29 Fun Gifts that Every Chef Will Love

Chefs and serious foodies are the ones who expect perfection in every meal. From the flavors to the art of creating something delicious from scratch, there is nothing they wouldn’t like to try. For the chef in your life, there are plenty of great gift ideas that they would love, no matter what the occasion.

  1. Heston Blumenthal Book
  2. Heston Blumenthal Book

    Best known for combining the art of modern cooking with science, Heston Blumenthal is a mad chef who cooks up incredible creations that no one can resist trying. Give the gift of creativity with the cookbook that will not only open their eyes to a whole new way of using the kitchen but also help them save time and energy for the perfect taste.

    With 150 special recipes to try out, this is a beautiful book that will certainly be a topic of conversation while entertaining guests, this is also a wonderful home décor item that can be displayed in the kitchen, book collection or as a coffee table book.

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  3. White Truffle Hot Sauce
  4. White Truffle Hot Sauce

    Give them a kick of flavor and spice with a luxury bottle of white truffle hot sauce. The perfect gift for any chef, this is a specialty item that can be used for any number of dishes from brunch to dinner. The gourmet luxury of white truffle oil paired with a combination of chili peppers, agave and coriander create a truly unique flavor.

    Bottled and presented in a sophisticated box, this is a gorgeous gift that looks as creative as its taste. A great gift for any time of year, this one is something they will truly appreciate.

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  5. Vintage Botanical Prints
  6. Vintage Botanical Prints

    For the chef who seems to have everything in their cooking collection, give them a creative gift that will look beautiful in their home. A set of vintage botanical prints is the perfect gift that has a connection to what they love. The classic designs and soft color palette fit well in any room of the house.

    A great option for adding a pop of color to the kitchen and highlighting some of the zestiest ingredients that make a dish taste amazing. Perfect for any occasion, the framed prints are easy to put up and display.

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  7. Leather Knife Roll Bag
  8. Leather Knife Roll Bag

    A gift for the chef who must use their personal knives and cooking utensils for any job, a professional canvas and leather roll bag that easily organizes tools is just what they need. A lightweight yet sturdy design, this bag is made with 10 knife slots and additional holders for extra tools needed on hand.

    Vintage in design and convenient to pack and carry, the case has the option of a short carry handle and long shoulder strap for hands-free transportation. The leather straps add a touch of luxury and style. A great gift for anyone who may have a travel case but need something a little more fashionable.

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  9. Fermenting Pot
  10. Fermenting Pot

    A unique gift that all chefs should have in their collection, a stoneware ceramic fermenting jar is the perfect gift for pickling a variety of delicious foods. From pickles to sauerkraut to kimchi and more, this is a perfectly crafted jar for perfect fermentation every time.

    The jar has a solid design and very simple to use. It perfectly fits on any kitchen countertop without taking much space. The 5 liter capacity makes great batches without the need for additives. Perfect for any occasion.

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  11. Sharpening Stone
  12. Sharpening Stone

    The professional chef will always need their tools in tip-top shape and giving them a functional gift that they can use every day is something they will appreciate every time they need a sharp knife. A premium sharpening stone is an essential tool that chefs of all experience levels should have.

    Protected in a beautiful sturdy box, the wet stone is made for perfectly sharpening kitchen knives and accessories. With two different grits on either side, this gift sharpens and polishes, which is more like giving them two stones in one.

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  13. Meat Smoker
  14. Meat Smoker

    No matter what your favorite chef specializes in, give them the gift of infusing delicious smoked flavors into their incredible creations. The Cuisinart propane smoker has over 5 square feet of space to perfectly smoke meats and vegetables to perfection.

    There are 4 removable racks that are easy to move around for extra space and simple to clean in the dishwasher. The built-in thermometer and quick temperature controls ensure ideal cooking conditions every time.

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  15. Gourmet Organic Spice Set
  16. Gourmet Organic Spice Set

    No matter how long someone has loved cooking and baking, one constant thing that everyone needs in their arsenal is a high-grade collection of organic spices. This set of 24 spices is beautifully presented in clear glass jars and made to fit in most standard spice racks.

    With flavors that can be used in any dish you can imagine; they can quickly grab fresh herbs like basil and coriander or add a dash of spice like cayenne pepper and chili. Perfect for sweet or savory dishes, each bottle holds flavors that are organic, kosher and gluten free.

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  17. Set of Sushi Sox
  18. Set of Sushi Sox

    Add a little playful joy in your gift by giving your favorite chef a set of sushi-themed socks. Rolled and packed into a traditional sushi bento box, the set includes 5 pairs of comfortable cotton socks with a variety of patterns that are stylish for everyday use.

    A unique gift that will put a smile on their face, the socks are arranged to look like sushi and even have faux grass garnish and chopsticks to top it all off. Hilarious and fun, once the socks are unraveled, they are decorated with artistic patterns with no hint of sushi. Great for any occasion!

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  19. Quality Santoku Knife
  20. Quality Santoku Knife

    Nothing beats a quality knife, whether you are a professional chef or just someone who is working to become one. A Santoku knife is one of those must-have items that every kitchen needs, and this one from Victorinox is just the gift to give.

