31 Gifts for the Favorite Couple on Your List

They are the favorite duo that you love and when a special occasion pops up, there are plenty of ways to show them just how much you care. No matter what type of couple they are, there are lots of great gifts that they can both use.

Whether you are looking for something for an upcoming engagement, anniversary or for the holidays, we have compiled a collection of gift ideas to inspire you:

  1. Monogram Sherpa Throw
  2. Monogram Sherpa Throw

    For the couple who love movie night or snuggling up by the fire, a soft warm, throw they can both curl up in is something that they need in their life. Made from lightweight premium microfiber, the durable fabric is sure to look perfect for a long time.

    Embroidered with a beautiful monogram, this is a special touch that any couple would love to show off in any room of the house. The large 50”x 60” size is ideal for sharing in bed, one the couch or wrapping up alone in a reading nook.

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  3. Stoneware Salad Serving Bowl
  4. Stoneware Salad Serving Bowl

    Couples who love to entertain always need beautiful serving dishes to hold enough food for larger groups. This gorgeous stoneware bowl has a lovely colorful floral design that instantly becomes a feature at every meal.

    Bright and eye-catching, the design is easy to load up with food and serve. The added bamboo wooden salad hands are perfect for serving the perfect amount every time. Great to use with any type of meal, the bowl is safe in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

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  5. Vintage Record Player Case
  6. Vintage Record Player Case

    A stylish home décor item that anyone would love to display, this vintage-inspired record player has the perfect combination of retro design with modern convenience. Bluetooth-enabled and has a built-in headphone jack, you can effortlessly play deep bass sounds right from the records or your smart devices.

    The 3-speed turntable also lets you record from vinyl to mp3 without the use of software. A great versatile record player that is perfect for parties, recordings, and quiet nights at home. Perfect for any occasion.

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  7. Personalized Couples Print
  8. Personalized Couples Print

    A great way to show their love, this personalized art print has the couple’s names included in a stylish artful way. A beautiful vintage sepia city scene with the names prominently included in the street signs is a lovely subtle way to have a couple represented in a classic home décor piece.

    Perfectly to hang and display in any room, the copy is printed with quality precision that will look like a gallery hanging when framed. Perfect for any occasion that a couple can share together, they will enjoy telling their love story when someone admires this gift.

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  9. Foodie Cooking Dice
  10. Foodie Cooking Dice

    For the foodie couple who loves to try new recipes, this gift is sure to keep their meal cooking nights fun and interesting. Ideal for anyone who loves to cook and practice bulk meal prep, this set of dice will give them some new inspiration to make every meal a new experience.

    With five protein dice and four seasonal vegetable dice, there are over 186,000 meal combinations that can appeal to everyone. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians, the meat options also include vegetable-based proteins to make it more accessible for all. A great choice for any occasion.

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  11. Monogram Key Holder
  12. Monogram Key Holder

    A simple elegant way to show your favorite couple how much you care, this beautiful key holder is personalized with a special monogram just for their family. With a large monogram and their individual names printed through the middle, this classic holder adds a touch of sophistication in a practical key organizer.

    Handcrafted with love; the key holder is a wonderful way to organize essentials that constantly get lost around the house. The three hooks let everyone get their own space and will keep everything neatly in one place. Perfect by the door or in a common room, this modern style will easily fit in any home décor.

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  13. Aromatherapy Misting Diffuser
  14. Aromatherapy Misting Diffuser

    Give the gift of aromatherapy and freshness in the home with a stylish misting diffuser that looks beautiful in any room. The sleek modern design has a subtle wood grain look that adds a touch of warmth into a space. The added LED lights also provide 7 options to suit any mood and home style.

    With the ability to hold 500ml of water and any favorite aromatherapy essential oils, there are endless possibilities for creating a sense of Zen in the home. With 4 time settings and mist option, every day can feel like being in a relaxing spa.

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  15. Vintage Spoon Cheese Markers
  16. Vintage Spoon Cheese Markers

    A unique gift that can be used together, this is a great gift for the couple that likes to entertain guests or just plain love cheese. These extraordinary cheese markers are made from spoon handles and are all made from a different spoon design.

