30 Must-Have Gifts for Any Book Lover

Everyone knows a book lover who always has a stack of titles they want to read or has a book in hand for a quiet moment that comes their way. When you want to find something special, but have no clue which books they already own, get them something different that they will surely love.

To help you get some gift inspiration, check out this list of fun unique gifts that any book lover will appreciate.

  1. Literary Candle
  2. Literary Candle

    Give the gift of aromatherapy with a touch of literary genius with a Library Collection candle based on famous writers. The Oscar Wilde scent is a beautiful combination of cedarwood, basil, and thyme. Labeled with the name and famous quote by the author, it’s a great gift that will perfectly fit in any room of the house.

    A unique option for any book lover, the candle is poured into a glass vessel that can easily be used to store accessories or bookmarks once the candle is done. A stylish home décor item for any occasion.

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  3. George Orwell Quote Pen
  4. George Orwell Quote Pen

    Whether you know someone who loves to read or is looking to pen their own novel one day, give them a stylish yet functional gift they can truly appreciate. This unique pen is engraved with George Orwell’s signature and famous quote “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

    Packed in a box with the author’s photo in the front, this is a wonderful gift that will not only encourage them to write their thoughts down but also give them a sleek reliable pen for those important notes in the margin.

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  5. Cozy Reading Blanket
  6. Cozy Reading Blanket

    Nothing could be better for a true book lover than to curl up in a cozy blanket with a good book. Give them a gift of comfort and escape with this beautiful soft Sherpa blanket. With a classic cable knit pattern on one side and fluffy Sherpa on the other, this is the perfect throw for the coziest place in the house.

    The large 60”x80” size makes it a versatile décor piece that can add an extra layer on the bed, roll up in a reading nook or drape over the arm of a comfortable chair. A great option for anyone who loves to relax and get lost in a great story.

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  7. Abibliophobia T-Shirt
  8. Abibliophobia T-Shirt

    For the book lover on your list who never can have enough to read, this hilarious t-shirt is exactly what they need in their wardrobe. A true definition of Abibliophobia, the t-shirt is perfect for casual days to lounge around the house or for trips to the bookstore and library.

    Made of 100% cotton, the soft comfortable t-shirt is easy to wear and a cinch to wash in the machine without the worry of losing color or fit. A great gift for any occasion, it’s a functional gift they will love to wear.

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  9. Canvas Book Tote
  10. Canvas Book Tote

    When one bag just is not enough, a stylish Kate Spade book bag is what they will need to carry all those new books from the store. The modern canvas look is an easy design to pair with any style and the sturdy make can hold several books with ease.

    The cute stacked book graphic proudly displays some great titles like Romeo and Juliet, Through the Looking Glass, and Gulliver’s Travels. Compact and easy to wash, this is a great tote to use every day or roll up as an extra shopping bag.

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  11. Book Lover’s Cookbook
  12. Book Lover's Cookbook

    Combining the beauty of classic literature with delicious recipes is a unique gift that any book lover will appreciate. From Jo’s Best Omelet from Little Women to Dump Punch from Pride and Prejudice to Macaroni and Cheese from The Accidental Tourist, there are dozens of incredible recipes brought to life from the novels that made them famous.

    With gorgeous illustrations throughout the book, along with snippets from the novels, this truly is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to read great books. Great for any occasion, this is something they will love to use all year long.

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  13. Relaxing Book Lamp
  14. Relaxing Book Lamp

    For the bibliophile who has piles of books in their home, give them a unique stylish gift that they will love to use again and again. This warm and relaxing LED desk light is a minimalist book design that easily fits into any home décor. This lovely lamp innocently sits on any table or shelf as an ordinary book.

    The warm glow and compact design allow the lamp to open up like a book when extra light is needed, then fold shut when done. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and USB, the lamp can be used for a continuous 6-8 hours on one charge.

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  15. Ultimate Bibliophile Book
  16. Ultimate Bibliophile Book

    One of the best books to give any book lover, this is a beautifully illustrated journey that takes readers on a tour of the most famous novels, bookstores, and revisits prominent authors throughout history. A gorgeous book to display at home or show off to guests.

    Filled with tons of facts and information about everything to do with books, there are also plenty of trivia questions, quizzes, and poetry that will delight at every page. Perfect for any occasion, this is a wonderful gift to enjoy all year long.

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  17. Stylish Book Shoes
  18. Stylish Book Shoes

    For the book lover who does not feel shy to show it, give them a gift that will proudly show off their passion for all things literary. A stylish pair of canvas low tops is just what they need for everyday use. Comfortable and printed with tons of colorful books, they are a great fashion feature for any look.

    Lightweight and breathable, the shoes also have a thick rubber sole and toe cover for cushioning and protection. A great gift for fashion-forward bibliophiles who will love to wear them year-round.

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  19. Dictionary Definitions Wine Glasses
  20. Dictionary Definitions Wine Glasses

    For the book lover who also loves to enjoy a fine glass of wine with their novel, a set of hilarious fictional dictionary definitions that will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. From words like Procrastiwining and Kleptowino, each glass is a great way to entertain guests and keep tabs on everyone’s drink.

