31 Perfect Gifts for Your Best Friend

Your best friend is someone you can always rely on no matter where you are. Often considered more like a sister, she is the person you can talk to for hours and live miles apart without losing touch. When it comes to gifts, there are plenty of thoughtful things they would love from you.

The next time a holiday or occasion comes along, or if you want to send them a little something “just because”, here is a list of awesome gifts to give you some inspiration.

  1. Big Jar of Smiles
  2. Big Jar of Smiles

    Who wouldn’t love a whole jar of smiles? This glass jar is filled with 31 different quotes and phrases to inspire your best friends and make them laugh to brighten each day. Colorful and fun, this is a gift they can enjoy again and again. The eco-friendly jar can be reused with more personalized notes from you or passed back and forth as a fun game that you can both share. Perfect for any occasion, this is a great way to show your bestie some love, anytime.

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  3. Long-Distance Keychain
  4. Long-Distance Keychain

    A sweet little gesture to show her how much you care, this adorable keychain is just what she needs to see every day to remind her of you each day. A sleek functional keychain with the message “miss your stupid face” is something that only the best of friends can share together.

    Hypoallergenic and made from quality stainless steel, the surface will not rust or stain. The thick ring easily holds keys securely and is sure to look lustrous for many years to come.

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  5. Sweet Jewelry Dish
  6. Sweet Jewelry Dish

    For the friend who loves to collect trinkets and rings, this sweet little dish is something your best friend needs in her life. Printed with a lovely modern floral design and the phrase “If friends were flowers, I’d pick you”. A lovely reminder that she will love to see every day.

    Measuring 4”x4” and made from ceramic, this stylish little keepsake is the perfect décor accessory that easily fits in any space. Perfect for organizing little accessories and keeping essentials in one place, the dish is a loving reminder of the bond you both share.

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  7. I Solemnly Swear Water Bottle
  8. I Solemnly Swear Water Bottle

    For the bestie who proudly shows her Potterhead style every day, this is a must-have accessory that she needs in her life. Perfect as a daily reminder to drink enough during the day, this 24-ounce water bottle has hourly markers and a refill reminder when the bottle is empty.

    Printed with a Potter-esque design and the phrase “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”, the bottle has a leakproof drinking flap, and easy carry loop so it’s easy to take everywhere she goes. A great gift for any occasion, this is something she will love to use for many years to come.

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  9. Beautiful Bestie Wine Glass
  10. Beautiful Bestie Wine Glass

    Giving your bestie something that she will love to use every day is something that will truly show her some love. This beautiful stemless wine glass is the perfect addition to any drinks collection, giving her a special glass just for her. Printed with a fun heart print and phrase “Cheers My Beautiful Bestie”, the glass is easy to hold and looks great on display.

    Vibrant, durable, and easy to clean in a dishwasher, this is a wonderful gift that she will enjoy for many years to come. A great gift for any occasion, this is something she will appreciate with every sip.

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  11. Cute Cushion
  12. Cute Cushion

    Give your bestie something plush and cozy to make her space ultra-comfortable and tell her just how much you love her every time she’s at home. This sweet cushion is a stylish modern design in a soft color tone. The phrase “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the nicest things you can be. Our friendship is a blessing to me”, truly says it all.

    Made from a beautiful linen, the light fabric is soft to the touch and easy to mix into any room décor style. Perfect for any occasion and season, this is a gift that can be enjoyed year-round.

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  13. Best Bestie Bracelet
  14. Best Bestie Bracelet

    A sweet little gesture of love and appreciation, any bestie would love to get an adorable bracelet with double heart charm to represent great friends. The cute minimalist design and subtle charms make this easy to pair with any style or occasion.

    Printed on the included card is the warm message “This little bracelet is yours to treasure, I’m so lucky you’re my best bestie ever”, this is a wonderful little gift she will cherish always.

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  15. Framed Long-Distance Print
  16. Framed Long-Distance Print

    No matter where you both are in the world, there is nothing that will come between a couple of best friends. This lovely framed art print is a minimalist design that perfectly suits any home décor. A beautiful way to show your deep connection no matter how far apart.

    Personalized with both of your names, this is a wonderful reminder of how love and friendship know no bounds. Printed with a soft watercolor style on premium paper, this is the ideal gift for any occasion.

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  17. Gorgeous Heart and Rose
  18. Gorgeous Heart and Rose

    For the friend who loves pretty things, this rose is a stunning feature she would love to decorate her favorite space. This lovely flower is made entirely of plastic, meaning it will never die, just like the love you have for each other.

    Designed to look like crystal and with a gold-plated stem, the rose stands beautifully tall inside the clear heart-shaped stand. A wonderful luxury gift that will remind her of her best friend.

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  19. Cozy Friendship Blanket
  20. Cozy Friendship Blanket

    The best friend who is always cold needs a soft cozy blanket that she can curl up in, whenever she wants. This is an adorable fleece blanket adorned with sweet words and phrases to show her how great it is to be best friends.

