34 Thoughtful Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

No matter how you and your girlfriend have been together, nothing shows someone how much you care than by getting them a thoughtful gift. Whatever the occasion, a kindhearted gift will always be appreciated, because they will know you put a lot of thought into it.

To give you some inspiration for your next occasion, here is a list of amazing gifts that will suit every personality out there.

  1. Fashionable Wireless Headphones
  2. Fashionable Wireless Headphones

    For the girlfriend who loves to listen to music and movies, give her the gift of good sounds with a pair of stylish headphones. Whether she likes to listen at home or while on the go, these headphones will give her great sounds and block out outside noise. Fashionable for any look that she may go for, they are also a great compact size that can easily slip into a bag or pack for travel.

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  3. Polaroid Instant Print Camera
  4. Polaroid Instant Print Camera

    If your girlfriend loves to take photos wherever she goes but doesn’t always have the time to print out those precious moments with friends and loved ones, then a Polaroid instant print camera is a must-have gift. The fun retro design is cute and compact, so it’s easy to keep in a pocket, handbag or travel pack. A great little camera to capture all of the great moments in life. Print and share instantly for a great memento anytime.

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  5. Portable Power Bank
  6. Portable Power Bank

    If she is always running out of battery life, then a portable Anker power bank is something that she will appreciate every time her devices are given an extra life. Convenient and easily slips into any bag or pocket, a power bank is a true lifesaver. With the ability to fully charge devices 4-5 times, this is a long-lasting battery that can easily go on road trips or quick getaways without needing power plugs. There is also the added bonus of having two USB plugs so two devices can be charged at once.

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  7. The Couples Journal
  8. The Couples Journal

    A fun way to feel closer and learn a lot about each other, this is a special gift that you can both share. This couple’s journal is filled with tons of prompts and questions that you can both answer together. Each day will have a few sections that make you learn about each other, think about the future and appreciate the people you are today.

    To keep things even more interesting, there are also daily challenges that you are free to try out as unique date ideas or personal goals. A great way to try something new and grow as a couple.

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  9. Cozy Unicorn Onesie
  10. ABENCA Fleece Onesie Pajamas

    For the girlfriend who loves to have fun and feel like a kid again, give her an adorable unicorn onesie that she will love to cozy up in. The cute details and bright colors are perfect for costume parties, hanging out with friends or just wrapping up for a relaxing night watching movies at home.

    Made entirely of soft fleece, this is a great gift for anyone who feels the chill but wants something more playful than a blanket. This onesie also includes a warm hoodie and decorative tail.

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  11. Leather Writer’s Set
  12. Leather Writer’s Set

    Let her creative juices flow in her very own leather notebook. Whether she likes to write stories, lyrics, poetry or just loves to write personal experiences as a journal, a professional writer’s set is something that she is sure to love.

    The leather book cover adds a sense of luxury and the matching pen makes this set a beautiful gift for any occasion. Packed in a beautiful black box, this is a complete set to let her words out on paper any time the mood strikes.

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  13. Mesh Bow Necklace
  14. Mesh Bow Necklace

    For the girlfriend who loves fashion and accessories. This unique mesh bow necklace adds an adorable touch to any look. The adjustable chain link allows her to change her look from a choker style to a medium length necklace, so it always looks perfect with her outfit.

    This is a great gift for the girlfriend who seems to have everything. Handmade for that one of a kind look, this is a lovely elegant addition to any accessory collection.

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  15. Hardcover Book About Chanel
  16. Hardcover Book About Chanel

    The fashionista girlfriend who loves to know everything about the top designers of the world will absolutely love to have a book about Chanel. One of the most beloved names in fashion design and perfumers, Chanel has a long history of fashion success that carries on today.

    Anyone who has ever had an appreciation for French haute couture would love to learn all there is about a name that everyone in the world would know. Presented in full color, hardcover book, this is a beautiful gift that can be read and displayed in any room of the house.

