30 Creative Gifts that Engineers Will Find Interesting

Sometimes we come across a person on our gift list that seems impossible to buy for. Whether they seem to have everything, or they have a quirky and curious personality, there are plenty of great gifts to give the engineer in your life.

To give you some inspiration and give them something that they will love and appreciate, here are some unique gift ideas they will truly appreciate.

  1. Floating Globe
  2. Floating Globe

    The beauty and elegance of a levitating globe are unlike anything else that a modern home would have. Sleek and modern in design, the globe slowly rotates while suspended above a platform and lit by a subtle LED light.

    Held up with the use of electromagnets, this is a unique gift that any engineer would appreciate. The simple construction yet bold impact in any space is a great way to bring interest and conversation when guests are over for a visit.

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  3. Mechanical Watch
  4. Mechanical Watch

    For the engineer who loves to tinker and see how everything works, this watch is a great way to celebrate their curious mind while also giving them something truly eye-catching and stylish. This Stührling mechanical watch is made with clear covers so that you are able to see the inner mechanisms from front and back.

    Beautiful in design and sophisticated for any occasion, the watch is able to keep track of two different times and time zones with AM and PM indicators to give you accurate time no matter where they may be. Comfortable and fitted with a soft leather strap, this is the perfect gift for any occasion.

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  5. Tesla Motor Patent Print
  6. Tesla Motor Patent Print

    For the engineer who is looking forward to the technology of the future, this vintage print of an electromagnetic motor by Tesla is exactly what they would love to hang in their office or workshop. The simple design and detailed illustration will look beautiful in any room.

    Beautifully framed for easy hanging and display, the 14”x20” size boldly fits on any wall without overpowering the space. A great gift for any occasion, this is a unique gift that they will appreciate for many years to come.

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  7. Book of Spectacular Bridges
  8. Book of Spectacular Bridges

    For the engineer who loves to talk about the structural feats over time, this is a spectacular book that they will love to show others. This detailed book of incredible bridges from all over the world highlight the engineering achievements from iconic bridges like Brooklyn Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge, Ponte Vecchio, Erasmus Bridge and more.

    Filled with beautiful photography and delving into the aesthetic and engineering to make them possible, this is a stunning book addition for anyone who appreciates structures at a grand scale. A great coffee table book that everyone would love to check out.

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  9. Bluetooth Pet Treat Toy
  10. Bluetooth Pet Treat Toy

    For the engineer who loves to play with their furry little friend, this Owl Robot pet treat dispenser is exactly what they need for hours of fun. Mobile and designed with a full HD day camera and night vision-capable, the toy is controlled via smartphone.

    Play chase, hide and seek, call out voice commands through the built-in speaker, and feed them treats from the owl mouth dispenser. The long-lasting battery can provide 8 hours of continuous fun on a single charge. Perfect for play while at home or to keep an eye on your favorite pet while at work, and on the road.

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  11. Heat Sensitive Equation Mug
  12. Heat Sensitive Equation Mug

    A simple mug with a quirky design, this is the perfect gift for any engineer on your list. Designed to look like a classic chalkboard, the mug initially has drawings and equations scribbled all over it. When a hot drink is poured into the mug, the heat reactive paint uncovers the answers to the equations.

    A fun novelty gift that will bring a smile to their face, this is a great design that they will love to use every day. The solid ceramic holds 12 ounces and is a fun celebration of brilliant minds like Einstein and Aristotle.

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  13. Vintage Mechanical Clock
  14. Vintage Mechanical Clock

    A unique take on a simple clock, this is a fun addition to any room in the house. This retro clock is a style that is rarely seen in the world today. The classic Rolodex flip-style design is powered by a small battery-operated motor.

    Easy to adjust with a simple dial to the side, the time can easily be changed from AM to PM. Place it on a table or mount it on a wall, this clock is sure to catch attention for its special design. With 90 days of continuous operation on a single D battery, this is a convenient, no-fuss item they will enjoy for years to come.

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  15. Women in Engineering Print
  16. Women in Engineering Print

    There are notable women in every industry, with engineering being no different. To show your pride for a female engineer in your life, give her a gift of encouragement and honor to the notable women in mathematics and engineering with a detailed poster of the top names in the field.

    Beautifully designed and perfect to hang in an office, workshop or lab, this is a wonderful gift that will surely put a smile on her face every time she looks at it. Laminated and made to look great for years to come, this gift is ideal for any occasion.

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  17. Chicken Pot Pi T-Shirt
  18. Chicken Pot Pi T-Shirt

    For the engineer with a quirky sense of humor, give them something that will make them laugh and possibly make others cringe. This chicken pot pi t-shirt is exactly what any engineer would love to wear every day.

    Perfect to pair with casual jeans or under a jacket for a truly eye-catching look, this is a hilarious addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Clever in design and made for comfort, this 100% cotton t-shirt is soft, lightweight, breathable and easy to wash and wear. Also great for compact travel.

