32 Adorable Baptism & Christening Gifts

Baptisms and christenings are a big step in the life of a baby and one that calls for celebration. A sentimental gift will not only become a happy memento, but also a wonderful keepsake they can cherish for many years to come. To help you find the perfect gift for the next baptism or christening, we have put together a list of cute options that everyone will appreciate.

  1. Little Blessing Onesie
  2. Little Blessing Onesie

    A sweet little onesie to commemorate an occasion like a baptism, the words “sweet little blessing” is the perfect description for a bundle of joy on their special day. The short-sleeve onesie is perfect on its own or layered with a cute sweater and bottoms.

    Made of soft 100% cotton, the thick fabric is durable and easy to wash without losing shape or softness. The modern text and simple design easily fit in any occasion and versatile to dress up or down.

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  3. Personalized Bracelet
  4. Personalized Bracelet

    Nothing could be lovelier than a personalized reminder that the baby can wear on their special day. A cute sterling silver bracelet with their name or special date engraved on the sleek bar with a diamond accent.

    The solid lobster claw ensures the bracelet stays in place and the unique double chain design allows the bracelet to be adjusted to fit until adulthood. A wonderful gift that they can enjoy for decades to come.

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  5. Cute Cable Knit Sweater Set
  6. Cute Cable Knit Sweater Set

    A lovely little outfit that is perfectly fit for a baptism or christening, this cable knit set has a gorgeous long-sleeve romper, hat, and matching blanket all in white. Packed in a cute little plaid bag, this is a wonderful gift for a special occasion.

    Made of 100% organic cotton, the softness and temperature controlling fabric will keep the baby comfortable and cozy at all times. The classic cable knit pattern is timeless and each item can easily be used in mix and match outfits for longer wear.

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  7. Angel Keepsake
  8. Angel Keepsake

    A baptism is a special time for a family, as it blesses a new baby and starts their path with the seven sacraments in Catholic belief. To commemorate this important first step, a beautiful keepsake is often given as a gift they can all cherish for many years to come.

    This angel ornament is the perfect token of celebration and it includes a lovely poem of inspiration and love. Packed and displayed in a decorative box, this is a great gift that will perfectly mark the occasion.

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  9. Storybook Money Bank
  10. Storybook Money Bank

    To give the baby the best start on their journey through Christ, a beautiful money bank is a wonderful gift that can be used throughout their life into adulthood. Made with a sweet storybook design, the pewter money bank is a classic baby gift that will celebrate this important step in their life.

    Engraved with adorable animals and shaped to look like a book, the bank is a combination of timeless modern and vintage styles. Compact in size and easy to display anywhere in the house, this is a great gift for any occasion.

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  11. Light & Love Lantern
  12. Light & Love Lantern

    A modern home décor item that celebrates important milestones in a baby’s life, this sleek minimalist lantern is the perfect gift that easily fits in any space around the house. Printed with the words “May God’s light & love shine on you as you grow in His grace”, it’s a great gift to mark such a special occasion.

    Measuring 10”x4.75”x4.75”, the metal lantern is compact yet eye-catching. Also designed with a battery-powered LED candle, the warm glow, and flickering light is a relaxing décor piece that will soothe and comfort the baby.

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  13. Baby’s First Bible Set
  14. Baby's First Bible Set

    A baptism and christening marks the beginning of a sacred journey in the life of a baby and giving them a fun and positive gift is something that the whole family would appreciate. A complete bible board book set is something the baby can play with, enjoy, but also learn wonderful lessons from it as well.

    Filled with beautiful full-color illustrations and classic stories like The Story of Moses, Noah’s Ark and The Story of Jesus, this is a lovely set they can keep for many years to come.

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  15. Christening Plate Set
  16. Christening Plate Set

    Give the gift of luxury with a beautiful set from Royal Doulton. Marking a special occasion like a Christening is easy with a gorgeous mug and plate set with the printed words “Bunnykins celebrate your Christening”.