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  17. Rose Quartz Planter
  18. Rose Quartz Planter

    A cute planter and home décor item for the girlfriend who might not have a green thumb, this rose quartz planter is a gorgeous way to display air plants or used on its own as eye-catching home accent. The beauty of the quartz with the organic shape makes this a unique gift choice that will add a luxurious touch to any space.

    Known to symbolize universal love and friendship, the healing power of the stone is thought to promote stress relief, add harmony into a space and represent close connections in life. A beautiful gift for any stage in a relationship.

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  19. Ghirardelli Chocolate Strawberries
  20. Ghirardelli Chocolate Strawberries

    A romantic gift for the sweet tooth in your life, a set of classic chocolate-covered strawberries covered in delicious Ghirardelli chocolate is something anyone would love to get. Made fresh and decorated to perfection, a set of strawberries is a great gift that you can both share together.

    Presented in a beautiful Ghirardelli candy box, the luxury and surprise of getting hand-dipped sweets is something she will be talking about for a long time.

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  21. Gamer Love T-Shirt
  22. Gamer Love T-Shirt

    The couple that loves to game together, stays together. Show your girlfriend how much you care by giving her a t-shirt that represents your love for her through the one thing you both love to share. A cute gamer t-shirt is something that she would love to wear and is definitely a unique addition to her wardrobe.

    Made of 100% soft cotton, the shirt is easy to wear, comfortable for long gaming sessions and has a sweet tasteful graphic on the front. A fun gift choice for any time and occasion.

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  23. Stylish Leather Watch
  24. Stylish Leather Watch

    Take her accessories to the next level with a stylish Michael Kors watch. Featuring a sleek modern design, the black dial is a subtle detail that highlights the leather band, gold hands and crystal hour markers. This contemporary watch is perfectly matched for any look and occasion.

    Give your girlfriend a touch of sparkle and luxurious glam to her look with a fashionable yet functional gift she can use every day. This is a great look for any look from classic, professional and trendy.

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  25. Gel Nail Polish Kit
  26. Gel Nail Polish Kit

    Give her the gift that will keep on giving. A get nail polish kit is the perfect gift for the girlfriend who prides herself on having the prettiest nails around. Instead of struggling to make her nails look salon perfect with just a couple of colors, she can now let her creativity fly.

    The complete kit includes 7 different polishes, primer, base, topcoat, rivets, jewels, brushes and accessory tools, not to mention the professional UV light to cure and strengthen designs for long-lasting wear.

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  27. Couple’s Romance Card Game
  28. Couple’s Romance Card Game

    Bring your relationship to the next level with a fun couple’s intimacy game. Delve into deep conversations, connect with your girlfriend like never before with a series of trust-building questions that will put you both out of your comfort zones together.

    A great game for getting to know one another and build on relationships in a new unique way. Some of the cards are playful and fun, while others are meant to shake things up and add a new spark into your bond.

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  29. Soft Spa Slippers
  30. Soft Spa Slippers

    A pair of cute spa slippers are perfect for any girlfriend who loves to lounge in comfort and style. The soft plush slippers are easy to slip into and can be used at home or on the road. The open toe design is perfect for regulating temperature and allows nails to dry after a pedicure.

    Made for absolute comfort, the sweet design with thick cushioning and lining will make her feel like she is in a relaxing spa no matter where she may be.

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  31. Cute Rose Gold Earrings
  32. Cute Rose Gold Earrings

    Give her a gift that truly shows how much you care with a pair of sweet Swarovski pink earrings.  The soft rose gold paired with pink and white pave crystals add a beautiful sparkle in a subtle sophisticated way. Perfect for date night, cocktail parties or formal events, these earrings easily fit with any look and style.

    A great gift idea for any occasion, this is the ideal gift for anyone who loves fashion, jewelry or who needs a little sparkle in their wardrobe.

