30 Stylish Gifts for Teenage Girls

Teen girls have a style of their own and they know exactly what they love. Buying for a teenage girl can seem like a mystery, especially if you are not following trends as much as they are. No matter what the occasion, whether it is her birthday, Christmas, graduation or other special occasions, here is a list of great gifts that they will love.

  1. Journaling Set
  2. Journaling Set

    For the teen who loves to style everything just as she likes it, let their creative side loose with her own journaling set. Perfect for diaries, notebooks, organizers, or goal trackers, this is the perfect gift to let her choose exactly how everything is designed.

    With everything needed for creating a stylish bullet journal like the pros, this set includes a blank journal, stickers, gems, stick-on frames, glitter tape, and cute tassel charm. Perfect for any occasion, this is something she will love to use every day.

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  3. Burrito Blanket
  4. Burrito Blanket

    Give her the gift of comfort and a chance to turn herself into a human burrito with a soft fleece blanket that looks like a giant tortilla shell. The hilarious pattern looks just like the real thing, and the unique round shape lets her roll up into a cozy burrito like she has always wanted.

    Made of a lightweight warm fleece, the blanket can easily roll into a compact shape, making it easy for storage or travel. A great gift for the girl who has everything, this is one blanket she will proudly use again and again.

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  5. LED Vanity Mirror
  6. LED Vanity Mirror

    If she loves makeup or has an interest in makeup tutorials, give her something that will instantly make her space feel like a luxury makeup vanity for celebrities. This sleek modern mirror has 16 bright LED lights and touch screen adjustable light settings and brightness options for the perfect light every time.

    The convenient 180 degree rotation lets her move the mirror to any position she needs while giving her flawless natural light for perfect makeup application every time. The added USB and battery power options also make this easy to pack for travel.

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  7. Ultimate Sticker Set
  8. Ultimate Sticker Set

    For the teen girl who has a unique sense of style, give her a creative gift that will give her the ability to decorate anything she wants in the style that she loves. The perfect way to express herself with art, this 100-piece sticker set has all of the trending images and patterns that are totally on trend.

    These quality vinyl stickers are waterproof and durable even in the sun. With sticker sizes ranging from 2” to nearly 5”, she can use them to decorate anything from water bottles, books, keepsake boxes, luggage, guitars, skateboards, and more.

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  9. Lip Balm Set
  10. Lip Balm Set

    A necessity that always seems to be missing, girls are forever looking for their lip balm. With a subscription box of 5 triple packs of ChapStick balms in 5 different flavors, give her this collection of lip balm so she will never be without.

    Perfect for any occasion, she can have her own personal stock of lip balms, so they are always conveniently available. She can stash them in her purse, backpack, jacket, locker, desk and more. A great gift she will truly appreciate.

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  11. Inflatable Lounger
  12. Inflatable Lounger

    For the girl who likes to spend lazy days outside, give her the gift of comfort and style with an inflatable lounger she will love. This lightweight and durable lounger is the perfect combination of hammock and mattress in one.

    Easy for travel and a cinch to inflate, there are no pumps needed for this design. Simply trap air through the opening and just make sure to close it up before the air escapes. Unique in design and ultra-comfortable, this is a great gift for hours of comfort wherever she goes.

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  13. Cute Avocado Pajama Set
  14. Cute Avocado Pajama Set

    The avocado craze is still going strong, so why not give her something comfortable, cute, and totally on trend? This pair of adorable avocado pajamas is exactly what she needs in her life. Comfortable and printed with a sweet text that reads “I Avo Crush On You”, this is too cute to pass up.

    Made of a lightweight polyester spandex mix, the t-shirt and shorts can be worn together as a matching set or split up for a more mix and match look. Playful and fun, this is a great gift for any occasion.

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  15. Instax Camera Set
  16. Instax Camera Set

    The joy of capturing fun moments instantly and sharing photos instantly is something that all teens would appreciate. Cute as an accessory and more sentimental than digital photo shares, a Fujifilm Instax camera is exactly what every teenager needs.

