Pad
  26. Tracing Light Pad

    For creative types who love to sketch, paint, draw tattoos, calligraphy or animation, an ultra-thin light box is a must-have in every artist’s collection. Perfect for use at home, at school or on the go, the screen works wirelessly and for a continuous 3½ hours after charging for just an hour via battery or USB.

    A great way to illuminate work and for tracing, there are 3 illuminating light settings that are adjusted for clear use with light thin paper to thick art pages. Great for any occasion.

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  27. Bob Ross Game
  28. Bob Ross Game

    Bring the happiness and joy from beloved artist Bob Ross with a fun game called “Happy Little Accidents”. Great for 3 to 6 players, the game gets everyone’s creative juices flowing in a bid to get the highest points from the best doodles in the group.

    The cute game tokens and simple instructions, anyone can join in on the fun and get their imaginations fired up with this game. Perfect for any occasion, this is a great gift to bring friends and art lovers together.

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  29. Ninja Artists T-Shirt
  30. Ninja Artists T-Shirt

    A hilarious combination of nostalgia and art history, this t-shirt is a unique gift for anyone who loves art, creativity, and cartoons. A clever twist on the famous Ninja Turtles, the t-shirt is designed as an homage to the cartoon characters and the famous artists they are named after.

    Perfect for anyone who loves quirky fashion and design, the t-shirt is made of a soft cotton blend and works perfectly with any style. Dress it up or wear it on casual days, it’s a comfortable gift that shows off their creative side.

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  31. Holographic Backpack
  32. Holographic Backpack

    For the art lover who likes to express themselves through creative work and through fashion, this is the perfect gift that truly makes heads turn. A fun pack to store all their supplies and art books, this pack is a real eye-catching accessory for any style.

    The holographic reflective panels change colors in different light and the modern design gives is a futuristic look. Large enough to store a 14” laptop, light box, sketch pads, and other essentials they could not leave home without.

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  33. Personal 3D Printer
  34. Personal 3D Printer

    For the creative person in your life, give them something that they can not only let their imaginations go wild, but also play around with something totally fun. A personal 3D printer is a modern way to create endless art pieces and functional items that not all art mediums or skill levels can accomplish.

    Let them expand their art skills and enjoy working with a new silicon filament material and technology that has endless possibilities. The printer has a power supply, accepts SD cards, and has a print size measuring 8.6”x 8.6”x 9.8”.

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  35. Rainbow Fizzy Bath Bomb Set
  36. Rainbow Fizzy Bath Bomb Set

    For the art lover whose creative imagination never rests, give them something fun and playful for those relaxing hot baths where they can finally unwind. This adorable fizzy bath bomb set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves color and who feels young at heart.

    The simple cloud design immediately shoots out a rainbow of color when placed in a hot bath. Let the color suds build up for a fun foamy bath that is not only good for the skin but good for the soul. A great gift for all ages.

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  37. Van Gogh Coasters
  38. Van Gogh Coasters

    Add a splash of color and creativity to a room with a beautiful set of art coasters designed with one of the most famous paintings in history. This set of Starry Night coasters are stylish and functional for anyone who loves art or just likes to entertain at home.

    Perfect for any time of year, the set of 4 coasters works well in any décor and helps absorb moisture while protecting furniture from liquid stains. The bases have a convenient non-stick cork, so they never slip around, making it perfect for the bar or fun entertaining area.

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  39. Portable Mini Projector
  40. Portable Mini Projector

    For the creative art lover who is running out of room to display their incredible work, give them a gift that will let them dramatically show off their latest work no matter where they are. Perfect for use at home, at school, or at an art viewing party, this portable mini projector is a great way to project full HD images and videos like a home theater.

    The 1080p supported projector has a range between 32” up to 176” screen display. It has a USB port, holds 2 USB drives, and is compatible for most devices from smartphones to TV sticks to video games and more. A great must-have gift for the art lover on your list.

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  41. Collection of Women in Art
  42. Collection of Women in Art

    For the art lover who loves to learn all about notable names in the creative world, give them a unique gift that will not only inspire creativity but also show pride in the art that so many iconic women in history have created. Perfect for budding female artists who would love to gain insight from the best.

    A great gift for anyone studying or practicing a variety of creative avenues from painting, sculpting, photography, architecture and more. A wonderful choice for any time of year, this book is not just fascinating, but also a great home décor piece that can proudly sit on display.

