28 Gifts that All New Mothers Will Love

Becoming a new mother is a special chapter in life and giving her a thoughtful gift is the best way to show how much you celebrate this incredible milestone. No matter how old she may be, there are some great options that she will truly appreciate.

  1. Aromatherapy on the Go
  2. Aromatherapy on the Go

    All new moms will need a little rest and relaxation when they can get it. A stylish diffuser necklace is the perfect combination of jewelry and aromatherapy on the go. Great for any time of day or night, the necklace pendant has a set of 12 colorful pads that absorb any essential oils.

    To get her collection started, this set includes 4 aromatherapy oils which include peppermint, orange, geranium, and lavender. Quick and easy for instant relaxation, the pads are easy to change and all you need to do is add a couple of drops of oil, close the locket style pendant and enjoy the scent for hours.

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  3. Healing Skin Care Set
  4. Healing Skin Care Set

    For new mothers who are needing a little TLC postpartum, a healing set of natural skin care is something that she will truly love. Filled with essentials like creamy body butter, restorative herbal salve, botanical lip balm, and balancing organic tea will help soothe her body for healthy recovery.

    While mom takes care of herself, she can also spend some bonding time with the new baby when she applies the herbal newborn salve that is also included in this set. Perfect for soothing baby’s skin in their diaper area and between those chubby rolls, the natural moisturizer is safe for newborns.

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  5. Letters to My Child Journal
  6. Letters to My Child Journal

    The first moments after birth, parents want nothing more than to watch and experience everything their baby does. All of those first and so many things that want to tell their new bundle of joy but will have to wait a few years until they are older.

    To give mom a way to keep notes about all her experiences and pieces of advice, a Letters to My Child journal is exactly what she would love to have. Filled with chapters for each trimester and for every month of the baby’s first year, the book also includes a family tree, handprint/footprint section, and a picture/keepsake that will display beautiful memories right from the beginning.

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  7. Huge Collection of Coffee
  8. Huge Collection of Coffee

    Every parent knows that the first year of parenthood will generally mean little to no sleep, so a collection of 16 gourmet coffees is something they will appreciate with every cup of energy they get. With flavors from all around the world, every day can be a new adventure from the comfort of home.

    Perfect for breakfast or a long late night with the baby, this is a gift that keeps on giving. With the set totaling over 1.5 pounds of whole beans and freshness guaranteed, mom can enjoy flavors like Honolulu Blend, Burundi Heza, Brazil Santa Luzia and more.

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  9. Stylish Diaper Bag
  10. Stylish Diaper Bag

    Being a new mom does not mean you have to give up your unique sense of style. A sleek fashionable diaper bag is the perfect gift for the mom who wants to avoid switching over to all baby gear. A great design to look like a convertible backpack and purse, this diaper bag holds all essentials while still showing off that sophisticated style.

    Made for comfort and easy transportation, the bag easily stores everything mom and baby would need while on the go. The added stroller straps easily attach to all stroller models for a hands-free option that will save her back too.

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  11. Comfortable Nursing Nightgown
  12. Comfortable Nursing Nightgown

    If mom has to stay up with the new baby all night, give her the gift of comfort with a soft rayon spandex nightgown. Loose-fitting, stretchy and made for new moms who are still healing and do not want to feel restricted in her clothes, the nightgown also has breastfeeding slits and invisible zippers at the top for easy nursing.

    The baseball shirt contrasting color style is a stylish casual look that feels ultra-comfortable. Made for sleeping or lounging, this nightgown is easy to wear, wash and will dry in no time, ready for the next round of nights with the little one.

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  13. Motherhood Necklace
  14. Motherhood Necklace

    For the new mother who seems to have everything she needs, a sweet little necklace just for her will give her something to celebrate with. A cute sterling silver necklace with symbolic mother and baby rings are perfectly matched with a lovely little gemstone to hold the love close to her heart.

    A simple necklace design to suit any style, there is an added message inside the box that completely describe the love a new mother feels for her first child. A great gift that she can wear for years to come.

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  15. Portable Charger
  16. Portable Charger

    New mothers will often have to run around more than usual, so keeping her devices charged while on the go is truly a lifesaver (especially when you need to play soothing lullabies). Give her a convenient and reliable portable charger that she can easily use to charge up to 3 devices at once.

    Perfect to stash in a pocket or bag, this small power bank can easily recharge itself within 10 hours but also has the power to charge smartphones 5-7 times without needing another recharge again. Ideal for travel or running endless errands, this is a great way to keep your mind at ease and devices fully powered up.

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  17. Relaxing Tea Set
  18. Relaxing Tea Set

    Spending time with a new baby is a joyful time that requires a lot of work and sleepless nights, but when mom finally gets a moment to relax, a beautiful tea set is the perfect way to sit back and enjoy the peace. This gorgeous glass tea set includes a 1 liter capacity teapot, glass tealight warmer, 4 double-walled glasses, and a set of 12 different blooming teas.

