34 Awesome Gifts for Runners

If there is a special occasion coming up for the runner in your life, there are plenty of great gift ideas that they will surely love. If they are just starting as beginners turning over a new leaf or going the distance in marathons, here is a list of must-have items that are fun and functional. 

  1. Inspirational Runs Book
  2. Inspirational Runs Book

    What could be better than a boked filled with stunning photography and the inspiration to run past some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world? This Lonely Planet book is filled with the most epic places that runners of all levels can enjoy.

    With full run details and tips for planning the perfect trips around the world, the book is full of useful information to take them from safari marathons in Kenya to temple ascents in Nepal.

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  3. Relaxing Foot Rocker
  4. Relaxing Foot Rocker

    Give the gift of pain relief for the runner who could use a good stretch. A foot rocker is ergonomically designed to stretch the foot, tendons, and ligaments of the lower leg for improved circulation and reducing the chances of injury.

    A great gift for runners of all stages, this is a healthy way to relieve foot and heel pain without the need of painkillers or complicated devices. Also, compact and easy to store anywhere around the house.

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  5. Running Vest
  6. Running Vest

    A stylish illuminated vest that will help make runners visible at night and in all weather conditions. The reflective vest is lined with LED fiber-optic threads that illuminate to one of 6 different bright colors. Reflective from front and back, the vest can easily fit over any clothing without restricting movement.

    The lightweight and breathable design also fits comfortably for long runs and workouts, due to the sports mesh and elastic trim. A great gift to keep your favorite runner safe at all times.

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  7. Marathon Wine Glass
  8. Marathon Wine Glass

    For the runner who loves to enjoy a nice wine, these stemless wine glasses are just the gift they need. Etched with a beautiful design of the New York City 26.2 mile marathon. The artistic New York city skyline paired with a simple marking of the marathon is a great commemorative gift for anyone who has run the marathon or aspires to reach that level.

    This is a stylish gift that easily fits in any room of the house. Perfect for any occasion and for the hard to buy person on your list who already seems to have everything.

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  9. Inspirational Socks
  10. Inspirational Socks

    A playful gift to inspire a runner to go that extra mile, these novelty socks are fun and functional at the same time. Made from a soft moisture-wicking fabric and arch compression pads are made for comfort for even the longest runs.

    A great gift for any occasion, this set of 3 socks has a short ankle design that looks great with all shoe types and the printed messages are perfect for motivating runners to keep going and never give up.

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  11. Race Bibs Album
  12. Race Bibs Album

    For the running enthusiast who loves to compete in marathons, this race bib album will display and protect a precious memento like their personal race number. The sleek modern design and inspirational wording on the cover will encourage them to keep going the distance to add more to their collection.


    With the ability to hold up to 100 race bibs in clear vinyl sheets, the album is a simple design that protects those special memories for many years to come.

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  13. Motivational Bracelet
  14. Motivational Bracelet

    A positive gift with a strong message, this gift is perfect for anyone who loves to compete. This leather wrap bracelet is a stylish design for both men and women. The bold design and strong clasp work perfectly with any look.

    A sleek and fashionable look that fits with any style, the added motivational message is a gentle reminder of how strong and driven you see them and how they should never give up on their goals.

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  15. Book of Tips
  16. Book of Tips

    Whether you know someone who has just started running or know someone who is considered running elite, this book is full of useful information that everyone should read from time to time. From running techniques, gear tips, training regimes, diet, and recovery, there is something that everyone can appreciate.

    Written by an editor from the famous Runner’s World magazine, this book is a great gift for any occasion and made specifically with the runner in mind, no matter what their skill level.

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  17. Handheld Flask
  18. Handheld Flask

    A functional gift that runners of all experience levels can use; this handheld flask is essential for all running kits. The bottle has a convenient pouch attached that will easily store phones, keys, cash, and other small essentials. Comfortable and stylish, this is a great hands-free option for all weather conditions.

    The stylish modern design is made so that you can have water on hand when you need it, without having to grip it tightly during a run.

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  19. Heading
  20. Deep Muscle Massage

    For the friend who loves to push themselves to the limit, help ease those aches and pains with a deep tissue massager they can use anytime they like from the comfort of home. There are 6 different massage heads that are designed to soothe sore muscles in the neck, shoulder, back, legs, feet, and more.

    This is a great portable massager that has a Lithium-ion battery that lasts a continuous two hours and only recharges in an hour. Quick, convenient and totally relaxing, this is a gift that anyone would love to use every day.

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  21. Hydration Pack
  22. Hydration Pack

    A functional pack that will keep them perfectly hydrated for as long as they need, this is a great gift for runners who are training for marathons. The comfortable mesh straps and reflective strips are made for extended use and safety in all weather conditions.

    Stylish and comfortable at all times, this pack has the capacity to hold 50oz. They are a convenient hands-free option that will provide a cool drink when they want it.

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  23. Running Ice Grips
  24. Running Ice Grips

    For the dedicated runner who will not let some ice or snow stop them from doing what they love, this adjustable ice grip fits over all running shoes. The premium tungsten spikes hold a good grip, no matter how slippery the conditions are.

