32 Best Gifts for Your Favorite Brother

Brothers. They grew up with us and gave us so many memories, both hilarious and perhaps sometimes annoying. Whether they are older or younger than you, having a brother most certainly makes life a little more interesting.

To show your brother just how much you care, give a gift that can really appreciate. No matter what kind of personality he may have, there is a terrific gift out there that will just make his day.

    To give you a little inspiration, we have put together a great list of the most popular gift ideas for all types of brothers:

  1. Vintage Bluetooth Record Player
  2. Vintage Bluetooth Record Player

    Give him a gift of music with a vintage-inspired vinyl record player with built-in Bluetooth capable speakers. There is a three-speed turntable to play all his favorite albums but also includes the option to enjoy smooth modern sounds played from virtually any device wirelessly. The sleek design fits perfectly in any room and there is an added convenience of having everything pack up neatly in its own suitcase design. Perfect as a standalone display or as a fun travel item for sounds on the road.

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  3. Italian Cashmere Scarf
  4. Italian Cashmere Scarf

    For the dapper brother who normally prefers the look of sophistication to simple jeans and a t-shirt, a sleek and comfortable cashmere scarf is the perfect finishing touch to his look. The muted tones and sharp stylish design are the perfect look from autumn to spring. Made of 100% cashmere and imported straight from Italy, this is a great gift to show your brother just how much you care.

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  5. Electric Indoor Grill
  6. Electric Indoor Grill

    When the weather is cold or rough and all that is craved is a delicious barbecue dinner, the gift of an electric grill is just the thing to lift those dinnertime blues. With three separate grill and griddle options available, every meal can be a perfectly cooked creation. With two independent cooking areas, it would be simple to cook two different dishes at once, so that never again will one dish feel piping hot while the other is a cold mess. A quick and convenient gift that anyone would appreciate.

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  7. Treat Tossing Pet Camera
  8. Treat Tossing Pet Camera

    For the bro who loves his best pal but hates to leave them alone at home for hours on end, there is the perfect solution from this treat tossing pet camera. He can easily check in on his best friend through the 160-degree wide-angle view with added night vision capability. To interact with the pets, simply download the iOS or Android app. From there, you can speak to the pets via the in-built speaker and play games by tossing snacks from the treat launcher.

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  9. Kombucha Brewing Kit
  10. Kombucha Brewing Kit

    For the health nut in the family, there is nothing more thoughtful than a fun kombucha brewing kit. With everything needed to start making delicious boosts of good health, the kit was put together by expert brewers and includes a complete handbook filled with recipes and advice. Perfect for anyone who loves to live a healthy lifestyle, loves to brew or just loves science experiments.

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  11. Complete Calvin and Hobbes
  12. Complete Calvin and Hobbes

    A collector’s gift that not only brings back nostalgic memories but also the excitement of owning the complete set of Calvin and Hobbes comics. Since the mid 80’s, Calvin and Hobbes have been one of the top recognizable and beloved comic characters that perfectly illustrate comedy and mischief. This set includes four large full-color volumes filled with all the comic strips that were ever published and all neatly presented in a solid illustrated case.

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  13. Comfortable Double Hammock
  14. Comfortable Double Hammock

    Give your brother something relaxing to spend lazy days outside. A double canvas hammock is exactly what everyone needs in their yard. Made of a durable colorful canvas that can hold up to 450lbs, this is perfect for one person to lounge in or two people to curl up out of the summer sun. This set includes the hammock, a stand and a comfortable pillow for a small personal retreat right in the comfort of home.

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  15. Stylish Sherpa Lined Jacket
  16. Stylish Sherpa Lined Jacket

    A stylish jacket for the stylish sibling in your life, this warm and comfortable Sherpa lined jacket has it all. Perfect for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors, this jacket has a zippered closure, ribbed inner cuffs and a drawstring hood to keep your brother warm and comfortable no matter what the weather may be like.

    The added slanted pockets are perfect for keeping hands warm and the fact that this is easily machine washable makes it that much simpler to keep it looking neat and clean.

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  17. Deep Tissue Massaging Roller
  18. Deep Tissue Massaging Roller

    Whether he loves to work out or is constantly feeling sore from a hard day’s work, a gift of comfort and relaxation will always be welcomed. Unlike standard foam roller massagers to ease aches and pains, this one has the added-bonus of 4 different vibrating functions for different degrees of muscle tightness and pain.

    Light and compact, the roller can easily be carried and transported in its own carry case. It also includes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that have a long lifespan.

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  19. Wooden Watch Compass Combo
  20. Wooden Watch Compass Combo

    If your brother is considered a stylish and unique trendsetter, then the perfect gift would be a fashionable wooden watch. This style is different from standard models because it has a distinctive turntable dial for the time and a central compass so that he is always pointed in the right direction.

    Lightweight, comfortable and totally eye-catching, this is a watch to complete any accessory collection for the fashion forward man who seems to have it all.