    The big 50”x60” is large enough to layer on the bed, throw over the couch, or keep tucked away in her favorite reading nook. Versatile and warm, this is a must-have to make any space ultra-comfortable.

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  21. Family We Choose Bracelet
  22. Family We Choose Bracelet

    A beautiful cuff bracelet for your beautiful bestie, this is a great gift for anyone who loves fashion and accessories. Made from quality stainless steel and engraved on the inside with a sweet message “Friends are the family we choose”.

    Versatile and stylish, the cuff can easily be worn casual and more formal. Included in the boxed set is the cuff and sweet decorative note that will be cherished for many years to come.

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  23. Bestie Love Book
  24. Bestie Love Book

    A love book made just for your bestie, this minimalist booklet is full of fill in the blank statements that show them your love and appreciation. Easy to fill out and full of wonderful pages that will make them laugh and possibly cry from the thoughtful sentiments.

    Filled with over 110 pages of phrases, memories, and future plans like “when we’re old, let’s…”, each page will make them happy, excited, and looking forward to the adventures ahead.

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  25. Best Friend Rustic Sign
  26. Best Friend Rustic Sign

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  27. Friendship Keepsake Box
  28. Friendship Keepsake Box

    A sweet keepsake box for the person who can stay up for hours chatting and can make you laugh no matter what, this is a wonderful gift they will instantly show them just how important to you they are. Made to look exactly like the original Willow Tree carving, the cute little box beautifully shows best friends on the lid.

    Ideal for storing mementos like trinkets, jewelry, and notes, the soft color tones and rustic design perfectly fit in any space. A lovely display that will bring a smile to their face every time they see it, this is a gift they will cherish forever.

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  29. Book All About Them
  30. Book All About Them

    For the friend who loves anything quirky and unique, this is a wonderful way to give them a personalized book all about the incredible friend they are. Each page is beautifully designed with colors and illustrations that highlight the great things written inside.

    Sweet and entertaining, the book is easy to complete with fill in the blank prompts that will make them laugh out loud. A wonderful gift for any occasion, this is something they will treasure forever.

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  31. Artistic Scented Candle
  32. Artistic Scented Candle

    A sweet sentimental gift that will remind them of the friendship you share, this rustic ceramic candle is the perfect gift for your best friend, any time of year. The one of a kind holder design has the beautiful sentiment “I Always Wished for A Friend Like You” printed on the front.

    The smooth and lightly scented soy candle creates a relaxing mood no matter where it is in the home. Artistic and whimsical, this is a wonderful gift for any occasion and perfect for the friend who loves all things pretty.

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  33. Long-Distance Travel Tumbler
  34. Long-Distance Travel Tumbler

    For the bestie who is always on the run, give her a gift that is both functional and makes her smile. This cute travel tumbler has a smooth modern design and spill-proof lid for easy travel. Designed with a beautiful message from the heart, the mug is perfect for ever day use.

    With a large 12 ounce capacity and double wall inner copper lining, she can easily keep her drinks hot or cold for 3 or more hours. Whether she’s running errands, heading to work or needs a cold drink after a workout, this mug will be there with your message of love.

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  35. Tall and Short T-Shirts
  36. Tall and Short T-Shirts

    For the besties who are split in height, this matching set of t-shirts are the perfect gift to wear together. Made for a coffee-loving duo who wish every day was BFF day, these shirts hilariously describe which friend is the “tall” and which one is the “short”

    Made from a soft blend that’s lightweight and breathable, the front of each t-shirt is printed with quality vinyl that will look beautiful even after several washes. Ideal for year-round wear.

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  37. Bestie Phone Cases
  38. Bestie Phone Cases

    Adorable phone cases that only make sense when they are together, this set is the perfect pair for the best of friends. The soft but durable cases are clear with a cute design of a smiling sun and earth. Labeled with “Best Friends” on both cases, the graphics look like they are holding hands when both phones are side by side.

    The perfect way to show everyone the close bond two friends can have, each case is also a sweet memento of two friends who love each other.

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  39. Personalized Necklace
  40. Personalized Necklace

    For the best friend who loves fashion and accessories, this necklace is a sweet gesture that will surely put a smile on her face. The minimalist design of the necklace is perfect for any style and occasion, while the dainty chain easily adjusts to all sizes.

    Personalized with a name, coordinates or a message of love, this is a great thoughtful gift that she will love and cherish for many years to come. Hypoallergenic stainless steel with a gold plating, this is a lovely gesture she will love to show off.

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  41. Supportive Friend T-Shirt
  42. Supportive Friend T-Shirt

    For the best friends who love to prank and make fun of each other, this is a must-have in both of their wardrobes. This super cozy t-shirt has a pair of stick figures on the front, with one telling the other “I’ve got your back”. A great message in a hilarious design.

    Made from ultra-soft cotton and pre-shrunk for absolute comfort from the start, this is the super comfortable shirt that they will want to live in. Perfect for any occasion and easy to wear year-round.

