32 Gifts to Show a Nurse How Much You Care

It takes a strong person with tons of energy to become a nurse. They do so much to help others that they often forget about taking great care of themselves. To show just how much you appreciate a special nurse in your life, we have put together a great list of gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion.

  1. Novelty Nurse T-Shirt
  2. Novelty Nurse T-Shirt

    A novelty gift with trendy pop culture reference is something that any nurse can appreciate. Stylish and fun, the soft stretchy t-shirt feels great and looks cute with a casual pair of jeans. The added message “I’ll be there for you” is a sweet nod to the famous lyrics and reference to the hard work a nurse puts in to help others.

    True to size and easy to wash, this is a great everyday shirt that they can enjoy lounging on their days off, between shifts, at the gym or while running errands. This is a modern fashionable gift that easily works with any fashion style.

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  3. Stylish Stethoscope
  4. Stylish Stethoscope

    A unique gift they will use again and again, this lightweight stethoscope is made for comfort and style. The entire matte black look is sleek and modern, while the ergonomic design is made for comfort, even with constant daily use.

    Presented in a beautiful Bjorn Hall box, this Scandinavian classic has soft silicone ear tips and a chest piece that is designed to give off pure tones. A great gift that also includes spare parts for the longest use possible.

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  5. Compression Sock Set
  6. Compression Sock Set

    Fun, colorful and perfectly functional, a set of playful compression socks is a must-have for every nurse. With cute medical-themed designs that show off their lighthearted nature, the socks are just what they need for those long shifts at work.

    Designed to promote good blood circulation and soothe tired legs from constant movement, a complete set of socks will give them a healthy workday, every day. The perfect gift to show your favorite nurse just how much you care.

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  7. Medical Watercolor Prints
  8. Medical Watercolor Prints

    For the nurse who loves art and all things colorful, a set of medical artwork is the perfect gift for decorating any room in the house. The human anatomy designs are splashed with bold watercolors that are chic and eye-catching.

    This set of three prints are beautifully framed and ready to hang anywhere that needs a dash of color and life. A wonderful gift for any occasion, this is a great way to show a nurse how much you care.

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  9. Cute Tote Bag
  10. Cute Tote Bag

    Nurses need to carry a lot of stuff for those long shifts at work. Instead of carrying multiple bags and cases, give them a fashionable gift tote that will easily hold and organize all essentials in one convenient place. Lightweight and made from a tough water-resistant material, the bag has several pockets and compartments that easily hold clothes, water bottles, food, toiletries, comfortable shoes and more.

    Made for comfort and convenience, the tote has heavy-duty handles that are easily slung on the shoulder or carried in hand. The large exterior pockets are also conveniently placed to hold larger items that are needed on-hand at a moment’s notice.

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  11. Sleep Therapy Sound Machine
  12. Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

    Getting restful sleep is very important when you spend hours on your feet helping others. To give your favorite nurse calm relaxing sounds to help them unwind and fall asleep naturally, give them a premium sleep therapy sound machine.

    The sleek modern design effortlessly fits in any room of the house and the compact design is easy to pack for travel. They can instantly set a timer and choose from 6 natural sounds like the ocean, rain, a gentle stream, summer night and more.

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  13. Memory Foam Shoes
  14. Memory Foam Shoes

    For the nurse who spends long hours on their feet, a pair of cute memory foam shoes will have them thanking you every day. Lightweight and made for ultimate comfort, the shoes are designed for long-term wear. The memory foam insoles cushion the feet and offer great support from heel to toes.

    Breathable and made with a simple style that is easy to put on and take off, the added breathable fabric helps keep feet dry and comfortable. Designed with a sweet medical-themed design, these shoes are a fun playful addition to any wardrobe.

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  15. Before and After Drink Set
  16. Before and After Drink Set

    A gift that will easily take them from day to night, this mug and glass set is something anyone can appreciate. Perfect for any time of year, the ceramic mug is labeled “before patients” and the glass has “after patients” printed on it.

    Easy to carry and wash, this is a hilarious gift that will bring a smile to their face, this set is perfect from the first cup of coffee for an energy boost to the last glass of wine as they unwind at the end of a long day.

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  17. Soothing Heating Pad
  18. Soothing Heating Pad

    Help your favorite nurse soothe sore muscles with the help of an electric heating pad. The extra-large 12”x14” size allows them to drape it over shoulders, legs, hips, stomach and back with ease. The micro plush fabric cover feels soft and comfortable and the adjustable heat settings are perfect for everyone’s comfort level.

    Featuring a lifetime warranty and easy replacements, this is a great gift that every nurse would truly appreciate. Great for any occasion, this is the perfect way to show just how much you care.

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  19. Comfortable Back Brace
  20. Comfortable Back Brace

    Working on your feet and having to deal with a lot of bending will definitely take its toll on the back of even the fittest person. A supportive back brace is the perfect solution for nurses who need that extra safety and support throughout the day.