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  33. Date Night Cookbook
  34. Date Night Cookbook

    Add a little spice in your relationship with planned cooking dates at home. The date night cookbook is filled with fun recipes that you can create and eat together. Perfect for quiet nights in and a chance to bond with some delicious treats.

    All of the recipes are healthy delicious and perfect for any level of cooking experience. Instead of just a movie and snacks, take the time to have a little fun in the kitchen then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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  35. I Wrote a Book About You
  36. I Wrote a Book About You

    Give your girlfriend a book dedicated completely to her with a journal-like book that you fill out yourself. The thought and care taken to put together a book based on how much you care for your girlfriend is a truly thoughtful gift that she will absolutely love all year-round.

    Perfect for any occasion, this book is a fun, entertaining read that you can easily fill out with the help of some prompts and stylish illustrations. 

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  37. Diamond Peel-Off Mask
  38. Diamond Peel-Off Mask

    Give your girlfriend a fun and functional gift like the I Dew Care diamond peel-off face mask. Perfect for anyone who takes pride in their skincare routine but also likes to have a little fun with it as well. This is a great gift that takes luxury face masks and adds a touch of glam to it.

    This is a great gift for girls’ nights, skincare and makeup tutorials, or just to give as a new unique product for girls who love to try new things. 

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  39. Jewelry Box Organizer
  40. Jewelry Box Organizer

    If your girlfriend loves jewelry and always seems to run out of space for organizing it all, then she will totally love to have a vintage mirrored jewelry box of her own. More than just a little trinket box, this is a luxury jewelry organizer that will neatly store over a dozen rings, dozens of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more.

    This organizer comes equipped with hooks, slots, drawers and compartments to perfectly place all of her favorite accessories. Once closed up, it has a convenient handle for easy transportation. Perfect for big collections in a stylish carry case.

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  41. Glass Tea Infuser Bottle
  42. Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

    For the girlfriend who loves to stay active and enjoy a healthy infused water on the go, this glass bottle infuser is just what she needs. Perfect for tea, fruits, vegetables, and smoothies, the bottle has a double-walled design that easily holds hot and cold drinks.

    The sleek modern design and convenient size make this a great bottle to have at home, leave in the office or take on the road. BPA free and eco-friendly, this is a beautiful bottle for year-round use.

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  43. Satin Kimono Robe
  44. Satin Kimono Robe

    Give her something that will make her feel like she’s a celebrity at a spa with a gorgeous satin kimono robe. The cute ruffle design, comfortable ¾ sleeve and soft silky feel are what make this robe unique. Unlike standard straight robe designs, this one accents her curves and has a beautiful feminine touch to it.

    Perfect for lounging around the house or throwing over some cute lingerie, she will look and feel like the princess that she is.

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  45. Motivational Bracelet
  46. Motivational Bracelet

    When you are not around to give her an uplifting pep talk or tell her how wonderful she is, give her a gift that will instantly lift her spirits the moment she sets her eyes on it. The Little Reminder bracelet is a beautiful jewelry piece that has a unique message to show just how you feel.

    A positive motivational symbol is the main charm of the bracelet and meant to be a reminder to her of just how amazing she really is. A lovely thoughtful gift that is perfect for any stage of a relationship.

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  47. Subscription Date Box
  48. Subscription Date Box

    Running out of fun date ideas? This subscription date box is filled with great dates that you can both enjoy as a couple. Each month will have a new experience that you can have endless fun and laughter with.

    Each box includes all of the materials and instructions needed to get the date off on the right foot. Grab some drinks and take your relationship to a new level with the fun bonding experiences planned for you each month.

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  49. Shimmer Glow Mist
  50. Shimmer Glow Mist

    For the girlfriend who loves makeup and unique skincare, this shimmering skin highlighter is a subtle way to add a beautiful glow to your regular makeup routine. The light misting spray includes natural ingredients like cucumber, green tea and chamomile to hydrate and energize the skin.

    Use it before or after applying makeup for a stunning natural-looking glow that will leave skin feeling soft and healthy. A great addition to any makeup collection.