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  21. Marvel Fan Hoodie
  22. Marvel Fan Hoodie

    A hoodie for the Marvel fan in your life, this is a functional gift with a sentimental touch. If he has seen all the movies within the Marvel Universe, your comic loving brother will totally love this design. Printed with each title and release date of all the movies from Iron Man to Spiderman: Far from Home, this hoodie is exactly what collectors would love to get their hands on.

    Made from a soft and comfortable cotton blend, this gift is not only easy to care for and functional but totally fashionable as well.

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  23. Granite Whiskey Stone Set
  24. Granite Whiskey Stone Set

    Suave, sophisticated and totally a conversation piece, this is the perfect choice for the brother who loves to entertain his friends with a fine glass of whiskey. Ideal for any occasion, this set of whiskey stones are made from solid pieces of granite in a variety of colors.

    Made to keep drinks cold without watering them down like ice would, they are beautifully displayed on a wooden tray and include a couple of coasters to get the party started off right.

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  25. Memory Foam Fuzzy Slippers
  26. Memory Foam Fuzzy Slippers

    Grandparents are not the only ones who crave comfort at home. Your brother will surely appreciate a set of soft warm slippers for lounging around the house. The slip-on style is made to perfectly fit all foot sizes and the added grips to the soles will prevent any slips both indoors and out. With the luxurious Sherpa lining and the added comfort of thick memory foam cushions, these are top of the line slippers that will make your sibling never want to leave the house.

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  27. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  28. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Whether he commutes to work, needs peace while he studies or just plain hates all the sounds that go hand in hand with flying, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones will do the trick. Soft, comfortable and very stylish, the wireless Bluetooth headphones have smart listening to perfectly balance sounds based on music and surroundings. Capable of using Alexa with its voice command system, they are unlike any other headphone designs. An extra bonus is they easily fold into a compact size and include a protective carry case, making them great for travel.

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  29. Mixology Set
  30. Mixology Set

    A great gift choice for the budding bartender, a complete mixology set with gorgeous display stand is exactly what he needs for those perfect cocktails. The sleek copper finish and lacquered stand take drink mixes to a whole new level. Made to be used without losing quality each item is durable, rustproof and easy to maintain. With 10 pieces included in the set, there is pretty much everything you need to make delicious top-shelf drinks.

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  31. Hot Dog and Bun Toaster
  32. Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

    Perfect for any brother who is still in school, lives on campus or is just terrible at cooking decent meals. A toaster that can quickly and easily cook hot dogs and perfectly toast buns at the same time is the one and only kitchen gadget they would need for a simple meal. The compact vintage design fits perfectly into any cooking space and the time-saving functions can make a set of four complete hot dogs in minutes.

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  33. Smithsonian Visual WWII Book
  34. Smithsonian Visual WWII Book

    For the history buff in the family, this visually striking full color book from Smithsonian is filled with facts, prominent figures, events and stories from the years during and after World War II. This special 70th anniversary publication is a collector’s item and special gift for anyone who wants to learn about or remember the history of the world. Leave it as a conversation piece as a coffee table book, display it on a bookshelf or use it to discuss important events and dates from our past.

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  35. Complete Vintage Shaving Kit
  36. Complete Vintage Shaving Kit

    A shave kit for the true gentleman, this vintage looking wet shave kit will take you back to a simpler time in our past. The complete set includes perfectly curated items that are made to give men a clean close shave. This kit is perfect for men of all ages, but especially those who can appreciate the finer things in life.

    It includes a high-grade razor with extra blades, classic badger shaving brush, alum block, shave soap and a small stainless steel bowl to build up that thick rich lather. Perfect for a sleek clean shaved look.

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  37. Mechanical Gamer Keyboard
  38. Mechanical Gamer Keyboard

    Whether he is a pro or working his way to the top, this is the perfect gift for the brother who loves PC gaming. A mechanical gamer keyboard with all the bells and whistles is exactly what is needed for showing off quality hardware and getting an edge in game play from single keystroke programmable keys.

    To really admire the make and design, the keyboard is made of aircraft grade aluminum frame, soft comfortable wrist rest and a multicolor key backlighting that will instantly get him in the zone.

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  39. Spice Carousel
  40. Spice Carousel

    If your brother loves to cook or BBQ, this spice carousel is a must for any occasion. One carousel can hold up to 12 different spices and can be attached under a cabinet or shelf for easy access. Get a second to stack on top for a 24 spice selection that will cover any meal created in the kitchen. There is also no need for measuring spoons since there are three ways to dispense spices. You can pour out large amounts for marinades, sprinkle for a touch of flavor or click the dial for a perfectly measured ¼ teaspoon amount.

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  41. Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder
  42. Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

    A classic whiskey glass with a modern twist, this is the perfect gift for the gentleman connoisseur who loves a good whiskey and cigar. For the brother who loves to enjoy a quiet moment in his leather chair, sharing a drink or two with good friends, this unique glass design has a perfectly balanced cigar rest. A great gift choice for anyone who loves classic designs with a quirky twist. This is more than just a design to show off, this is a great conversation starter from small catchups to large get togethers.