    Simple to adjust to any body shape, the brace is made of a quality breathable mesh design for comfort and temperature control. Easy to wear without restricting movement, this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

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  21. Relaxing Coloring Book
  22. Relaxing Coloring Book

    Everyone needs to let off some steam every now and then, so give a unique gift of creativity and catharsis with a fun coloring book made just for nurses. Filled with 40 beautiful designs that are relaxing to color in, each page also includes swear words that will help release tension and promote a healthy mind.

    Made purely for nurses who feel the pressures at work every day, this book is a hilarious way to get rid of tension and express words that they may not want to say out loud (or maybe just think them!).

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  23. Locket Lanyard
  24. Locket Lanyard

    It can be hard to show off a unique style while working as a nurse, which is why a special locket lanyard will show them how celebrated they are as a medical worker. This stylish decorative lanyard is made of stainless steel and beveled edge around the clear glass locket.

    A complete set of 12 different nurse-related charms enable them to add a few charms into the locket for a unique look every time. A great gift they can use to wear their ID in a stylish way, this is the ideal gift for any special occasion or just to say, “thank you”.

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  25. Stylish Headbands
  26. Stylish Headbands

    A practical gift with a fun twist, a set of sweat-wicking headbands are a great gift choice for nurses who love to show off their unique personalities. The cute medical-themed patterns add a little playful look, while also keeping their heads dry and cool throughout their long shift.

    Also, perfect to use while exercising, meditation or yoga, the 2-pack of headbands give them the option to keep both for work or split them up between work and fun.

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  27. Elevating Leg Pillow
  28. Elevating Leg Pillow

    With little time to sit and rest, a nurse’s day will generally be on their feet. Help them ease tired legs and promote good healing and circulation with a memory foam pillow specially designed for elevating legs comfortably.

    The unique design is easy to place on the bed, couch, floor, or anywhere else they want to relax. Ergonomic and comfortable, the soft fabric cover is removable for easy wash and care. A great gift for any occasion, this is one they will love to use every day.

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  29. Book of Honest Nursing Tips
  30. Book of Honest Nursing Tips

    Showing the lighthearted side of nursing, this book is a humorous collection of what should have been taught in school. Known for saying all the things that nurses think, this book is full of stories, tips and personal experiences that anyone in the field could relate to.

    Written by an experienced critical care nurse who has done it all, this is a great read for nurses who are just starting out and even those who have seen it all over the years. Truly a great gift that will make them laugh every time they read it.

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  31. Inspirational Necklace
  32. Inspirational Necklace

    Showing the lighthearted side of nursing, this book is a humorous collection of what should have been taught in school. Known for saying all the things that nurses think, this book is full of stories, tips and personal experiences that anyone in the field could relate to.

    Written by an experienced critical care nurse who has done it all, this is a great read for nurses who are just starting out and even those who have seen it all over the years. Truly a great gift that will make them laugh every time they read it.

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  33. Engraved Medical Pen
  34. Engraved Medical Pen

    Nurses always need to use pens and devices at work, which is why a multi-purpose pen is a great gift for everyday use. Engraved with a famous inspirational quote by Hippocrates, this pen includes a convenient LED light and touch-screen stylus function that will make their lives much easier.

    Beautifully presented in a gorgeous satin-lined box, this pen is a wonderful gift to give your favorite nurse at any occasion.

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  35. Essential Oil Diffuser
  36. Essential Oil Diffuser

    For the nurse who would love to have a quiet moment of relaxation, this beautiful essential oil diffuser is exactly what they need. The soft design fits in any room of the house and the mist atomizer adds a touch of moisture for a healthy atmosphere.

    With a selection of soft LED lights in 7 colors, they will be able to choose the perfect lighting to suit their mood. A great way to create a serene environment for unwinding, the diffuser is quiet and simple to use.

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  37. Tea Infusing Bottle
  38. Tea Infusing Bottle

    Staying hydrated while working tough shifts can be a big challenge for nurses, which is why they will appreciate a beautifully designed tea infusing water bottle that they can carry with them everywhere. The stylish modern design of the double-walled bottle holds 15 ounces of hot or cold liquids.

    The added neoprene sleeve keeps drinks at the perfect temperature longer, so they can enjoy a perfect sip every time. A great gift that can be used every day, this bottle is easy to store in bags and easily fits in most cupholders.

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  39. Cozy Slippers
  40. Cozy Slippers

    When the time comes to unwind and cozy up at home, nothing could be more appreciated than a pair of soft comfortable slippers with a special nurse-themed touch. The plush Sherpa fleece lining and smooth brushed fleece exterior are lightweight and perfect for lounging around the house.

    The cute heart monitor design paired with the message “nurses have rhythm” is a sweet touch for the nurses who do so much. Easy to slip on and off, the added non-skid sole has great grip for walking around on all floor types.

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  41. Comfortable Pants
  42. Comfortable Pants

    For the nurse who is always on the go, a pair of ultra-comfortable pants is exactly what they for comfort and style. The mid-rise tapered leg sits comfortably on the body, while the multiple pockets help keep all essential close at hand. Made for work or for around the house, this is a pant that can be used any time.

    Designed to look great on all body shapes, this pant also includes a ribbed elastic waistband and leg bands to comfortably adjust in length and fit. A great gift for any occasion, they will surely appreciate these pants every time they wear them.