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  43. Paint Drip Skull Hoodie
  44. Paint Drip Skull Hoodie

    Fun, fashionable and totally unique, this is a great gift for stylish creative minds who love to wear eye-catching pieces that no one else has. This simple cotton-blend hoodie has an incredible rainbow paint skull printed on the front for a dramatic visual effect.

    Soft, comfortable and perfect for those casual days, this style is a great way to feel ultra-cozy and still show off that creative side wherever they go. Easy to wear and wash, the printed graphic will continue to look amazing even after dozens of washes. Perfect for any occasion and fashion style.

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  45. Glass Pen and Ink Set
  46. Glass Pen and Ink Set

    For the art lover who seems to have everything in their collection, this is a unique gift they will love to play around with. A glass calligraphy pen and ink set are just what will get their creative minds buzzing when they try their hand at drawing, sketching, and writing with a pen made entirely of glass.

    A great tool to add to the art supply collection, this pen is a great way to learn a new skill and try out a different technique to express their creative side. A great gift for any art skill level, it’s a fun gift they will truly appreciate.

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  47. Polymer Clay Kit
  48. Polymer Clay Kit

    Whether you know someone who is a serious artist or just someone who likes to try their hand at creating things with a variety of mediums, a complete polymer clay set is something anyone would appreciate.

    Just like playing around with colorful dough when they were kids, the beauty of polymer clay is that they can be sculpted with lots of detail and turned into cute functional creations like keychains, jewelry, hair accessories and more. A great way to get a group together for a creative art session.

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  49. Pantone Color Mug Set
  50. Pantone Color Mug Set

    Anyone who loves art and creativity can appreciate the Pantone collection of colors. The bright bold colors along with their respective Pantone codes are beautifully presented on this set of ceramic coffee mugs. Perfect for the office or to enjoy at home, this set is ideal for anyone who loves a nice splash of color.

    The coffee mugs are made of fine bone china and hold a standard 12 ounces of liquid. This set has a great mix of some of the top Pantone colors and is a great choice for any occasion. Great for housewarming, birthdays graduations, and more.

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  51. Shadow Box Display
  52. Shadow Box Display

    For the artistic person on your list, give them something that will beautifully display their creative works of art. A classic shadow box with extra depth is a great way to show how much you support their creative works. Perfect for any room at home, office, or art studio, this is a versatile gift they can use for a variety of displays.

    The wood box frame measures 11”x14” and has a depth of nearly 2 inches, which is ideal for 3D art and mementos. Great to hang on the wall, prop up on a shelf or lay flat on a table, it’s a great choice for any occasion.

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  53. Inspiring Book
  54. Inspiring Book

    Help them gain new insight and inspiration with a full-color book that is as beautiful as it is full of interesting facts about some of the most famous art pieces and artists in history. Art That Changed the World is a stunning collection of over 2500 works from names like Monet, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Hirst and more.

    Taking readers on a journey from art in Japan, India, Australia and beyond, this is an incredible way to see how art and creativity change around the world and where each artist draws their own inspiration. Perfect for anyone who appreciates all things creative.

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  55. Titanium Rainbow Glasses
  56. Titanium Rainbow Glasses

    For the creative person on your list who truly appreciates quirky home décor, this set of metallic rainbow glasses is something that will add a pop of color to any drinks collection. With four titanium made glasses in the set, they are a unique gift choice for anyone who loves color and creativity.

    Made to look like classic wine glasses, they are made of a high food-grade stainless steel that will look great years down the line. Double-walled and shatterproof, they are perfect for home entertaining or pack them up for drinks at the beach.

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  57. Balloon Animal Coin Bank
  58. Balloon Animal Coin Bank

    Inspired by the gorgeous and eccentric sculptures by Jeff Koons, this balloon animal coin bank is the perfect décor accessory for any space in the home or at an art studio. The classic balloon dog shape is sleek and modern thanks to the shiny metallic finish.

    Perfect to help your favorite art lover save some cash, or just to give them a fun eye-catching home décor piece, this is a great gift that they will appreciate every time they see it. Ideal for housewarming, birthdays, graduations, art showcases and more.

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  59. Tattoo Coloring Book
  60. Tattoo Coloring Book

    For the person on your list who truly appreciates all forms of art, give them a creative outlet with this adult coloring book of intricate tattoo designs. From classic hearts, skulls, dragons, and pin up girls, to contemporary designs, this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves body art.

    Filled with dozens of original works that are inspired from all over the world, this book has something to inspire creativity on every page. Give them something to practice coloring with different mediums and let them relax with a modern meditative book. A great choice for any occasion and skill level.

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