    Handmade and even hand-decorated, the set has adorable illustrations throughout, which is perfect for babies of all stages. Microwave and dishwasher safe, this is a collector’s set that will be cherished for always.

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  17. Personalized Keepsake Box
  18. Personalized Keepsake Box

    Keep all precious mementos in one special place with a beautiful glass keepsake box adorned with a simple cross charm. The vintage design has lovely textured glass sides and a clear top that makes it easy to see what is inside.

    Etched with any personalized message or the name of the baby and the date of their christening is a lovely touch that will celebrate this special moment in their life. A thoughtful gift that they will cherish into adulthood.

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  19. Lamb and Cross Snow Globe
  20. Lamb and Cross Snow Globe

    To celebrate a big milestone and give them something they can enjoy for years to come, this adorable snow globe is the perfect gift for a baptism or christening. The sweet vintage design has a beautiful silver cross in the front and a cute little lamb in the center.

    Ideal in any baby’s room, this is a lovely home décor item that will remind them of their first big step in life. The added special touch of the melody “Jesus Loves Me” is played when wound up. A soothing gift that they will love for many years.

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  21. Willow Tree Angel and Baby Figure
  22. Willow Tree Angel and Baby Figure

    Gentle, calming, and beautiful in design, the Willow Tree collection of figures perfectly capture the mood and emotions of every occasion. The lovely carved look and soft hand-painted finish make this angel and baby figure the perfect gift for a baptism.

    With the sentiment “Hold close that which we hold dear” written on the matching card, this is a wonderful décor item that they will cherish through to adulthood. A collector’s item that anyone would love.

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  23. Cross Keepsake Charm
  24. Cross Keepsake Charm

    A sweet little keepsake to celebrate a special moment in a family, a new baby’s christening is a special moment that everyone will hold dear in their memories. A beautiful handmade glass cross is the perfect memento to commemorate this occasion, along with a lovely written message of love and inspiration.

    The soft color tone and eye-catching swirl effect look gorgeous on display or hanging on a wall. This versatile gift is a lovely token and ornament that can be used and enjoy from now until adulthood.

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  25. Engraved Compass
  26. Engraved Compass

    A baby’s baptism and christening are milestones that begin a journey in their lives. To mark this special occasion and give them a gift of guidance and encouragement, this beautifully engraved compass is just what they need.

    The gorgeous vintage design and inspiring message on the front are the perfect reminders of strength and wisdom. A wonderful gift that they will no doubt cherish for years to come, this is a great gift for any time of year.

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  27. Personalized Blanket
  28. Personalized Blanket

    A baby’s christening is the first step to living a life as a devout Christian, and to mark this special day, they are given a special name to carry with them always. To give them a unique gift to commemorate this joyous occasion, a personalized blanket with the name and date is something they will forever cherish.

    The classic fleece with satin border design is a beautiful way to wrap the baby in comfort and safety. The sophisticated imprint has a subtle design and look that will easily fit in any baby room.

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  29. Musical Lamb and Prayer Book Set
  30. Musical Lamb and Prayer Book Set

    For the baby who is going to have their first baptism or christening, this cute little praying lamb is the perfect gift to celebrate the occasion and teach them the importance of prayer. Along with a lovely prayer book, the lamb also recites several prayers with the touch of a button.

    A great little set that they will be able to play with and learn from, the lamb is an ultra-soft plush toy that has a serene expression while in prayer. The colorful illustrated book that features a bedtime blessing that ends with “Now I lay me down to sleep” as recited by the lamb toy.

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  31. God Gave Us You Book
  32. God Gave Us You Book

    For the baby who is ready to take on the world from the beginning, their baptism is a step that will take them on an incredible journey in life. To celebrate this big milestone, give them a sweet gift that will give them the answer to a question that will be asked in the future.