    Ergonomic and comfortable, the grips are attached to durable rubber and added Velcro strips for a secured fit. A great gift for any occasion, this is an essential gift for the runner who has it all.

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  25. Sun Protection Set
  26. Sun Protection Set

    If you know someone who loves to run in the sun, give them the gift of safety and protection with a set of sun mineral protection.  Packed in a stylish Sun Bum pouch for each travel, the set includes SPF 30 sunscreen lip balm, SPF 50 sunscreen face stick, and lotion.

    Perfect for runners of all experience levels, this gift will keep them protected all year round. The set is also convenient for anyone planning to travel on holiday and want to squeeze in a run or two.

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  27. Supportive Insoles
  28. Supportive Insoles

    Nothing can feel more comfortable than supportive insoles that easily fit into any running shoe. Made to reduce pain and pressure from running, this is a great gift for all ages and experience levels. The breathable antimicrobial cover helps regulate heat, reduces sweat and odors, even after constant use.

    Made for most shoe sizes, they can easily be cut into the perfect fit. Ideal for all types of workouts, the insoles are comfortable for walks, runs, gym workouts and more.

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  29. Foot Therapy Set
  30. Foot Therapy Set

    Perfect for all runners, help keep their feet comfortable and healthy with a complete tea tree footcare treatment set. Made to soothe tired feet and keep nails healthy and strong, the set includes an antifungal foot soak, foot wash, nail fungus treatment, and moisturizing balm.

    Like having a personal spa from the comfort of home, the healing power of tea tree helps relieve aches, soften skin, prevent bacteria growth and keep runners feel relaxed to go that extra mile.

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  31. Thermal Gloves
  32. Thermal Gloves

    A great gift for anyone who loves to run in all seasons and weather conditions, this pair of thermal gloves will keep them warm and comfortable no matter how far they go. Made to fit perfectly, the gloves have great stretch and an adjustable strap to keep them on without feeling restrictive.

     Made to last through even the toughest workouts, the gloves are made of a breathable material and include special touch screen capability.

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  33. Bluetooth Hat
  34. Bluetooth Hat

    Perfect for runs in cool weather, this Bluetooth hat is stylish, comfortable and helps regulate body temperature while keeping heads warm. With the ability to play music, take calls, the hat has a convenient touch control panel next to the ear for easy access.

    Tough working just like the runner in your life, the battery life lasts for over 16 hours without the need for a charge. 

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  35. Leg Muscle Massager
  36. Leg Muscle Massager

    For the runner who loves to train all year round, a deep tissue roller massager is exactly what they need. Made to soothe sore tired muscles and relieve tough knots, the roller is made of a sturdy thermoplastic material and has a stainless steel core.

    The solid grips and ridges hit pressure points that work through muscle knots and aches. A great gift for everyday use to promote good blood circulation and relaxation.  

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  37. Running Belt
  38. Running Belt

    For the runner who needs hands-free access to their essentials when they need them, this running belt is an easy way to carry tons of gear in a comfortable way. With pockets to carry a phone, cash, keys, and snacks, the belt is a slim and stylish carrier to suit all workouts.

    Great for all occasions, the pack has expandable pockets, an adjustable strap and has bright reflective darts for good visibility while running in the dark.

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  39. Shiatsu Deep Massager
  40. Shiatsu Deep Massager

    Nothing could be better than getting a heated massager to ease away all those aches and pains. Perfect for runners of all experience levels and training regimes, this shiatsu massager can be used on feet and calves. Great for easing tension and promoting blood circulation with gentle kneading, rolling, and a constant heat application.

    There is also a 360-degree adjustable bar that will help place the massager at the optimum angle and the 7 massage options let you choose the best intensity at all times.

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  41. Running Journal
  42. Running Journal

    Give the gift of motivation with a personal running journal. Made for any skill level, the book is designed to help runners keep track of goals, races, personal records and training workouts. A great book for any occasion, this is something they will appreciate every day.

    With detailed sections that are easy to fill out and track performance and health, there are also added tips and advice each week that will help promote safe training throughout the year.

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  43. Compression Socks
  44. Compression Socks

    More than just a standard pair of socks, a quality compression sock is a must-have item that every runner should have in their training and recovery kit. Made to promote healthy blood circulation and support, the sock is made of a moisture-wicking fabric, has reinforced toes and heels, and offers great arch support for even the longest runs.

    A great compact travel sock, this one can easily fit in a travel pack or workout bag. Wear it for regular runs, intense training or gentle workouts and cut the recovery time while reducing spasms and cramps. 

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  45. Running Top
  46. Running Top

    A stylish and functional top for the runner who likes to look good, this Nike top is made for comfort no matter how hard the training may be. Made of breathable and moisture-wicking material the top helps regulate body temperature to stay comfortable at all times.

    A great top for any time of the year, the added stretch helps with free movement and the mesh keeps the back cool and sweat-free. A great gift for any run, workout or even travel.