    Mixed with modern and vintage styles, each handle is hand stamped with a different cheese name. perfect for displaying cheese names on a charcuterie board, the markers are easy to stick into various cheeses and just as simple to clean. A great gift for any time of year.

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  17. Mr. & Mrs. Storm Trooper Mugs
  18. Mr. & Mrs. Storm Trooper Mugs

    The perfect cups for the couple who would love to have the force, these mugs are decorated with a minimalist modern version of a Storm Trooper and labeled with a Mr. and Mrs. on the front. Glazed with a blue interior in one and pink in the other, this adorable set is one any couple would love to use every day.

    Ideal for coffee, tea or cup soups, the 16-ounce capacity is a generous size that is sure to stay warm for a while. A wonderful gift for any occasion, this is something that anyone can use and enjoy all year round.

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  19. Cocktail Mixing Book
  20. Cocktail Mixing Book

    The greatest book that every couple needs in their home, The Ultimate Bar Book is a complete guide to mixology that anyone can master. With over 1,000 recipes ranging from the classic martini to unique blends like the Tasmanian Twister, each one is carefully crafted to appeal to all cocktail drinkers.

    With full ingredient lists, complete illustrations, and detailed instructions, anyone can look like a pro bartender from the comfort of home. There are also bonus tips like choosing the best glass for each cocktail, and essential hangover remedies that can be mixed up after having one too many.

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  21. Gourmet Infused Cooking Oils
  22. Gourmet Infused Cooking Oils

    A must-have kitchen item for anyone who loves cooking and enjoying great food, this set of artisan infused oils is essential for nearly every meal. This set of three gourmet oils are infused with garlic, basil, and herb de Provence, the three staples for luxury cooking.

    Ideal for salad dressings, a quick drizzle on vegetables, or adding a subtle flavor enhancer on meats and cheeses, these oils are delicious and versatile for any meal. A wonderful gift they can enjoy all year long.

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  23. Matching His & Hers Bracelets
  24. Matching His & Hers Bracelets

    More than just a simple accessory, these his and hers cuff bracelets are the perfect gift for the fashion-loving couple on your list. Stylish and modern, they are unique cuffs that are made of titanium steel with a quality European leather inlay.

    Add a special personalized touch by adding a lovely engraved message on the inside of the cuff or an embossed name/monogram on the front of the leather inlay. Simple, stylish and easy to suit any fashion look, the cuffs will give your favorite couple a sweet connection through the cuffs.

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  25. Adventure Buddies Shirts
  26. Adventure Buddies Shirts

    For the couple who loves to travel and match in style, this set of t-shirts is just what they need for their next journey ahead. Printed with the label “Adventure Buddies” on the front of the t-shirts, every couple with a sense of humor will love to wear these while traveling on the road.

    The tri-blend fabric is incredibly soft and made for absolute comfort. The casual crew neck style and relaxed fit are perfect for travel and the quality screen printing is done by hand with eco-friendly ink that will look great even after several washes.

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  27. Picnic Hamper for Two
  28. Picnic Hamper for Two

    Give them an excuse to go on a romantic picnic date just for two. This classic vintage hamper is made for a sophisticated date with great food and wine. Packed with all essentials needed, this set has two ceramic plates, utensils, wine glasses, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, a blanket, and even a bottle opener.

    Made for easy transportation, the hamper has sections and straps to keep everything securely in place. They can easily pack and enjoy delicious foods like fresh bread, cheese, fruits, dessert, then top it all off with a lovely bottle of wine.

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  29. Personalized Slate Cheese Board
  30. Personalized Slate Cheese Board

    Great for food presentation or to use as a small grazing tray, this modern slate cheese board is just what every couple needs when entertaining guests. The added personalized touch of including their names printed on top is a lovely way to show how much you care.

    Perfect for cheeses, charcuteries, fruits, snacks, and desserts, the rough finish gives this board a rustic look that adds a bit of texture and contrast to other foods and platters. A great gift for any occasion, this is something they will enjoy using year-round.