    Give mom a short break and let her relax by watching the beautiful tea bloom before her eyes. The delicious and healing power of green tea, jasmine, and more.

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  19. Nourishing Cookbook
  20. Nourishing Cookbook

    A new mom knows how important it is to really take care of herself postpartum. Giving her body a chance to heal and gain energy is something that every mom should do once the new baby has arrived. Since there is no time to take a break or spend time in a spa, a healing cookbook is a way to eat healthy foods that will also help her recover faster.

    With 60 different recipes from snacks to full meals, there is something in the book that everyone would love to eat. On top of delicious foods, there are notes about the best teas that mothers should drink, and a guide to help navigate through postpartum emotions and relationship challenges that may come.

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  21. Comfortable Memory Foam Pillow
  22. Comfortable Memory Foam Pillow

    When a new mom finally gets a moment to rest her head, give her the ultimate gift of comfort with an ergonomic memory foam pillow. The smooth curved design is made to cradle the head, neck, and support the whole body in any sleeping position. The unique “U” shape design is made to fit the entire length of the body for total support.

    The soft velour fabric casing is smooth and comfortable, and the memory foam filling can be customized to suit any comfort level she needs. Perfect for easing aches and pains postpartum and beyond.

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  23. Luxury Home Spa Set
  24. Luxury Home Spa Set

    Bring the beauty and serenity of a luxury spa into the comfort of home with a large spa gift set. Scented with relaxing French lavender and infused with healing Vitamin E, the set has everything a new mom will need to soothe those aches and find a quiet moment for herself.

    Packed into a sweet and stylish tote, the home spa includes bath bombs, bath salts, hand soap, shower gel, body lotion, ultra-hydrating body butter, and a soft puff. A great gift for every new mom, this is something that she will appreciate with every moment of peace.

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  25. Fun Mug and Glass Set
  26. Fun Mug and Glass Set

    Give a new mom a reason to chuckle with a fun yet functional gift. This cute mug and wine glass set is just what she will need for those sleepless nights and stressful moments that will pop up every now and then. The ceramic coffee mug has “mom fuel” printed on it so that every morning is a great start. In the evening, when she gets a moment of rest and relaxation, she can indulge in a glass of “mom juice”.

    Perfect to give a new mom a gift that is just for her. Now that she has to share everything else, a more personal drinking set is a great way to show how much you love and appreciate all she does.

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  27. Book of Tips and Advice
  28. Book of Tips and Advice

    For the new mom who can see the funny side of raising a new baby, give her a book that will not only give her great advice but also make her laugh. This hilarious book is a take on common parenting books with a twist. Filled with stories from parents who explain parenting without pulling any punches, this is a must-have for every mom.

    With advice, anecdotes and authentic reassurance, this book talks about what parenting is really about. Unique in design, the stories and parenting tips tell all parents that they are not alone and help them navigate through smelly moments, screaming fits and everything in between.

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  29. Healthy Manuka Honey
  30. Healthy Manuka Honey

    For the new mother who needs some TLC, for her mind and her body, give her the healing power of manuka honey. Known for being one of the best kinds of honey in the world, this bottle is filled with incredible antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants that will boost her immune system and help her body heal faster.

    Perfect to eat on its own, spread on toast or added to teas, manuka is harvested from the pristine hill and forests of New Zealand. The added bonus of this honey is that it never expires and will always have positive health benefits no matter how much or how little you use.

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  31. Mom and Baby Outfit
  32. Mom and Baby Outfit

    For the excited new mom who loves novelty gifts, this mom and baby matching outfit set is something she will love to wear on her errands with the little one. The cute taco and taquito design are a great gift that both mom and baby can share.

    The soft and comfortable t-shirt and onesie are 100% cotton and easy to wash. Perfect for new mothers who are foodies, or just a fan of matching with her little one, this is a sweet functional gift that she will love.

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  33. Stylish Bonding Bracelet
  34. Stylish Bonding Bracelet

    When a new mom brings her bundle of joy back home, she will have to make lots of time to bond with the baby. A stylish gift that will help her with some bonding time is something that she will truly appreciate.

    Made of rose quartz and easy to wear with any outfit, this bracelet has multiple functions that will help soothe the baby, remind mom which side she last nursed with and also give a serene sense of peace when she needs it.

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  35. Complete Postpartum Set
  36. Complete Postpartum Set

    Encourage a new mother with a gift set that will keep her motivated, but also help her in her healing process postpartum. With 10 different personal care items in one stylish box, she will be able to take care of the baby and herself.

    Filled with useful items like a nursing poncho, matching socks for mom and baby, a sleep mask, relaxing candle, bath salts, sugar scrub, tea and more. A great set for a new mother who is trying to get the hang of caring for two full-time.

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  37. Ultra-Comfortable Running Shoes
  38. Ultra-Comfortable Running Shoes

    Now that mom has a new bundle of joy, she will be very busy running around to care for her baby and run errands all over the place. Give her a functional gift that will offer comfort and support for those long days on her feet.