    Made by the brand that brought us Swiss army knives, the Japanese Santoku style is essentially made as three knives in one. Perfect for accurately slicing, dicing and mincing, the modern walnut wooden handles are easy to grip, and the lightweight design is comfortable to use any time.

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  21. Precision Cutting Board
  22. Precision Cutting Board

    For the perfectionist chef or someone training a new kitchen hand, this precision cutting board is a great gift to ensure all cuts are accurate every time. Made of eco-friendly maple wood, the antibacterial properties are perfect for everyday use in the kitchen.

    With a large 12”x18” chopping area, the entire board has a ½” grid with a cutting guide for perfecting julienne, allumette, batonnet, and baton cuts. A must-have for anyone wanting to learn to cut like the pros, even professional chefs can benefit from using a quality wooden cutting board that will last for many years to come.

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  23. Copper Measuring Spoons
  24. Copper Measuring Spoons

    A functional gift with the added touch of luxury, this set of copper measuring spoons is perfect for something sophisticated in the kitchen. The nesting set of 9 spoons perfectly measure out from 1 cup right down to ¼ teaspoon. Ideal for baking or cooking, the sleek modern look of copper is easy to use and clean.

    Beautifully presented in a luxury velvet-lined box, the spoons are a unique gift choice for the chef who seems to have it all. Great for any occasion, the quality stainless steel design with solid copper polish is an eye-catching addition to any kitchen.

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  25. The Flavor Bible
  26. The Flavor Bible

    No matter how long a chef has been creating delicious foods in their kitchen, there is always something more than can be learned from other pros. The Flavor Bible is a collection of thousands of ingredient combinations that bring out the best flavors in every dish imaginable.

    Perfect for home or at work, this is a great opportunity to try some new recipes and combinations that will inspire them to get more adventurous or create their own special flavor sets for something truly unique. Perfectly organized in alphabetical order, dozens of well-known chefs around the world have contributions in this book.

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  27. Professional Cooking Apron
  28. Professional Cooking Apron

    Every chef will have a cooking apron that they will faithfully use day in and day out, but the gift of a quality apron will not only give them a new option for their cooking sessions, but also give them something new that will look great, but also have the same functions as their old one.

    This modern apron design is made of thick cotton, includes adjustable ties, towel loop, and features a unique buckle that will allow them to wear headphones without having the cables get in the way. Perfect for chefs of all experience levels, this gift is one they will love to use every day.

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  29. Personalized Kitchen Sign
  30. Personalized Kitchen Sign

    Perfect for the chef who has everything they need (or so they say), a personalized kitchen sign is a great way to highlight their favorite room in the house, but also show them how much you care. This wooden sign has a great combination of modern and rustic looks that will fit well with almost any home décor.

    A lovely addition for home or at work, this is a sweet handmade gift made of premium pine wood and sealed with a rich finish. A great choice for any occasion, this is something they will truly appreciate.

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  31. Bluetooth Thermometer Set
  32. Bluetooth Thermometer Set

    A classic kitchen gadget with a modern touch, give them a smart Bluetooth thermometer to help them get the perfect temperature without having to waste time staring at the food every time. Paired for iOS or Android, this thermometer has two stainless steel probes that wirelessly alert your phone when the food has reached its optimum temperature.

    The instant-read digital display is convenient for quick glances, and this set can monitor up to 6 different probes at once. Perfect for parties or catering, your favorite chef will be thanking you for making their cooking a little easier.

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  33. Vitruvian Chef T-Shirt
  34. Vitruvian Chef T-Shirt

    Chefs are all about perfection and creating masterpieces with a wide range of ingredients, so to celebrate their work and their perfecting personality, give them a fun gift like a Vitruvian chef t-shirt. Based on the famous Vitruvian Man by Leonardo DaVinci, the t-shirt design features a smiling chef holding the tools of his trade.

    A playful gift that any chef can appreciate, this is a great way to add a little humor into their life. Made of soft 100% cotton and designed by local Michigan artists, the shirt is easy to wash and throw on with a comfortable pair of jeans.

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  35. Stylish Taco Holder
  36. Stylish Taco Holder

    For the chef who seems to have everything, this set of taco holder stands is a great way to add a little fun and functionality for food display. The contemporary design is simple with a beautiful combination of stainless steel and wood.

    Perfect to hold three large tacos per stand, this is a must-have kitchen item for parties or taco night at home. A great way to keep food neat and held together, the stand will help reduce clean up and also perfectly display food for better presentation.

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  37. Cast Iron Tagine
  38. Cast Iron Tagine

    A specialized way of cooking is something all chefs love to try. Give them a stylish and functional gift of a quality tagine that they would love to use and display in their kitchen. Made by Le Creuset, the traditional tagine design is perfect for traditional Moroccan dishes that cook to perfection.

    There is no need to season the cast iron base, simply add ingredients are start the cooking process. Perfect for browning vegetable, slow cooking meats or even warming up roti and tortillas, this is a multi-purpose cooker that looks stunning.