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  31. Better Together Pillowcases
  32. Better Together Pillowcases

    A functional gift with a sweet message, every adorable couple needs this pair of pillowcases in their bed. With one pillow printed with “better” and the other with “together”, the pair have to remain side-by-side to make sense, just like your favorite duo.

    Made from 100% quality cotton with a solid 300 thread count, the pillowcases feel soft, are breathable, and easy to wash. The modern design, white fabric, and simple black text are easy to match any room décor. A wonderful gift for any occasion, this is one they will appreciate every time they are used.

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  33. Watercolor Tea Towels
  34. Watercolor Tea Towels

    For the couple who love to spend time in the kitchen, these stylish tea towels add a beautifully light and relaxed look into the kitchen. With a set of three decorative tea towels, each designed with a lovely watercolor look, the soft tones, and modern style is a great feature for year-round use.

    Made from 100% cotton, the fine weave and large 26”x18” size are very absorbent, and easy to use with even the largest pots and pans. The perfect choice for housewarming and special occasions, it’s a handy set that everyone needs in their home.

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  35. Matching Hotel Robes
  36. Matching Hotel Robes

    For the hard-working couple on your list, give them the gift of comfort and relaxation with a set of plush bathrobes. Made from quality 100% cotton, the soft cozy robes are perfect for everyday use, especially for those lazy days at home.

    Embroidered with ‘His’ and ‘Hers’, they are a luxury must-have set that every stylish couple needs in their wardrobe. The classic shawl collar, ¾ length, and the adjustable belt is easy to match most body shapes and sizes. Perfect for any time of year.

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  37. Jar of Date Night Ideas
  38. Jar of Date Night Ideas

    For the couple on your list who love to plan date night, give them some inspiration and mix things up for their romantic time together. This glass jar is filled with 52 different date night ideas that are sure to appeal to every type of couple out there.

    With a wide assortment of ideas like visiting the zoo, stargazing, go-karting, and playing truth or dare, they will love the thrill of reading each new date. A great gift for any time of year, this will keep their relationship fresh and fun every week.

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  39. Set of Mini Stoneware
  40. Set of Mini Stoneware

    A must-have for foodies and couples who love to cook, this set of mini cocottes are the perfect addition to any kitchen collection. Designed with quality and style in mind, they are a wonderful way to prepare individual portions of delicious meals and desserts.

    Made from solid non-porous enameled stoneware, this set of four cocottes have hold 8 ounces, have a secure-fitting lid, looped handles, and a beautiful glossy finish. A wonderful luxury gift for engagements, anniversaries, housewarmings, and more.

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  41. Organic Essential Oils
  42. Organic Essential Oils

    A versatile gift of energy and comforting atmosphere, this incredible set of luxury essential oils is the perfect gift for any couple who love aromatherapy and need some relaxation. This complete set of 18 essential oils is full of invigorating scents like eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet orange, and lemongrass. For a feeling of being in a spa, there are other therapeutic relaxing scents like classic lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, and bergamot.

    A wonderful set that can be added to diffusers, massage oils, warm bath water, and room misters. This gift is versatile and perfect for any occasion.

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  43. Luxury Scrabble Board Game
  44. Luxury Scrabble Board Game

    A classic game with a luxury touch, this is a great gift for any couple who love game night and entertaining guests. With all of the pieces and details of the original board, this is a beautiful solid mahogany finish that is highlighted with gorgeous foil-stamped words and letters.

    With a solid wooden case and built-in storage compartments, all of the letters are stored in a luxury velour embroidered pouch. A great collector’s gift that any couple would love to share with friends and family, this is a unique gift they will love.

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  45. Personalized Luggage Tags
  46. Personalized Luggage Tags

    For the globetrotting duo who can’t wait for their next journey together, give them a touch of luxury everywhere they travel with this beautiful set of personalized luggage tags that are made from quality vegan leather. Stylish and easy to attach to any suitcase or bag, they are a modern design that easily suits any luggage style.

    The soft leather and muted tones are sophisticated, while the simple modern personalized printing is easy to read and identify when looking to pick up suitcases and carry-ons. Secured with a solid belt buckle strap, they can easily be adjusted to fit any handle style.