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  47. Anti-Chafe Balm
  48. Anti-Chafe Balm

    Nothing could feel worse than chaffing during a run. To help stay comfortable and avoid nasty abrasions for those long runs, a body balm is just what they need. Made of plant-based ingredients, the balm is a healthy, long-lasting option to avoid discomfort at the neck, chest, arms, legs, and feet.

    Compact and easy to use, this is the perfect gift that can easily fit into pockets or training packs. Just glide it over the area of the body that often gets chaffed and start the run. This balm will not clog pores and can be reapplied when necessary. 

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  49. Quick Dry T-Shirt
  50. Quick Dry T-Shirt

    For the runner who likes to feel comfortable and look good at the same time, the Under Armour wicking t-shirt is made to help regulate body temperature while keeping them dry from sweat. Perfect for anyone who loves to train, workout or run.

    The soft comfortable design is easy to wear, easy to wash and can fold into a compact size for easy packing and travel. A great functional and fashionable gift for anyone active in your life.

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  51. Runner’s Cookbook
  52. Runner's Cookbook

    Give the gift of healthy eating with a cookbook made specifically for runners. The Runner’s World cookbook is filled with 150 different recipes that are designed to help fuel and slim the body for optimum performance and health. Each dish is created to teach runners about proper nutrition, how it affects the body during training and which foods are ideal pre and post-workout.

    Filled with beautiful photography and quick facts about the foods and a runner’s health, this is a great book for all dietary requirements. There are plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerant and more.  

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  53. Runner’s Smartwatch
  54. Runner’s Smartwatch

    A stylish yet functional smartwatch is exactly what every serious runner needs in their training kit. The Garmin Forerunner is a combination of watch, music player, digital wallet and health tracker. Made with runners in mind, the contactless payment solution means there is no need to carry around a bulky wallet or cash, and the Bluetooth ability lets you synch music or audiobooks that will play to wireless headphones.

    Lightweight and easy to use, this watch has several functions that help monitor heart rate, balance, stride, speed and more. A great gift for any season and occasion.

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  55. Bose Sport Earphones
  56. Bose Sport Earphones

    Stylish earphones that are tough and durable, the Bose SoundSport are made for beautiful sounds for the athlete on your gift list. The unique modern design fits with any look and the trusted Bose technology will give clear crisp sounds no matter how hard they train.

    Adjustable to all ear shapes and sizes, the tips are made to fit comfortably while the sweat-resistant and weather-resistant design will last as long as they do. The added bonus of a built-in mic and remote allows them to take hands-free calls while on the go.

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  57. Polarized Sunglasses
  58. Polarized Sunglasses

    No matter what the weather conditions may be for those long runs outside, a pair of stylish polarized sunglasses are a must-have for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. The Igniter sunglasses are designed to reduce glare and protect the eyes from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

    Made to fit comfortably without bouncing around during a run or workout, they are impact-resistant and have specially molded nose pads and temple arms that will not slip off the face. A great gift year-round.

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  59. Runner’s T-shirt
  60. Runner’s T-shirt

    Perfect for the person who lives and breathes running and marathons, a fun stylish t-shirt is a great gift that they would love to wear over and over again. More than just a novelty shirt with a running slogan on it, this is a 100% cotton shirt that feels soft and comfortable at all times.

    Great work gentle workouts, casual runs and compact for travel, this is a great way to show their pride in what they love to do. The modern design and solid color easily fit with any look.

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  61. Inspirational Shoe Charms
  62. Inspirational Shoe Charms

    Give them the words of motivation that will take them that extra mile. A pair of sleek modern shoe charms that a subtle way to show support and give them that boost when the run feels tough. Designed to slip onto all standard shoelaces, the charms have a sweet message of encouragement and love printed on them.

    Perfect for anyone who likes to push themselves and train harder, the charms are a sweet design that will put a smile on their face every time they see them.   

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  63. Trail Running Shoes
  64. Trail Running Shoes

    Sleek, stylish and made for the trail, these Adidas trail runners are designed for tough terrains and heavy training days. Made to feel comfortable and temperature-regulating at all times, they have a solid grip sole that will grab on to even the most uneven running trail.

    Perfect for the outdoors in all weather conditions, the shoes are breathable and offer solid arch support to help with all training styles. A great gift for anyone who loves to train harder in the outdoors.   

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  65. Medal Display
  66. Medal Display

    For the runner who loves to compete in marathons, give them a supportive gift that will let them proudly display their achievements in a neat and stylish way. A sleek and modern medal display shelf is exactly what every competitive runner needs in their home or gym.

    With over 19 slots of medals and a wide top shelf for trophies, picture frames or plaques, this shelf is a simple design that will add a real eye-catching look in any room. Easy to mount and display, this is a unique gift idea they will love.

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  67. Major World Marathons Print
  68. Major World Marathons Print

    If you know someone who loves to run marathons or has a goal to run all the major marathons in the world, give them a stylish gift that will keep their eye on the prize. A major marathons poster print is just what they would love to display around their home.

    The subtle modern design easily works with any home décor and the added spaces printed under each location allows them to fill in the details once they have completed a marathon. A great gift for all occasions.

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