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  19. Modular Touch Lights
  20. Modular Touch Lights

    Modern and visually interesting in design, this set of modular lights is a fun addition to any room in the house. The unique hexagon style of each light allows you to get creative with the light configuration. Designed with interlocking magnets that allow each hexagon to work independently, the modular light has endless looks and possibilities.

    Made with touch-sensitive technology, these futuristic lights have no switches or dials to ruin the sleek minimalist look. Attach them to any surface with a double-sided adhesive and rest assured knowing the lights are eco-friendly and consume minimal energy for a bright light.

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  21. Stylish Set of Sox
  22. Stylish Set of Sox

    For the engineer who loves fashion and all things quirky, this set of space socks is exactly what they need for their everyday look. Designed with 4 different space-themed patterns, the four socks in this set are fun, colorful, and easy to pair with jeans, khakis, dress pants and anything else they like to wear.

    Made of a quality cotton blend, the socks are soft, comfortable and help regulate body temperature, so their feet will never feel too hot or too cold. The playful design is a nod to bright minds in the field of math, science, and music. Perfect for any occasion throughout the year.

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  23. Nikola Tesla Pen
  24. Nikola Tesla Pen

    Every brilliant mind needs a pen close at hand to jot down their thoughts and ideas, so why not give them something that feels a little more personal to their field? This Nikola Tesla pen is a sophisticated design that looks professional but also has a unique element inscribed on the side.

    Engraved with the Tesla quote “To find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”, this is a wonderful pen that scientists, mathematicians, and engineers would truly appreciate. A great functional gift that will bring a smile to their face every time they use it.

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  25. Book of Quirky Innovators
  26. Book of Quirky Innovators

    Everyone knows someone with a quirky personality who sees the world differently from everyone else. These brilliant minds are the ones that design incredible things that others may never have thought of. To inspire the engineer in your life or give them a glimpse into the minds of other inventors before them, this book is just what they need in their reading collection.

    Highlighting the lives and work of eight brilliant inventors like Thomas Edison, Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and others, the book is filled with incredible information. From their quirky natures to the processes they took before making a breakthrough, this is a wonderful book that they will want to read again and again.

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  27. Math Formula Tie
  28. Math Formula Tie

    The ultimate tie for the math-loving engineer in your life, this is the perfect gift for anyone who has a funky sense of style and a great sense of humor. Made of 100% silk, the necktie is a beautiful subtle design that is covered with a pattern of mathematical equations.

    Perfect to wear on any occasion, the tie looks great with a standard shirt or paired with a suit. They can wear it to work or a special occasion, and no one will realize what the pattern actually is until they see it up close. A stylish gift with a nod to their field, this is a great fashion accessory they can use for many years to come.

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  29. DIY Wooden Marble Run
  30. DIY Wooden Marble Run

    A unique gift they will love to build or have others join in for a fun get together, this wooden marble run is a great puzzle that once put together, can be used as a relaxing moving sculpture. Display it in any room of the house and show it off when company arrives, this is a stylish home décor item that will catch everyone’s attention.

    Made of laser-cut pieces of wood, each one is perfectly designed to interlock tightly for a snug fit. The kit includes all of the wooden pieces and a set of metal balls to run the course when fully assembled, this is a great gift that they can work on bit by bit for a fun relaxing hobby.

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  31. Science Infinity Scarf
  32. Science Infinity Scarf

    For the fashion-forward engineer who likes to look good, this science-themed infinity scarf is just what they need in their accessory collection. Designed to look like a chalkboard with science and chemistry doodles all over it, this is a stylish scarf that can easily dress up or down.

    Made of 100% lightweight chiffon, the long infinity design is versatile and can be wrapped in several different ways from scarf to hood to shawl. Easy to wash and compact for travel, this is a great gift that can be worn all year long.

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  33. Book About Automata
  34. Book About Automata

    Some of the earliest engineers in time managed to create incredible things without the advanced technology that we have today. This book of amazing automata is the perfect gift for any engineer who loves to learn about the designs and origins of incredible devices and early robot designs in history.

    With inventers who combined math, science, and sometimes even astronomy automata have long been considered to be amazing feats of technology and magic combined. Often being the foundation and inspiration for common devices of our time, they are a history that should always be remembered.

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  35. Engineer’s Attention T-Shirt
  36. Engineer's Attention T-Shirt

    Fun, eye-catching, and truly hilarious, this t-shirt is the perfect gift for the engineer who has a great sense of humor. “How to get an engineers attention” is the perfect amusing description for engineers due to the stereotypes that they simply cannot resist.

    Made of 100% cotton, the t-shirt is printed with a retro pie chart design that will surely put a smile on their face. Soft and comfortable to wear, this is exactly what they will love to wear at home and at work. Lightweight and easy to wash, this is also a great shirt for compact and easy travel.

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  37. Spacetime Warp Light
  38. Spacetime Warp Light

    A unique home décor item that can be used every day, this LED light has a futuristic design that highlights a spacetime warp in 3D. A fun and eye-catching light that can be displayed in any room, the light can be controlled with a compact remote control.

    Not only are there 16 different colors and 4 strobe options to choose from, but the light can also be adjusted in brightness to change the atmosphere and effect in the room. A great gift for the person on your list who seems to have everything.