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  43. Comfort Travel Kit
  44. Comfort Travel Kit

    Even if you both annoyed each other while growing up, giving the gift of comfort shows how much you care for your brother. If he has the travel bug and loves to hit the skies or travels a lot for business, nothing could be better than a complete comfort set to get some rest and relaxation while flying. This set includes a plush ergonomic adjustable neck rest made of quality memory foam, soft earplugs and a sleep mask for a truly restful flight. Pair the three for any long-term travel experience to ensure a refreshed arrival and perfect start to the day.

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  45. Shocking Game
  46. Shocking Game

    If your brother constantly brags about his incredible reflexes, give him a game to prove it once and for all. Made for 4 players, this is a game that is made only for those with lightning fast reflexes and sends a quick shock to the player with the slowest reflexes. Choose from two different modes and three shock intensities. The sleek modern design looks great on display and the fun really begins when everyone gets together to have a good old-fashioned showdown.

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  47. Wooden Docking Station
  48. Wooden Docking Station

    A modern docking station for the tech-loving brother who always seems to have his stuff all over the place. This wooden docking station perfectly organized all accessories in one neat compact place. With slots and notches for docking smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, keys, sunglasses, wallets and more. Never again will he waste time looking for his things. The simple lacquered wood design arrives in two pieces and easily slot together for a sturdy minimalist design. Works well in any room of the house.

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  49. Artisan BBQ Sauce Kit
  50. Artisan BBQ Sauce Kit

    Perfect for the foodie in the family, this is a next level BBQ sauce kit that help create artisan quality sauces for flavoring any meal. Your brother can follow the three main recipes provided or have a little fun and play around with flavors to make a unique creation of his own. The kit comes with a set of all natural ingredients and spices, 3 clear bottles and labels for naming his personal sauces. A great gift for any occasion, this is something he will appreciate every time he cooks.

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  51. BUG-A-SALT 2.0
  52. BUG-A-SALT 2.0

    Perhaps one of the strangest gifts you could give your brother, this one is guaranteed to provide hours of fun but also has a functional purpose. This is a gift that has gone viral since it was introduced and to put it simply, is a toy rifle that shoots salt at flies that are taking over your home. The simple non-battery design is filled with simple table salt, can be cocked like a normal gun, then shoots out a tiny amount of salt to get rid of those flies for good.

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  53. Unique World Map
  54. Unique World Map

    The brother with wanderlust is one who is always looking for the next new place to discover and documenting his travels on this unique world map is exactly what he needs. The unique cork design is easy to hang up and display fun photos and mementos of travels at home and abroad. The set includes country flag pins, world monument stickers and country food stickers for all the tasty national dishes he tries. Easy to put up and tastefully designed, this is a great gift choice for any occasion.

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  55. Drone with Camera
  56. Drone with Camera

    Ideal for anyone who loves photography, travel or gadgets, a drone with HD camera is a great way to combine tech, videography and tinkering with toys. The 1080p HD camera quality provides beautiful sharp images, while the smartphone controller attachment allows clear flying control. The smart technology of the drone offers smooth flight, hover mode and automatic return should the batter start to run low. Perfect for travel, everything fits neatly in a solid aluminum silver carry case.

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  57. The Ultimate Snack Box
  58. The Ultimate Snack Box

    A gift that brothers of all ages can appreciate, the ultimate snack box has it all. With 60 different snacks to choose from, there is something to satisfy even the strongest snack attack. Perfect for students, travelers, ultimate gamers and snack enthusiasts alike. What better way to show your brother how much you love him than by sending a huge pile of all his favorite treats? This care package is filled with all the favorites, both salty and sweet.

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  59. Stylish Double Walled Coffee Mugs
  60. Stylish Double Walled Coffee Mugs

    The coffee aficionado should always have the best coffee brewing and serving accessories in his collection. To truly enjoy a good cup of coffee, the cup should take center stage in functionality and style. A set of Bodum hand blown mugs is exactly what everyone needs in their home. The insulating double walled design keeps drinks hot and your hands cool. The award winning design also looks good on display or while showing the beautiful color of the beverage being enjoyed. A great gift idea for anyone needing to replace those novelty mismatched mugs that are just taking up space.

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  61. What Do You Meme Game
  62. What Do You Meme Game

    Whether you love getting memes from your brother or if they are just another annoyance, What Do You Meme is the perfect game for hours of fun and laughter. Put your brother’s knowledge and sense of humor to the test with a game for meme-lovers of all ages. A great party game for 3 or more players, everyone will have to match the perfect caption for a chosen meme image. The best caption that gets most of the laughs (and judge’s approval) wins the game and an unofficial title of meme lord.

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  63. Outdoor Entertaining Table
  64. Outdoor Entertaining Table

    For the brother who loves to catch up with friends, this is a gift that makes entertaining a breeze. Perfect for outdoor get togethers or just keeping drinks cold for lazy days outside, this outdoor patio table has a convenient pop up function that reveals a hidden drink cooler that can be filled with ice and up to 40 cans (12oz). The easy clean and care design can be wiped down in seconds and there is also a drainage plug to clear out any melted ice within the well. A great addition for BBQs, home parties and lightweight enough to take on camping trip with extra creature comforts.

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