    This set has everything they need to snap, print and decorate their photos in any way they like. Fun and creative, this is the ultimate collection for anyone who loves photography, scrapbooking, journaling or creating fun décor and accessories for their friends.

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  17. Teen Girl’s Survival Guide
  18. Teen Girl's Survival Guide

    Being a teen girl can be tough with all of the discoveries and experiences that happen every day. Sometimes it feels hard to ask for help and advice, but The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide is just what she can read for inspiration and advice to common situations in life.

    Written by a psychologist and teen expert, the book tackles stress, pressure and building strong lasting relationships for a happy and healthy life. Engaging and easy to digest, this is a must-have book in any teen girl’s book collection.

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  19. Super Soft Blanket
  20. Super Soft Blanket

    Nothing could be better than chilling out in a cozy blanket made of ultra-soft and fluffy fleece. Made to feel like being wrapped up in a marshmallow, this blanket is made for comfort and relaxation. Designed with glow in the dark stars, the blanket lights up in a cool glow at night.

    Cute in design and easy to match any room décor, this blanket is warm, lightweight, and compact for easy travel and storage. Hypoallergenic and temperature controlling, this is a luxurious gift they would love to use year-round.

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  21. Cute Air Pod Case Keychain
  22. Cute Air Pod Case Keychain

    For the girl who is always looking for her Air Pods, give her a cute accessory that doubles as a storage case. This fluffy poof keychain and Air Pod case are stylish and easy to attach to her purse, backpack or wallet for convenience and safety.

    The adorable design has a clip and ring for keys and a protective case for earbuds. She can now keep all essentials together, without having to search endlessly in frustration. A great accessory they will love to use all the time.

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  23. Photo Display String of Lights
  24. Photo Display String of Lights

    For the teen who loves to display photos and artwork in her space, give her a glamorous way to show off her favorites with a set of 40 LED clip lights she can hang anywhere she wants. Perfect for any space in the house, this is a great way to add warmth and interest to home décor.

    Powered by USB and adjusted with a remote controller, the light brightness and flicker pattern can be adjusted to suit any atmosphere. A great gift they can change any way they like; this is the type of gift they will use for many years to come.

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  25. LED Flameless Candles
  26. LED Flameless Candles

    Perfect for any teen who loves to set up their space in their own way, this set of soft, soothing candles are a must-have décor item that is versatile enough to change moods from fun to relaxation. The flameless candles are made of vanilla-scented ivory wax and have LED lights embedded inside.

    The multi-height candles can be arranged anywhere she likes, and then she can choose from several rainbow colors or keep them a classic white flame setting. Perfect for any space in or out of the house, the convenient remote can set timers and color-changing settings in an instant.

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  27. Felt Letter Board
  28. Felt Letter Board

    Give her a gift that allows her to express herself through words and poetry with her own felt letter board. Perfect for any occasion, this modern board design easily fits into any home décor. Made of soft felt and framed in a luxury solid oak, this is a great gift for any teen.

    With a cotton bag filled with 300 letters and characters, she can change her message as often as she wants. Perfect for decorating her space and writing out her favorite quotes, this versatile gift will truly be enjoyed for many years to come.

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  29. Snack Food Care Package
  30. Snack Food Care Package

    Teens love their snacks, and when the cravings hit, there is never anything to eat in the kitchen. Give them their own stash of snacks that they love with a subscription box filled with all of their favorites. With some healthier options than others, each packet is a snack size that will keep them going no matter where they are.

    With 45 snacks and favorites like Goldfish crackers, Bugles, Fun Dip, Chex Mix, and Rice Krispies Treats, there are plenty of options to keep around the house or pack into her purse for on-the-go snacking. Perfect for any time of year, this is a gift they will appreciate with every snack attack.