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  43. Best Friend Definition Pouch
  44. Best Friend Definition Pouch

    To help your bestie keep all of her essentials in one compact place, this cute pouch is the perfect gift for storing makeup, jewelry, toiletries or little mementos from fun times together. Designed with a definition of what a best friend is, this is a sweet loving gesture to show your best friend how much you care.

    The simple natural linen fabric is soft and easy to handle, while the solid zippered closure keeps everything secure for storage and travel. A great gift for year-round use, she will get misty-eyed when she first reads the definition on the front.

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  45. Jewelry of Appreciation
  46. Jewelry of Appreciation

    For the friend who loves to dress up and collect beautiful jewelry, this is the perfect addition to her accessories collection. A gorgeous platinum plated necklace with curved vine charm is a sleek modern design that is easy to pair with any outfit.

    Easy to wear and adjust to the perfect length, the necklace also includes a lovely written poem about the love of a best friend and how important they are in the lives of others. A sweet sentiment that might bring a tear to their eye, it’s the perfect way to say “I love you”.

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  47. Crazy BFF Hoodies
  48. Crazy BFF Hoodies

    A hilarious pair of hoodies that need to be worn side by side; this is the perfect gift for the best friends who are always better when together. Printed with “BFF – she thinks I’m crazy” and “BFF – I KNOW she’s crazy”, these hoodies are sure to get a laugh from everyone who sees them.

    Made from a soft cotton blend that has a nice stretch and comfortable to wear, they are perfect for those days when everyone is ready to laugh until their sides hurt. The perfect gift for any occasion, this is one both friends can enjoy together.

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  49. Personalized Photo Frame
  50. Personalized Photo Frame

    A cute keepsake to display your favorite photo with bestie, this lovely wooden frame is the perfect gift she can show off in any space at home. Personalized with names and a truly heartfelt message of love, this is a sweet reminder of the bond between best friends, no matter where they are in the world.

    Perfect to display portrait and landscape photos, the versatile frame can easily change orientation as often as they choose to change the photos in it. A wonderfully thoughtful gift they will cherish for all time.

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  51. Fun Friendship Coloring Book
  52. Fun Friendship Coloring Book

    For the best friends who love to communicate with emojis, this is the ultimate collection that both friends can color at the same time. With double copies of each page of emojis, both friends can bond and have a creative time coloring in this best friend’s coloring book.

    Filled with 36 pages of cute friend-themed emojis, each section will have a variety of coloring levels from easy to complex. A great excuse to spend even more time together, this is a wonderful way to have fun and catch up.

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  53. Inspire Your Best Friend
  54. Inspire Your Best Friend

    Your best friend is an amazing woman who has so many incredible qualities you admire, which is why this book is a must-have in her library collection. Amazing Women is a beautiful book filled with the stories and life profiles of 101 inspiring female figures who have made amazing improvements in the lives of millions.

    From famous and notable names like Marie Curie, JK Rowling, and Malala Yousafzai, the book is the perfect collection of encouraging women who have made history in a huge way. Perfect for any occasion, she will love sharing all of their stories with you.

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  55. BFF Spa Gift Set
  56. BFF Spa Gift Set

    Give your bestie a reason to relax and let go of any stresses in her life. This specially made Best Friend Spa set is the perfect spa escape from the comfort of her home. Complete with aromatherapy soap, moisturizing lip balm, luxury candle, fizzy bath bomb, and a beautifully engraved heart message, this is a gift she will truly appreciate.

    Perfect for any time of year, this lovely boxed set also includes a heartfelt message of love for your best friend for all time. Thoughtful and professionally presented, she will love every therapeutic moment.

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  57. Inspiring Friends Sign
  58. Inspiring Friends Sign

    A pretty home décor item that will always bring a smile to her face, this is a beautiful sign that shows your best friend just how special they are in your life. The soft color tones are easy to fit in any space and the sweet sentimental message is something that anyone would love to read.

    Printed with the message “Friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly”, she will always have you in mind when she reads this sweet message filled with love.

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  59. Comic Girl Power
  60. Comic Girl Power

    For the strong powerful friend in your life, this is the ultimate book for the bestie who loves comics, superheroes or is a hero in your eyes. The Big Book of Girl Power is filled with all of the incredible DC comic female role models that many have grown up with.

    Fully illustrated and including tons of information and inspiring qualities of favorites like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Black Canary, and more. A fun unique gift that’s perfect for the friend who has everything.

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  61. DIY Bath Bomb Kit
  62. DIY Bath Bomb Kit

    A special kit that she can use on her own or share with her bestie, this DIY bath bomb kit is the perfect gift for best friends who love creating things from scratch. Eco-friendly and perfect for spa days at home, the kit includes everything needed to make 12 luxury bath bombs.

    Made with 100% pure essential oils for a truly therapeutic experience, they can enjoy soothing scents like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lime, and more. A fun gift for any occasion, you can both work on them while spending quality time together.

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