    This set of four stemless wine glasses is able to hold up to 15 ounces per glass. The modern design and clear glass perfectly highlight the text, making it a fun set to add to any drinks collection.

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  21. Stylish Literary Home Decor
  22. Stylish Literary Home Decor

    Instead of buying another book, give them something that they can beautifully display in their favorite reading area. A set of stylish wall art prints is the perfect way to highlight interesting quotes from their favorite authors.

    Framed in sleek modern frames, each print has a different quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson and can be arranged in a grouping or split up around the house for a theme. A lovely gift for any occasion and for anyone who truly loves books.

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  23. Kindle Oasis
  24. Kindle Oasis

    Some book lovers prefer paper novels while others are excited about digital options. Giving them a Kindle Oasis almost feels like the best of both worlds since it’s lightweight and comfortable to hold, and the screen color can be adjusted to better match the look of real book pages.

    With wi-fi capability and 32GB of storage, your favorite book lover can store thousands of titles in one convenient device. This Kindle has a clear 7” screen display and is waterproof, which is perfect for lounging by the pool, relaxing on the beach, or taking a moment to read in a hot bath.

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  25. Book of 100 Best-Loved Novels
  26. Book of 100 Best-Loved Novels

    The ultimate book for all book lovers out there, this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves literature. Exploring the stories and authors of 100 incredible novels, this book is an illustrated journey through the themes, nuances and social relevance of some of the most beloved titles in the world.

    Beautifully designed as it is written, this book is a wonderful coffee table book that no one would be able to resist. Filled with fascinating information and little known facts, this is a great gift that they will appreciate year-round.

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  27. Book Lover’s Scarf
  28. Book Lover's Scarf

    Fashionable and bold, this is the perfect scarf for the book lover on your gift list. Printed with a beautiful book-themed pattern, the bold colors, and elegant style is exactly what they need in their wardrobe. A simple infinity scarf design that is easy to throw on for a dramatic look, this is a great accessory for any season.

    Made of beautiful light chiffon, the fabric feels ultra-soft and comfortable. There are no open seams and includes a doubled layer for color richness and a sleek seamless look. Versatile to wear as a scarf, shawl or drape over as a light throw, this is a great gift for any occasion.

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  29. Book-Themed Storage Pouch
  30. Book-Themed Storage Pouch

    For the book lover on your list who loves to look good, give them a stylish accessory that they would proudly show off any chance they got. This unique zippered pouch is beautifully printed with iconic book covers like The Great Gatsby. A bold and eye-catching style that looks great with any style.

    Use it as a clutch or as storage for essentials. Made of 100% cotton canvas, this pouch has a sturdy design, is easy to wash, and will continue to look great for many years to come. Perfect for any occasion.

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  31. Bright Book Light
  32. Bright Book Light

    What is a book lover without a proper book light? For the fan of literature who always has “just one more chapter” to read, this little compact book light is the perfect gift that will give them unlimited time to get through the books that are so hard to put down.

    The lightweight design and bright rotating LED light easily clips onto book pages without getting in the way. There is also a USB outlet for convenient recharging that will provide at least 8 hours of continuous use. Perfect for home or travel, it’s a gift they will love all year-round.

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  33. Book Page Holder
  34. Book Page Holder

    For the person on your list who always has a book open, this is a great gift they never thought they needed. A classic book page holder is a stylish and functional item that easily slips onto a thumb and comfortably holds book pages open.

    Perfect to reduce hand straining to hold open pages, a book page holder is lightweight and compact enough to slip into a book bag or pocket. Handmade from beautiful walnut wood, this is pretty as it is useful for everyday use.

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  35. Literary Coasters
  36. Literary Coasters

    Great to use at home, school or the office, this set of literary coasters are stylish and unique home décor accessories. The funky gothic design is eye-catching, and the classic vintage style is a great addition to any book lover’s home. Use them or keep them out as a fun display, they are versatile for any room in the house.

    This set of 4 coasters has design inspiration from famous novels and poetry from Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Made of a sealed and heat-resistant coating, the coasters will look beautiful no matter how many hot or cold drinks are on them.

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  37. Book Lover’s Inspiring Travel Book
  38. Book Lover's Inspiring Travel Book

    For the book lover who always gets lost in their novels, this is a gift that they will truly appreciate. This hardcover book explores the famous locations of popular novels throughout history. From the Alabama courthouse in To Kill a Mockingbird to the beautiful Kyoto bridge in Memoirs of a Geisha, there are 80 different literary locations to learn about.

    A great way to inspire travel based on favorite novels, this is a unique gift that will get them excited about planning their next literary trip. A wonderful choice for any occasion that can be used for many years to come.

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  39. Shakespearean Insult Bandages
  40. Shakespearean Insult Bandages

    Gone are the days of cartoon bandages, most adults simply use boring fabric ones, but this fun gift combines the sophistication of Shakespearean language with the playfulness of novelty bandages. Great in a set of quirky gifts or as a gift on its own, this is something that will bring a smile to their face every time.