    Also, a great option for moms who want to get back into shape, the Adidas Cloudfoam shoe is made to mold to her feet for ultimate softness and support. This is a great shoe that is easy to slip on and off, plus the added breathable design helps regulate temperature to stay happy all day long.

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  39. Mommy and Me Picture Frame
  40. Mommy and Me Picture Frame

    Capture a special moment with mom and new baby by displaying a loving photo of the two in a sleek modern picture frame. Printed with the words “mommy and me”, this is a wonderful memento that she will cherish for years to come.

    Made of a hand-finished wood and easily holding standard 4×6 photographs, the frame includes an acid-free mat an d beveled edges. A great way to celebrate becoming a mother and giving a gift that is made just for her, this is a stylish addition that will easily suit any room in the house.

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  41. Big Travel Mug
  42. Big Travel Mug

    Motherhood is a big job that requires a lot of energy day and night. To help keep her awake and ready for the next thing on her to-do list, give her a stylish extra-large travel mug for those long days on the go. Perfect to hold up to 16 ounces of coffee, the written words “mama needs coffee” could not be more fitting.

    Sleek and stylish with a gorgeous rose gold lid, the travel mug easily fits in standard cup holders and is designed to be spill-proof. This is a great gift that she will use every day.

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  43. Motivational Candle
  44. Motivational Candle

    Give her a boost of inspiration when she needs it most. A soothing aromatherapy candle will help keep her feeling centered while also giving her a moment to rest and reflect. With a motivational message of gratitude written on the glass holder will also remind her of the wonderful things in her life.

    A simple modern design that easily fits in any room of the house, the natural soy candle gives off a beautiful citrus bergamot scent with slight notes of geranium and lily rose. This candle has a soft scent without feeling overpowering.

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  45. Baby Print Keepsake Frame
  46. Baby Print Keepsake Frame

    For the mom who likes to do a little DIY or crafting, this is a fun gift she can try with the new baby or get the rest of the family to help join in on the fun. A great little keepsake that will capture the baby’s handprint and footprint from their first days in the family.

    The kit includes everything needed to create a clay imprint of the baby in the non-toxic mold. Display the imprints with two special photos for a memento that everyone would love to see. A unique gift that will be cherished forever.

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  47. Quick and Easy Sandwich Maker
  48. Quick and Easy Sandwich Maker

    A new baby often means little to no time for anything else. To help a new mom with her cooking schedule, give her a gift that will cut cooking time in half. The Hamilton Beach sandwich maker can make a multi-layered sandwich within minutes. Needing only 5 minutes before the finished piping hot sandwich is ready, this is a time-saving gift that she will truly appreciate.

    Perfect for quick breakfasts at home or for on the go. Easy to use, quick to cook and simple to clean, this is a great gift that can easily fit in the kitchen for any meal. Compact and stylish, there is no need to lug it out every time, it effortlessly sits on the counter for the next round of meals.

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  49. Hands-Free Carrier Hoodie
  50. Hands-Free Carrier Hoodie

    A new mother will often have her hands full during the first year of a baby’s life, so why not give her the gift of comfort and hands-free luxury with a stylish hoodie she can wear any time? Made of a cotton spandex blend, the hoodie is soft and comfortable, with a unique design of a built-in carrier for a new baby.

    Keeping the little one cozy and secure, mom can easily go on walks or run errands without needing to constantly transport car carriers or strollers with her. Quick and easy for everyday use, this is a great must-have gift for any new mom.

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  51. Relaxing Hot & Cold Ice Pack
  52. Relaxing Hot & Cold Ice Pack

    No matter how busy a new mom can get, there should always be time to let the body rest and relax for a moment. Perfect for mothers of all stages, this hot and cold therapy pack is made to help soothe aches and pains, anywhere she needs it.

    The extra-large pack is fitted with adjustable straps that help secure it to any part of the body. The soft gel and convenient straps allow moms to rest without having to hold the pack to the area they want it on. A great gift of comfort and healing for many years to come.

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  53. Waterproof Digital Camera
  54. Waterproof Digital Camera

    Help her capture all those precious moments with a gift that she will use again and again. This waterproof digital camera has the power to instantly capture special milestones while withstanding almost any conditions. Waterproof and durable, this camera is compact and quiet, so she can snap photos without disturbing naps.

    With the ability to snap images with little blur, the camera can also take photos and videos underwater. With easy touch button controls and an in-built memory, mom can snap shots as much as she wants.

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  55. Outdoor Rocking Chair
  56. Outdoor Rocking Chair

    For the mom who loves to spend time outdoors, give her a gift that she can share with the new baby. A relaxing outdoor rocking chair is the perfect way to relax and spend some bonding time with her bundle of joy. The classic wicker design and smooth rocking design is the perfect addition to any outdoor area.

    Keeping comfort in mind, this chair also includes thick comfortable padding and extra pillow for hours of relaxation, especially when the baby falls asleep. A stylish yet functional gift that she can enjoy for many years to come.

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