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  43. Cute Stationery
  44. Cute Stationery

    Keep a playful vibe while at nursing school or while working those long hours to help others with a cute set of stationery. The medical-themed set includes syringe pens and highlighters, a collection of nurse top pens, bandage memo pads, and a collection of adorable pill capsules that are secret notes.

    A sweet gift for anyone studying medicine or brushing up in courses to keep their nurse skills sharp. A unique gift option for any occasion, this one is ultra-cute and functional.

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  45. Personalized Travel Mug
  46. Personalized Travel Mug

    For the busy nurse who needs to keep their energy levels high, a convenient and stylish travel mug is just what they need every day. The large YETI mug holds 20 ounces of hot or cold drinks and the spill-proof lid makes it easy to drink from.

    Made to perfectly fit all standard cup holders, this travel mug is personalized with your favorite nurse’s name within the modern stethoscope image design. A great option for all occasions, this is a thoughtful gift that can be used anytime, anywhere.

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  47. Relaxing Foot Massager
  48. Relaxing Foot Massager

    Nurses spend most of their time on their feet, which is why they would really appreciate a gift that can help rejuvenate them from the comfort of home. Help them relax those tired feet with a quality heated foot massager, with adjustable fit.

    Compact and easy to store anywhere around the house, the massager has deep kneading nodes and multiple pressure levels to increase circulation, while soothing every inch of their feet. The added remote control lets them select preferred settings without having to move from their comfortable seat.

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  49. Journal of Reflection
  50. Journal of Reflection

    Nurses spend their lives taking care of others and giving them a gift to help them with a little self-love is a must-have for their health and wellbeing. A full color journal filled with sections to write down all of their thoughts, stories and details of their experiences is a wonderful way to reflect on the important things in life.

    With prompts and guides to help them keep a note of their emotions, this book is designed to help release emotions that often add stress when kept internally. The soothing color scheme and serene watercolor designs brings out a sense of calm and promotes creative writing.

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  51. Nurse Definition Canvas Print
  52. Nurse Definition Canvas Print

    A simple yet stylish gift that any nurse would love to have, this is a wonderful gift that perfectly matches any home décor. Designed to highlight all of the wonderful things that encompass a nurse, this is a great way to show them exactly how much you care.

    The simple modern design paired with positive uplifting words to define what a nurse truly is, this is a great gift for any occasion.

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  53. Bath Bomb Set
  54. Bath Bomb Set

    For the nurse who needs a little rest and relaxation, give them a gift they would want to use every day. This luxury bath bomb gift set includes large 6 ounce bath bombs that are scented with essential oils like lavender, mint, orange blossom, coconut and more.

    The perfect gift for any time of year, this set of 6 bath bombs will make them feel like being pampered at a luxury spa, but from the comfort of their own home. A great way to show them some love.

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  55. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  56. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    As a way to thank a nurse for all that they do, a pair of quality Bose headphones could be just the thing they need. The smooth deep bass sounds and noise-canceling feature gives them great sounds while relaxing at home or commuting to work.

    The added bonus of having Alexa enabled voice controls helps them do so much more hands-free. Built with a dual microphone and Bluetooth pairing, these headphones are great for any occasion in the year.

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  57. Nourishing Hand Cream
  58. Nourishing Hand Cream

    Working all day as a nurse will quickly get their hands cracked and dry. All the washing up with little time to moisturize will leave their hands in need of some TLC. The nourishing intensive cream from L’Occitane is the perfect solution for work, home, and on the go.

    Packed with 25% organic shea butter, the skin on their hands will be repaired in no time. The large 5.2 ounce tube is the perfect size for constant use, but also small enough to keep at a desk, pack into a bag, or store in a pack.

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  59. Speidel Easy Read Watch
  60. Speidel Easy Read Watch

    With time being of the essence, a stylish watch that is easy to read at a glance is essential for any nurse. The famous Speidel watch is a must-have for all medical practitioners for the simple design that is made for easy readings.

    Comfortable with a silicone band and water resistant up to 30 meters, the watch has a highly visible second hand that accurately points out the hour, minute and second marks. A great gift for anyone working in the medical field.

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  61. Ergonomic Pillow
  62. Ergonomic Pillow

    To promote rest, relaxation and a peaceful sleep, give your favorite nurse a comfortable memory foam pillow that will have them in a deep sleep in minutes. The unique curved design is made to perfectly support the neck, allowing them to take deep breath intakes for a more restful sleep.

    This pillow has a soft bamboo fiber cover that regulates heat and can easily be removed for easy care. The thick memory foam core provides support and comfort no matter which position they prefer to sleep in.

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  63. Safety Shot Glasses
  64. Safety Shot Glasses

    Give them a reason to smile and let loose with a hilarious set of nurse shot glasses. With the phrase “safety first, drink with a nurse” printed on the side, these shot glasses are a great addition to any home drinks collection.

    The unique modern design is squared and solid for easy grip and fit perfectly in any homewares style. Each shot glass holds 2 ounces and when it is time to clean up, they easily stack in the dishwasher.

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