35 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

Moving into a new home is an exciting time and a chance to personalize it will all the stylish things that reflect a person. Whether you know someone moving out for the first time or moving into their first home, there are lots of gift options that are fun, functional or just trendy.

  1. Electronic Wine Accessories
  2. Electronic Wine Accessories

    What could feel more adult than having your own wine accessories? This 4-in-1 has everything you need for perfectly opening, aerating and preserving wine. To make it even more interesting, the set is electronic to effortlessly help you open a bottle, then easily recharge the built-in battery via USB connector cable.

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  3. Bullet Pint Glass
  4. Bullet Pint Glass

    For the guy who likes to have friends over for a couple of drinks, this unique pint glass is something that every guy should have in this home. Perfect to keep tabs on your drink and definitely a conversation piece when guests are over, this handmade glass has a real bullet embedded right in the side.

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  5. A Book of Hypothetical Questions
  6. A Book of Hypothetical Questions

    Know someone who loves to talk about random stuff? This book of hypothetical questions is just what he needs in his life. Filled with absurd “what if” questions from the famous webcomic by Randall Munroe, the book explains all answers in the most hilarious yet scientific way possible.

    A great book for parties or just to read when you need a chuckle, the book is filled with stick figure drawings and questions that make you think about things that probably never occurred to you. 

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  7. Tactical Multi-tool
  8. Tactical Multi-tool

    A multi-tool that will come in handy both at home and on the road, this is the perfect gift for anyone moving into their first home. Small and compact, the tactical pen includes a flashlight, screwdriver, can opener, glass breaker and more.

    This is a handy item that can tackle quick fixes and provide instant light if the power goes out. A great gift idea for anyone who has not yet built up their emergency kit or toolset.

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  9. LEGO Ship in a Bottle
  10. LEGO Ship in a Bottle

    A fun twist on a classic hobbyist project, this gift combines the craft of building a ship in a bottle with the nostalgia of LEGO. This is the perfect gift for anyone who is not quite ready to be an adult just yet. This is a playful housewarming gift that can be displayed as a conversation piece and anyone can take the time to build.

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  11. Vintage Harley Bottle Opener
  12. Vintage Harley Bottle Opener

    Whether he wants to style everything in the house or just create a space of his own, this Harley Davidson vintage sign has a classic look but also has the functionality of being a mounted bottle opener. Perfect for outdoor parties, indoor bars or just dressing up a man cave.

    The solid pine and rustic cast iron opener give this a truly authentic look and the design keeps everything neat and tidy with the galvanized steel bucket to collect all the caps in one place.

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  13. Personalized Cutting Board
  14. Personalized Cutting Board

    Give the gift of class and sophistication with a personalized cutting board. This is a functional gift with a personal touch that anyone would love to use in their new home. The modern rustic look fits perfectly in any kitchen design and the solid wood boards are tough to use on a daily basis. Perfect for cutting up food or leave out as a unique kitchen display.

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  15. Personal Draft Beer Dispenser
  16. Personal Draft Beer Dispenser

    Give him a gift that he will want to use every day with this luxury personal draft beer dispenser. The sleek black and copper design adds a touch of sophistication to something as simple as beer. The micro-foam technology also helps enhance beer flavors for a truly unique drinking experience.

    Perfect for anyone who loves to entertain, and the dispenser can be used both indoors and out thanks to the dual power options. Plug it in via a USB cord or use the battery power for on the go draft beer.

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  17. A Good Cookbook
  18. A Good Cookbook

    For anyone who has a hard time cooking food at home, give them the gift of a cookbook they will actually use. Compiled by the food editor for Esquire magazine, the book is filled with dozens of recipes and essays that appeal to all men.

    This cookbook is great for all levels of cooking ability and include meals that are just plain delicious. The perfect gift for anyone wanting to create good food.

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  19. Outdoor Bar Cart
  20. Outdoor Bar Cart

    For the man who loves to entertain outdoors, this movable outdoor bar cart is exactly what he needs in his new home. The classic wicker design fits in any outdoor setting and the multi-use glass top is perfect for mixing drinks, serving snacks or setting up a drink display.

    Equipped with wine glass storage, bottle holders and a removable ice bucket, this cart can easily hold everyone’s favorite drinks in one convenient place.

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  21. Trendy Charcuterie Board
  22. Trendy Charcuterie Board

    Give the gift of adult sophistication with a creative twist. A large charcuterie board with unique waved design is made for perfect finger food presentation. There are two slots for knife storage and grooves for holding bread, crackers fruits or nuts.

    A great gift for when company arrives, this is a quick and easy food display that anyone can put together in minutes. Perfect for anyone who will regularly host friends and family in their new home.

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  23. Music Record Coasters
  24. Music Record Coasters

    Fun, fashionable and unique this is a great gift for the music lover. This set of coasters is designed to look like vintage vinyl records from some of the top musicians of all time. The classic black and white style is perfect for any home décor, while the album designs are a quirky stylish touch.

    This is a great gift for anyone who loves unusual gifts or even for those who are really hard to buy for.