    God Gave Us You is a beautifully illustrated book about a mother and baby polar bear who discuss the wonder and excitement of getting a bundle of joy from God. A wonderful book to teach children how special and loved they really are.

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  33. Personalized Footprint Frame
  34. Personalized Footprint Frame

    A new baby brings incredible joy and love into a family, so to capture those precious moments in the first months of their life, this stunning DIY frame is just what any family would want for their new addition. A great gift for any occasion, especially those that mark milestones in their life.

    With everything needed to preserve their handprints and footprints, this set includes a modern frame for two photos and print display, clay, and instructions for perfectly setting the prints. A gorgeous gift that will be cherished for many years to come.

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  35. Child of God Swaddle Blanket
  36. Child of God Swaddle Blanket

    A baptism and christening are a baby’s first steps to becoming true children of God. This is a special milestone in their life and a beautiful blanket adorned with inspiring words of how precious they truly are, is the perfect gift to mark the occasion.

    Made of 100% ultra-soft cotton muslin, the blanket is lightweight, breathable and will keep the baby comfortable and cozy. A modern design with beautifully written words from Psalm 139, this is a lovely gift for any time of year.

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  37. Mini Commemorative Album
  38. Mini Commemorative Album

    Capture and feature all the special moments from the baby’s christening in a sweet little album they can cherish for many years. This lovely little album is a beautifully designed memento that can easily be displayed in any room of the house.

    With 60 pages ready for 4”x6” photographs, each photo sleeve one has room to write a short caption as a memory of the happy day. Fill out the front with personalized details and hold on to this beautiful keepsake to look back with joy.

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  39. Heading
  40. Jesus Loves Me Print

    For the baby taking part in their baptism or christening, give them a gift they can enjoy throughout the years with a modern wall art print they will love. The contemporary design of a cross made up of inspiring words is perfectly displayed in a white frame.

    Ideal for adding a positive message in any space at home, this is the perfect gift that will celebrate a baby’s special day. With the words “Jesus Loves Me” prominently displayed in the middle, this art print will instantly bring a smile to their face.

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  41. Personalized Glass Picture Frame
  42. Personalized Glass Picture Frame

    Nothing could be better than capturing a baby’s baptism or christening and preserving it in a personalized frame just for that special occasion. This beautiful glass frame has two decorative borders to feature a 4”x6” photo of the special day.

    With the words “God Bless” along with the name, date or personalized message etched to the mirrored panel on the side. A sleek and luxury design that will look beautiful anywhere it is displayed. A lovely memory for many years to come.

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  43. Noah’s Arc Playset
  44. Noah's Arc Playset

    A baby’s baptism is the starting point of important teachings that will shape and provide guidance throughout their lives. To help them learn in the most fun way possible, give them a gift that will excite their imagination and give them hours of entertainment.

    This adorable Noah’s Ark playset is the perfect gift for young babies, as each one makes fun sounds when squeezed or shaken. The set includes a small 8” plush ark carrier and 4 animals who perfectly fit inside. They will love to play and keep this toy set until it can be passed on to the next generation.

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  45. First Rosary Set
  46. First Rosary Set

    For a classic baby’s baptism gift, give them something that can be carried with them through to adulthood. This lovely rosary set includes one full jeweled rosary that measures 20” long and has a beautiful silver Mary center and cross.

    The rosary comes in a cute matching ceramic keepsake box that is the same color as the rosary and has the words “My 1st Rosary” written on the front panel. This is a beautiful set that the family will cherish and the baby will learn how to pray with their very first rosary memento.

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  47. Personalized Illustrated Book
  48. Personalized Illustrated Book

    What could be more fun for a child than having a book with their name written into the story? This personalized book titled Thank You, Lord, for Everything is the perfect book to give a baby for their baptism or christening.

    With adorable color illustrations and a story that mentions the baby’s name within the story is something that they will love to read again and again. The fun and excitement of a book to celebrate this special occasion and the wonderful person they will grow to be is a must-have in every child’s life.