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  51. Long Distance Love Frame
  52. Long Distance Love Frame

    Whether you are apart for a short while or something a little longer, give her a gift that will remind her just how much you care no matter where you both are in the world. This couple’s picture frame has a sweet message of love no matter what.

    Perfect for long-distance relationships, the frame is a constant reminder of what you both share and how you will be together again one day.

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  53. Heart-Shaped Flowering Tea
  54. Heart-Shaped Flowering Tea

    If your girlfriend loves to enjoy a good cup of tea every now and then, give her a great set of blooming teas shaped to look like little hearts. The cute shapes are simply dropped into hot water and within seconds, begin to bloom and show off the gorgeous flowers within.

    Healthy and delicious, this set includes a dozen assorted flavors including green tea, jasmine, strawberry, lychee, peach and more.

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  55. Couples Mug Set
  56. Couples Mug Set

    A cute mug set that you can both enjoy; this is a sweet little set for couples who are too cute together. The adorable cartoon couple is joined when the mugs are together, showing you how you are both needed to bring the love together.

    A cute message of love in a lighthearted design, the mugs can be used at home or taken to work as a reminder of who is waiting for you when you get back.

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  57. Mini Messenger Handbag
  58. Pavilion- Laser Cut Handbags

    A stylish and functional gift that she is sure to love, this cute messenger bag is a fashionable design that easily works both day and night. With multiple compartments and two strap styles, your girlfriend can easily pair this handbag with any number of looks that she will put together.

    Made of vegan leather and featuring laser cutouts, this bag is a pretty mix of a classic messenger bag with sleek modern details.

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  59. Cute Mini Projector
  60. Cute Mini Projector

    If your girlfriend is constantly trying to watch movies and videos on her small devices, then she definitely needs a mini projector of her own. Let her enjoy the luxury of full color projections anywhere she likes. The LED LCD video projector with perfect for indoor and outdoor entertainment, which is exactly what she needs for movie nights with friends, family or for romantic date nights at home.

    Compact and compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets and more, this is a great little portable projector that can easily slip into a bag for movies on the road.

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  61. Chunky Knit Blanket
  62. Chunky Knit Blanket

    Your girlfriend will totally love to get wrapped up in a chunky knit blanket. Made to feel soft and cozy, the blanket is made of a soft chenille yarn and larger than most blankets out there. Perfect for feeling absolute relaxation no matter where you are, this is the best gift for lounging, relaxing and just staying in bed with a good book.

    Perfectly hypoallergenic, this blanket is also made of a yarn that does not shed, so this is perfect for easy care and anyone who may suffer from allergies. 

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  63. 3D Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser
  64. 3D Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

    A stylish home décor gift with a unique addition of aromatherapy, this is a unique gift for anyone who loves to use essential oils. This diffuser is a modern take on the classic lava lamp and has an incredible 3D multi-color design that adds a wow factor into a room.

    Fill it with water and your favorite essential oils and let the diffuser do the rest. Have it change along with your moods by setting it to any of the 7 color options available. A great conversation piece that she will totally love.

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  65. Cute Fondue Set
  66. Cute Fondue Set

    Plan a special date night with this adorable heart-shaped fondue set. Bring back the fun of fondue with a modern design that she will love. Perfect for quiet evenings at home or when hosting your friends, this ceramic set includes everything needed to enjoy delicious melted chocolate for up to 6 people.

    The classic design is made of quality ceramic and does not need any electricity for use, making it a great gift for students or anyone who wants a travel fondue set (perfect for romantic picnics). 

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  67. Stylish Champagne Flutes
  68. Stylish Champagne Flutes

    Celebrate the love you have for each other with a sleek modern set of champagne flutes. The stemless flutes have a double-walled design that will keep drinks cold no matter how long you hold them in your hands.

    Perfect for any home décor or occasion, these glasses are the perfect homewares addition and a great excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbles.

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