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  39. Camera-Mounted Drone
  40. Camera-Mounted Drone

    For the engineer on your list who still loves to tinker and play with toys, this is the ultimate toy for adults. With a 1080p HD mounted camera and 120 degree field of view, this is a great gadget that they can fly and capture images from the ground.

    With a controller that easily attaches to a smartphone, the drone can be controlled manually or customized to follow them anywhere within range. Save images and videos directly to the smartphone or to an SD card, this is a great gift they can use at home and on the road.

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  41. Milky Way Crystal Globe
  42. Milky Way Crystal Globe

    A crystal ball that holds the secrets of the stars, this is a beautiful home décor item that would appeal to anyone with an interest in space and the world beyond our own. Sleek and modern in design, the clear glass globe is etched with a recreation of the Milky Way in the middle.

    Beautiful to display on a table or use as a bookend on a shelf, this subtle yet eye-catching design is a lovely addition to any room in the house or at work. Perfect for the person who seems to have everything, this is a great gift for any occasion.

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  43. Large 3D Printer
  44. Large 3D Printer

    The perfect combination of fun and functional, a 3D printer is a wonderfully unique gift for the engineer who has everything. This large 3D printer is easy to assemble and simple to use. A wonderful gift for endless creations that will only be held back by their imagination.

    Quiet and accurate in design, the printer is durable, has a smooth extruder, and heats up quickly for fast printing production. Perfect for anyone starting out with a 3D project or pros who need a good and reliable printer. A great gift option for any occasion.

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  45. Wit’s End Game
  46. Wit's End Game

    For the engineer who loves a friendly battle of wits, this is the perfect party game they can play again and again. Wit’s End is a fun face-paced board game that has over 1200 questions of trivia, brainteasers, riddles and more. Fun for 2 or more players, this is a great choice for families and party guests.

    The game is made for adults aged 16+ and designed to appeal to a wide range of topics. The questions that are based on science, history, mathematics, geography, arts, pop culture, and more. Perfect to play any time of year, it is a great gift option for the person on your list who has everything.

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  47. Pi Floor Mat
  48. Pi Floor Mat

    Stylish and fun, give your favorite engineer a hilarious floor mat that they will just love. The simple modern design is printed with the number sequence for Pi, with the mathematical symbol prominently placed right in the center.

    The soft non-woven texture is comfortable to use indoors, and the rubber base is non-slip. A quirky home décor item that can be used inside and out, this is the ideal gift for the person on your list who already has everything.

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  49. Classic Perpetual Calendar
  50. Classic Perpetual Calendar

    The beauty and simplicity of a perpetual calendar are interesting and efficient, which is ideal to have for many years without ever needing to buy a new calendar. The simple vintage design is easy to mount in any space around the house and the easy turning dials are simple to change the dates.

    With a separate dial for the number, day and month, this simple calendar is easy to read at a glance and made to last through the test of time. A unique gift for any occasion.

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  51. Quantum Theory Shower Curtain
  52. Quantum Theory Shower Curtain

    For the engineer on your gift list that seems to have everything, give them a quirky gift they can use with a fun shower curtain. Printed with sketches and equations about quantum theory, this is a great gift that will not only add some interest to their bathroom but also start a conversation with anyone that stops by for a visit.

    Fun and playful in style, the shower curtain is 70”x69” and includes 12 hooks. The thick waterproof Turkish polyester does not require a liner and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. The bold modern design is perfect for any bathroom design. A great gift for any occasion.

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  53. Circuit Board Tie Clip Set
  54. Circuit Board Tie Clip Set

    A unique gift that is quirky and stylish as they are, this is the perfect gift for any engineer who loves computer science and technology. A set unlike any other around, this tie clip and cufflink set are made from recycled circuit boards.

    The striking color and design are sure to be eye-catching conversation pieces that will look great with any formal attire. The beautiful design and bold color of the circuit board work well with most color schemes, making it a versatile accessory they can wear for many years to come.

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  55. Low-Temperature Stirling Engine
  56. Low-Temperature Stirling Engine

    A novelty home décor item that will capture anyone’s attention, this is a great conversation piece that is perfect for entertaining guests and students alike. A simple engine design that starts to run when placed on a mug filled with hot water, this is a unique gift idea that any engineer would love to have.

    Beautiful on display as it is while running, the engine has a smooth circular motion that not only catches people’s attention but also soothes the mind. There is something truly relaxing about the Stirling Engine, which is why so many love it for its simplistic design.

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  57. Nikola Tesla Coil Model
  58. Nikola Tesla Coil Model

    An incredible combination of magic and science is something that Nikola Tesla is described to have achieved in his time. Show off the wonder and amazement with a personal Tesla coil model that really works. A unique décor item and fun adult toy to play with, the coil is compact for any desk or shelf display.

    To use it, simply plug it in and let your imaginations take hold. Effortlessly light bulbs and coils out of their sockets or make the neon coils in this set swirl and dance while powered by the coil. A great gift for any occasion, this is the best choice for the person who has everything.

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