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  39. Gourmet Olive Oil Set
  40. Gourmet Olive Oil Set

    No matter how experienced a chef may be, there is always a need for quality ingredients that will add a special touch to all of their creations. A set of authentic Italian olive oils infused with a variety of flavors is a great gift that they would love to have.

    With flavors like truffle, garlic, Tuscan herbs, and basil, each bottle will help boost and enhance dishes more than standard oil would. A great gift for any occasion, this one is perfect for every kitchen.

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  41. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat
  42. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

    Chefs spend a lot of time on their feet, which quickly takes its toll on the rest of the body. Give them a gift that will provide comfort and support with a special anti-fatigue mat they can use at work or at home. The large 20”x39” mat is made of ¾” foam that cushions feet from long periods of standing.

    Ideal as extra padding on top of comfortable shoes, the non-slip design is perfect in high-traffic areas like a busy kitchen. The beveled edge and smooth surface make it easy to work around and clean. A great practical gift they will truly appreciate.

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  43. Food and Drink Smoker with Dome
  44. Food and Drink Smoker with Dome

    Bring any cooking game up a level with a modern cold smoker. Made for adding a smoky flavor to food and drinks, the set includes a handheld smoking gun, dome cover, and a set of smoking wood chips. Choose between 3 smoke speeds to add as much or as little intense smokiness to complete a dish.

    Easy to use as an extra touch of luxury to a meal or cocktail, the smoker also includes a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can be recharged. Perfect for anyone who loves entertaining or creating inspiring flavors.

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  45. Hammered Copper Canister Set
  46. Hammered Copper Canister Set

    A touch of luxury for the kitchen, this set of 4 hammered copper canisters are perfect for storage and for display. The stainless steel canisters have a sleek copper plating, making it a great option for storing dry foods like flour, coffee, sugar and more.

    A beautiful yet functional home accent in the kitchen, the vintage design is truly eye-catching on countertops or on open shelves. With four sizes of airtight storage, the set can easily hold over 8 quarts.

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  47. Handheld Body Massager
  48. Handheld Body Massager

    After a long day in the kitchen, there is nothing more a chef wants to do but relax and unwinds. Give them a gift that they would love to use as soon as they get home, with a handheld massager. Shaped like a drill, the massager has a quiet but powerful motor that soothes aching muscles and melts tension away.

    Ideal for deep tissue massages anywhere around the body, they can choose between 3 speeds and even use it in the shower. With 3 hours of continuous use before the battery needs a charge, this is a great gift for everyday use.

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  49. Tabletop Cooking Stone
  50. Tabletop Cooking Stone

    For the chef who also likes to entertain at home, give them something that will perfectly present their delicious creations with a complete cooking stone set. Complete with a bamboo platter, lava rock cooking stone, a ceramic side plate and, 3 sauce dishes, everything is beautifully presented for a truly unique cooking experience.

    The basalt grilling stone is a generous 8”x5” and approved with food grade use. No matter what the dish, whether they love to grill vegetables, meats, tofu or even fruits, this set is a great addition to any kitchen collection. Perfect for any occasion, this is a gift for the chef who seems to have everything.

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  51. Royal Mustard with Cognac
  52. Royal Mustard with Cognac

    No matter how long a chef has been cooking delicious creations, there is always room for a touch of luxury in every dish. This special bottle of Pommery mustard with a touch of cognac is a beautiful gift straight from France. With 6% warming French cognac, this is a mature sophisticated flavor that should be used sparingly.

    Stored in a gorgeous black bottle with a gold wax seal, the mustard is a rich deep flavor, made for royalty. Enhance any meat dish with a touch of the mustard for a truly exhilarating taste unlike any other. A great gift that has been produced in the same way since the 1890s.

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  53. Moleskin Recipe Journal
  54. Moleskin Recipe Journal

    For the chef who is constantly tinkering in the kitchen to cook up unique creations, give them a gift that will organize all of their original recipes in one place. This Moleskine journal is made specifically for chefs who have a passion for food. With sections for appetizers, first course, main dish, side dish, and desserts, they will be able to quickly and easily access their favorite creations or jot down new notes.

    With perfect binding and ribbon placeholder, the journal is also designed with extra pockets at the back to store extra notes and recipes. A wonderful gift that will be their go-to every day.

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  55. Cheese Melting Pan
  56. Cheese Melting Pan

    No matter what a chef likes to cook, it always pays to have the right tools for their delicious creations. A unique gift for any cooking level, this cheese melting pan is a great way to wow guests and melt a generous amount of cheese in no time.

    A showstopper when entertaining at home, this is a fun and functional kitchen tool that everyone will want to try out. Traditionally used in the Netherlands, this is a unique tool that all chefs should have in their kitchen. The non-stick pan is designed to perfectly melt all types of cheese, using only a few candles.

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  57. Food Bucket List
  58. Food Bucket List

    Chefs love to create amazing foods, but they are also curious to try new flavors and dishes that will help them expand their knowledge and even inspire them for something different in their collection. This book of the 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die is truly the perfect list for food lovers everywhere.

    Filled with incredible dishes from all over the world, inspire them to try foods from France, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Lebanon and beyond. With over 500 full-color photographs, this book is a wonderful way to showcase the foods that bring people together around the world.

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