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  31. Echo Dot with Alexa
  32. Echo Dot with Alexa

    A smart speaker that will help them stay organized and on time, this is the ultimate gift they need in their life. Sleek and stylish for any space in the house, the Echo Dot is a speaker that plays smooth rich sounds, but also has the ability to perform multiple tasks through Alexa.

    With simple voice commands, she can play music, turn lights on and off, set up schedules, alarms, get notifications, weather reports, and control any smart devices around the house. Stylish, convenient, and made for the modern teenager.

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  33. Cozy Slippers
  34. Cozy Slippers

    Perfect for lazy days at home, this set of soft faux fur slippers is exactly what every teen girl needs to unwind from a stressful day at school or just for lounging around on the weekend. This slip-on style clog slipper is warm, comfortable, and cushions the foot with a thick memory foam pad.

    The rubber anti-slip sole prevents her from slipping around, and the open clog style lets her wear them on their own or with a pair of thick cozy socks for even more warmth and comfort. Perfect for any occasion, this is something she will love to wear all year-round.

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  35. Hair Chalk Set
  36. Hair Chalk Set

    For the teenage girl who loves to change up her look, a set of temporary hair color chalks is the perfect gift to express her style any time she wants. Easy to use and quick to wash out, the chalk pens easily glide color throughout the hair for an instantly fun and vibrant look.

    With 10 pens in the set, she can play around with 5 bright solid colors or 5 bold metallic shades for a splash of color any time of day. Perfect for festivals, parties, or just experimenting with different hairstyles, this set is a must-have for any teen.

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  37. Coachella-Ready Outfit
  38. Coachella-Ready Outfit

    For the girl who loves to have fun at festivals and parties outside, give her a cute outfit that is ready for the next fun event that comes along. Lightweight and breezy, this two-piece set is beautiful to wear together or can be split for a more mix and match look.

    Made of a soft and breathable cotton and linen blend, this trendy boho outfit can easily be dressed up or down and is perfect for any outdoor event both indoors and out.

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  39. Inspirational Bracelet
  40. Inspirational Bracelet

    To remind her what an amazing person she truly is, give her a gift of fashion and encouragement. This sleek and modern cuff bracelet is something that she will love to wear, no matter what the occasion. The minimalist silver cuff easily slips over the wrist and stays securely in place.

    Inside the mirrored silver finish is a special message just for her that reads “Beautiful girl, you can do amazing things”. A wonderful positive way to inspire and show her just how proud of her you are. A great gift for any time of year.

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  41. Macramé Room Decor
  42. Macramé Room Decor

    The beauty and simplicity of macramé are back and totally on trend with teens. This gorgeous macramé wall hanging is also a shelf that can hold anything from books to pots to frames, and more. Versatile and strong, the wall hanging shelf is made of 100% natural cotton cords and has a unique bohemian style.

    Ideal for any room in the house, this is a sweet home décor item she will love to show off and use every day. Easy to put up for a clean aesthetic look, the natural cords add texture and softness to any space. A great gift for any teen girl who loves her cozy room.

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  43. Learn How to Draw Cool Stuff
  44. Learn How to Draw Cool Stuff

    For the artistic teenage girl who loves to doodle and draw, this is a must-have book for her art collection. How to Draw Cool Stuff is filled with step-by-step tutorials for drawing incredible things from textures to contours to ribbons, and scrolls.

    Each lesson teaches and new techniques and layers techniques to product pro-style sketches that will up her art game. From basics to advanced lessons, she can practice and learn at her own pace. Perfect for any teen who loves art, creativity, or has an interest in journaling.

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  45. Book of Women Who Dared
  46. Book of Women Who Dared

    For the teen girl on your list who is bold, fearless, and destined for great things, this book is all about the women in history who dared to be different. Diving into history and featuring 52 influential women who accomplished amazing feats against all odds, this is a wonderful book of encouragement and empowerment for young girls.