    A unique gift item of hilarious first aid supplies, this set of bandages each one has a vintage design and Shakespearean insult from several of his famous works. Perfect for any occasion.

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  41. Reading Cushion
  42. Reading Cushion

    Everyone knows a bibliophile who wants nothing more than to curl up with a good book. This stylish cushion is a great addition to any reading nook or a comfortable chair to let others know how much they love to read.

    Made of a breathable material that is easy to remove and wash, the cushion feels ultra-soft and comfortable. Printed with the message “Just one more chapter”, it’s a simple nod to their passion for literature. A cozy option for getting lost in their latest novel, this is a gift they will truly appreciate.

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  43. Faux Book Keepsake Box
  44. Faux Book Keepsake Box

    For anyone who constantly has stacks of books lying around, this is a great gift that will not only fit perfectly with their home décor but also help them organize mementos and knick-knacks in a cute book-themed box.

    Made to look like a stack of small vintage hardcovers, the wooden box can beautifully sit on any table, shelf or desk. The perfect gift for any occasion, this is a stylish and functional gift they can easily display anywhere they like.

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  45. 100 Book Bucket List
  46. 100 Book Bucket List

    For the big reader on your list, give them endless inspiration for the next novel they should add to their collection. A large scratch off poster bucket list of the 100 most life-changing titles in history is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to read.

    A great display piece for the home, the poster is a beautiful showcase for any room in the house. With titles like War and Peace, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Catch-22, and The Secret Garden, there are titles that will appeal to everyone.

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  47. Motivational Mug
  48. Motivational Mug

    A hilarious mug for anyone who has a true passion for reading, this is the perfect gift for the book lover on your list. With the message “Bookmarks are for Quitters”, this gift is only for the most serious bibliophiles around.

    The mug is made of a quality ceramic and holds up to 15 ounces of liquid. The design is both on the front and back, which is perfect for left and right-handed drinkers. A fun gift they can use all year-round, it’s something they will appreciate with every sip.

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  49. Love Books T-Shirt
  50. Love Books T-Shirt

    Show a book lover some love with a fashionable gift they would be proud to wear. This stylish t-shirt has a bold heart-shaped design made of smaller books. The perfect t-shirt for lounging around the house, cozying up to a good book or making a trip to their favorite book club.

    Made of 100% cotton, the soft fabric feels comfortable and cool, which is perfect for year-round wear. Easy to wash and wear, this is a great everyday shirt that can also quickly roll up for travel. A great option for any occasion.

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  51. Stylish Bookcase
  52. Stylish Bookcase

    For the bibliophile who has stacks of books piled up to the sky, this stylish bookcase is the answer to their prayers. Designed for total stability and a load of books up to 22lbs per shelf, this is the ultimate organizing furniture to display essential reading materials.

    The stylish shelf easily fits with most home styles and is the perfect solution to store dozens of books in one place. The perfect gift for any occasion, it’s a beautiful home décor piece they will love to use for many years to come.

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  53. Literary Insults Poster
  54. Literary Insults Poster

    For the book lover who likes to dish out a little sass every now and again, give them an entertaining gift they will love to use every day. A stylish poster of literary insults is exactly what all bibliophiles need in their life. The sleek modern design looks appealing at first, then brings smiles across all faces once they read the variety of insults written on it.

    With quotes from some of the most famous authors of all time, they will be able to take some pointers from literary geniuses like Shakespeare, Austen, Swift, Blake, Twain, Wilde and more. A brilliant gift to display in any room of the house.

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  55. Reading Experiences Journal
  56. Reading Experiences Journal

    Every bibliophile is proud of the list of books they have already read and are continuously building their list of books they would love to read. A Book Lover’s journal is just what they need to help keep tabs on their book collection, their “to-dos” and any other thoughts and musings they may have on the stories they are currently reading.

    A wonderful gift idea for any time of the year, this is something that will help them interact a little more with the stories and characters that they love. Included in the journal are sections like a book log, bucket list, reading wish list, book club information, inspiration and more.

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  57. Cute Book Socks
  58. Cute Book Socks

    A cozy pair of reading socks is exactly what every book lover needs in their wardrobe. Something to wear while getting lost in a novel is a must-have fashion piece. This pair of hilariously stylish socks has a quote from the famous author Hemmingway that reads “There is no friend as loyal as a book”.

    Made of a soft cotton blend, the socks are breathable and regulate temperature for absolute comfort at all times. The subtle color combination and book-themed design is perfect for anyone who loves to read and is not afraid to show it.

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  59. Audible Gift Card
  60. Audible Gift Card

    Whether you know someone who loves to read paper novels, digital books or loves to listen to audiobooks, this is the gift they will truly love. An Audible gift card is just what any lover of literature will appreciate.

    With one of the largest selections of book titles in the world, members can listen to hundreds of titles narrated by famous names like Jeremy Irons, Wil Wheaton, Stephen Fry and more. With the option to also purchase the digital version to read along with narration, this is a great immersive way to soak up those incredible novels.

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