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  49. Cross Pearl Bracelet
  50. Cross Pearl Bracelet

    A keepsake that will carry on with them from baby to bride is something that anyone would appreciate. A unique gift for a baby girl’s baptism, this bracelet is a special keepsake jewelry item that can be adjusted and grow along with her.

    Made for her baptism, her 1st communion, and finally, on her wedding day, this beautiful bracelet will be there every step of the way. Made of sterling silver and adorned with cultured pearls and Swarovski crystals, this is a luxury jewelry piece that will be cherished forever.

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  51. Prayer Buddy Toy
  52. Prayer Buddy Toy

    A fun and wholesome gift that will excite and teach little ones to pray, this adorable plush lamb is designed to recite one of three prayers every time the paw is squeezed. Colorful, soft, and totally cuddly, this is a gift that they will hang on to for several years.

    A wonderful gift for a baptism or christening, the lamb is made of a soft yet durable cotton blend material and has sensory textures and colors for babies to enjoy. Once the little one is ready to learn their prayers, simply recite them together with the push of a button.

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  53. Plush Baby’s Bible Toy
  54. Plush Baby's Bible Toy

    Babies love to hear a variety of sounds, bright colors, and to feel bold textures. To celebrate a special milestone in their life, give them a personal book about the world God created for everyone. God Made the World is a gorgeous cloth book made just for little hands.

    The soft cotton pages and sensory additions like crinkly pages, child-safe mirrors, and squishy book design is the perfect way to introduce God into their life. Lightweight and made for hours of endless fun, this book can be taken anywhere.

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  55. Child of God Bracelet
  56. Child of God Bracelet

    Celebrate a child’s special milestone like a baptism or christening with a charming bracelet just for them. Engraved with the words “I am a child of God”, the cuff-style bracelet is easy to wear and expand as they grow.

    Made of quality stainless steel and designed with a sweet knot in the middle, the heart-shaped charm proudly shows they are a true child of God. A beautiful gift they will cherish for years to come, it is beautifully presented in a small cloth velvet bag.

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  57. Special Day Journal
  58. Special Day Journal

    A child’s baptism is a special time that is celebrated with friends and family. To give them a wonderful memory of this important step in their life, give them a gift of wisdom and well wishes that they can look back on with joy.

    This lovely little baptism journal has over 100 lined pages that can be filled out by parents and other loved ones. Write inspiring text, favorite prayers or passages from the good book. A wonderful keepsake that they can continue to fill out when they are older.

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  59. Baby’s Prayer Bear
  60. Baby's Prayer Bear

    Teach little ones how to say “The Lord’s Prayer” with a soft friendly plush bear they love. When the teddy bear’s tummy is squeezed, he recites the prayer is a soothing and easy to understand way. A great way to teach young ones to pray every day.

    Soft and cuddly, the bear has a lovely satin ribbon bow around its neck and an embroidered cross on his right foot. The soft material and huggable design will keep them entertained and comforted for years to come.

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  61. Faith Pendant
  62. Faith Pendant

    For a christening or baptism, give them a small token that will remind them to always have faith. Perfect as a special keepsake they can wear when they are older, the necklace has a small pendant with a minimalism cross hand-stamped in the front.

    Dainty and sweet, this necklace is presented in a lovely decorative box that has the bold word “Faith” printed at the top. A gorgeous jewelry item that will give them the inspiration and strength to hold on to their beliefs.

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  63. Silver Plated Certificate Holder
  64. Silver Plated Certificate Holder

    Celebrate and commemorate a special occasion like a christening or baptism with a stunning silver-plated keepsake. This beautiful certificate holder is a luxury gift the whole family will cherish for the rest of their lives.

    Adorned with adorable images made just for a baby, the certificate holder can be displayed in any room of the house. Perfect for nurseries or placed in a special keepsake box, the holder will protect and preserve the special occasion that they will look back on with a smile.

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