    Learning about incredible women like Annie Edson Taylor, Beatrice Ayettey, Minnie Spotted-Wolf, and Valentina Tereshkova, each story will inspire and encourage her to stay strong and focus on the things she wants most in life.

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  47. Glitter Mermaid Blanket
  48. Glitter Mermaid Blanket

    For the mermaid-loving girl who loves to chill in comfort, this is the ultimate cozy experience that will make her feel like a mermaid princess. Stylish and glam, this mermaid blanket is a unique gift that will not only add a touch of glitter in her life but also give her a soft cozy place to relax and unwind.

    Shaped like a gorgeous mermaid tail, the soft flannel blanket is adorned with a beautiful sparkly scale pattern that glistens in the light. Perfect for wrapping up with a good book, lounging on those lazy days at home or staying warm while glamping. A great gift for any time of year.

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  49. Hogwarts Shirt
  50. Hogwarts Shirt

    Everyone knows a Potterhead who just can’t get enough of Harry Potter stuff. For the girl who seems to have it all, give her a stylish Hogwarts raglan shirt that she will want to wear all the time. Comfortable and designed with all four Hogwarts houses, this shirt is perfect no matter which house she loves most.

    Ideal for anyone who loves the book or movie series, this is an officially licensed t-shirt that casual fans and collectors alike would love to have. A great gift choice for any occasion, this is something she will truly appreciate.

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  51. Marquee Letters
  52. Marquee Letters

    Sleek, stylish, and perfect for any occasion, marquee letters are the perfect gift for any teen girl who would love to see her name in lights. Versatile and easy to spell anything she wants; she can use as little or as many letters as she has room for.

    Made of a lightweight galvanized steel finish, the vintage look paired with the classic light motif is the perfect home décor item that she can use again and again. Stack letters up or spread them out across a shelf, no matter what style she likes, marquee letters will certainly make a big impact.

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  53. Colorful Bath Bomb Set
  54. Colorful Bath Bomb Set

    Being a teenager can feel stressful at times and nothing would be better than a hot relaxing aromatherapy bath that is also fun. This set of beautiful organic bath bombs are made with natural essential oils and fix up instantly when thrown into a hot bath.

    Playful and totally luxurious, the foaming bath bombs smell amazing and leave skin feeling clean and moisturized. Perfect for soothing sore muscles and relaxing from a tough day at school or at work. A wonderful gift that she will love to use year-round.

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  55. Face Mask Set
  56. Face Mask Set

    Keeping her skin clean and clear of acne is a big part of a teen girl’s life. Taking care of her skin early on will keep her healthy and looking her best no matter what may come along. To help pamper her during her regular skincare routine, this set of 12 face masks will make her feel like being at a spa.

    Part of the ever-popular Korean beauty regime, these masks each have a selection of ingredients that are nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. With ingredients like avocado, oatmeal, aloe, lemon, tea tree, Japanese sake, and green tea, her skin will always be healthy and radiant.

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  57. Cat Lamp
  58. Cat Lamp

    A sweet minimalist lamp that is ultra-adorable, this little cat lamp is something that every teen girl needs in her life. A simple modern design that can be controlled with a little remote, this lamp is the perfect night light that can change to suit her mood or her room décor.

    With 7 different colors to choose from the soft warm glow of the light create a cozy atmosphere in any space, which is perfect for unwinding or lounging. A great gift that can be used any time, this is something she will enjoy for many years to come.

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  59. Compact Crossbody Bag
  60. Compact Crossbody Bag

    For the teenage girl who loves fashion and accessories, this cute little crossbody bag is just what she needs to conveniently hold her essentials without having to lug around a big purse. Great for going out with friends or checking out local festivals, wearing a small crossbody bag keeps everything close and secure.

    This sweet boho design and tassel detail are perfect for any outfit from casual to party styles. The multi-pocket and card slot design keeps everything in place and the size easily holds smartphones, cash, cards, makeup, and more.

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