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  47. GoPro Adventure Kit
  48. GoPro Adventure Kit

    For the adventurous couple who love to capture all of those precious moments, this is the ultimate gift they will love to take on all their vacations and getaways. This camera and accessory set with everything needed to record thrilling adventures, this is a must-have for any occasion.

    Complete with a compact 1080p, waterproof, 12 megapixel camera, rechargeable battery, mount, mounting buckle, USB cable, floating hand grip, head strap, and customizable case. Perfect for anyone who loves sports and spending time outdoors.

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  49. 100 Movie Bucket List
  50. 100 Movie Bucket List

    A great way to solve the ever-nagging question of “what should we watch?”, this is the poster for any couple who loves to relax with a movie. Ideal for date night or just when the mood strikes, this is the ultimate movie bucket list of the top 100 titles of all time.

    A great scratch poster for movie buffs or couples who want to be inspired with something they haven’t seen yet; each title spans all movie genres and times. Perfect for year-round entertainment.

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  51. Instant Pressed Tea Collection
  52. Instant Pressed Tea Collection

    A delicious collection for the tea-loving duo on your list, this is a unique gift that anyone would love to add to their tea list. These adorable flavored drops are shaped in random shapes like hearts, flowers, stars, and diamonds. A wonderfully eco-friendly option for tea drinkers.

    Made from quality organic tea and a touch of sugar, each drop is rich in antioxidants and full of flavor. Simply place a drop into hot water, mix and enjoy. With flavors like rose, blueberry acai, peppermint, matcha, and earl grey, each drop will be quick burst that will be ready in minutes.

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  53. Inspiring Bucket List for Couples
  54. Inspiring Bucket List for Couples

    More than just inspiration for date night, this is the ultimate bucket list for couples to share together. Full of adventure and thrilling experiences, give your favorite couple a reason to plan their next holiday or two. With over 200 ideas and a page for personal additions, this book is a great challenge and opportunity to grow closer together with new experiences.

    With room to record special notes and encounters during their travels, this book eventually becomes a wonderful keepsake they can look back on with a smile. A great gift for any occasion, they will truly appreciate it with every ticket they book.

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  55. Truth or Dare for Couples
  56. Truth or Dare for Couples

    A great way to feel more intimate and grow as a couple, this is a fun little game they can play anytime they want to add a little spark into the relationship. Packed with 50 different questions and challenges, each one will be able to choose from a collection of suggestive truths or sexy dares.

    A fun game to enjoy any time of year, it’s a great way to spice things up and try something different in the relationship. With options like “give me a naughty nickname” and “let your partner remove a piece of your clothing”, they will never know where each card will lead them.

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  57. Digital Art Gallery
  58. Digital Art Gallery

    Known as the BillionDollarArtGallery, this is an incredible gift that will bring elegance and sophistication to any space. An incredible collection of 500 famous paintings available to display on a TV screen, they can instantly showcase beautiful works of art in the comfort of home.

    With a simple USB connection needed, the favorite couple on your gift list will instantly be able to enjoy their very own gallery showing in ultra-high resolution and full color. A unique gift that they will enjoy viewing any time, and especially when entertaining guests at home.

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  59. Healthy Compact Popcorn Maker
  60. Healthy Compact Popcorn Maker

    Perfect for movie night or when feeling snacky, this is a classic popcorn maker in a sweet compact design. Easy to store in any kitchen space, the 6-quart popper is made with an easy non-stick surface and lid that converts into a large bowl.

    Ideal for plain or flavored popcorn, this nifty machine can also roast nuts as an added bonus. Healthy and quick, there will never be a need to get store-bought packs full of unhealthy ingredients. This versatile popper lets them choose which flavors go in.

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  61. Gourmet Coffee Collection
  62. Gourmet Coffee Collection

    For the coffee-loving couple who need more than just one cup a day, this is a wonderful collection of gourmet roasted coffee they will love to brew up each day. Complete with three different coffee flavors and matching mug, they will be able to choose which roast it will be each day.

    Each coffee is aged in a barrel from either single malt whiskey, rye whiskey or rum, and perfectly roasted by a master roaster who personally initials each batch to guarantee quality and great taste. A great gift for any occasion, this is one they will appreciate with every sip.

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