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  25. Stylish Salt & Pepper Mills
  26. Stylish Salt & Pepper Mills

    To the man who loves to cook or wants to cook more at home, a set of stylish salt and pepper mills will add a touch of class in the kitchen. The beautiful wooden mills have a sleek modern look that even the pro chefs would love to have.

    The sharp blades and smooth mechanism of the mills make grinding quick and easy. With multiple grind levels to choose from, all of the meals will be seasoned to perfection.

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  27. Complete BBQ Grill Set
  28. Complete BBQ Grill Set

    For the guy who loves to BBQ everything, a complete grill accessory set is definitely on the list of best housewarming gifts. The Cuisinart deluxe set has 20 stainless steel tools that include a large spatula, tongs, basting brush, temperature fork and more.

    Perfect for a new home or even to take on camping trips, the set is perfectly organized in a sleek stainless steel case. He will surely look like a pro when he pulls out his BBQ arsenal for a delicious grilling experience all year long. 

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  29. Stylish Decanter Set
  30. Stylish Decanter Set

    Everyone moving into their new home needs a stylish decanter set for a truly sophisticated look. Chic and modern in design, this decanter is made to look amazing anywhere in the house. The unique diamond shape adds an artistic touch, while the matching glasses have a special spill-proof function.

    Presented on a beautiful wooden stand, this is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to enjoy a quality whiskey, bourbon, scotch or rum.  

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  31. Personal Poker Set
  32. Personal Poker Set

    For the man who likes to catch up with friends over a game or two at home, this personal poker set has everything needed for a professional looking poker game, but in the comfort of his new home. The convenient carry case holds 2 standard decks, 500 chips in 4 different colors, and poker buttons for Texas Hold’Em.

    A great way to bring a little fun and excitement to a new home. Perfect for anyone who loves to play poker, blackjack, baccarat and more.

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  33. Precision Espresso Maker
  34. Precision Espresso Maker

    For the coffee lover who wishes they lived close to a café, give them the gift of quality brews in the comfort of his new house. A barista-style espresso machine is just what he needs to brew quality drinks anytime he wants.

    The beautiful modern design looks great in the kitchen and the convenience of the dose control grinding ensures every cup is made exactly as he likes. He can create straight espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes at the touch of a button.

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  35. Game of Thrones Doormat
  36. Game of Thrones Doormat

    For the Game of Thrones lover who has recently moved into their new home, give them a gift that combines functionality with their love of the novels (or show). Every house needs a doormat and this one is sure to add a little flair to an otherwise overlooked home décor item.

    The modern design and simple “Hold the Door” wording look great both indoors and out. A great gift choice that can be used year-round and start up conversations about the best and most unnerving scenes in the stories.

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  37. Valet Organizer
  38. Valet Organizer

    For the guy who always seems to lose his keys, phone, sunglasses, you name it. Help get him organized with a sophisticated leather valet tray. A great gift to help keep everyday items together in one place, this is a sleek way to organize important things without looking cluttered.

    The sections are perfect for storing keys, sunglasses, wallets, watches, and includes a notched area that is perfect for storing and charging phones. Perfect for any room in the house.

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  39. Star Wars Vintage Prints
  40. Star Wars Vintage Prints

    For the Star Wars fan who knows everything about the movies, a set of Star Wars vehicle patent art posters is the perfect gift to look sophisticated in the house, but also give a nod to their geeky side. The beautiful prints have a unique vintage look, which is perfectly presented in subtle modern frames.

    Ideal for virtually any room in the house, they are perfect for game rooms, theater rooms, offices, and workshops. A great gift idea for the man who seems to already have it all.

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  41. Unique Scented Candles
  42. Unique Scented Candles

    For the guy who likes to keep his home looking and feeling like a sanctuary, he needs a set of candles to enhance the atmosphere in every room. Scented candles no longer have to be considered only for women, this set has deep masculine notes that really bring out different moods from each scent.

    From smoky suede, warm tobacco, and a light fresh shave scent, each one is made to last a long time. The added wooden wicks are another unique addition that creates a crackling sound every time the candles are lit.

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  43. Canvas Wall Art
  44. Canvas Wall Art

    Help him graduate from a new barebones bachelor pad to a sophisticated adult home with the help of beautiful canvas wall art. The eye-catching design spread over 3 canvases add interest to a room and help bring the home to a new level away from basic posters and empty walls.  

    A stunning feature that can be hung in any room of the house, canvas wall art is the easiest way to add stylish décor with little effort. Quick and easy to put up, add a touch of luxury in just a few minutes.

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  45. Personalized Whiskey Barrel
  46. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

    An out of the box gift for the man who loves a good drink, a personalized whiskey barrel is exactly what he needs for a uniquely entertaining experience with friends and family. Made to be a conversation piece, this classic oak barrel design is perfect for home bars, games rooms or a cellar.

    The 2-liter capacity can easily hold enough whiskey, wine, bourbon, scotch or cognac, ready for when he needs it. The added personalized engraving makes this gift that much more special.

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  47. Basketball Arcade Game
  48. Basketball Arcade Game

    For the guy who loves to play a game every now and then, a personal basketball shot game is just what he needs for when friends stop by for a visit. Add a little fun to the new house with an indoor or outdoor arcade game that he can play any time he wants.

    Easy to assemble and made for hours of fun, the dual shot lets two people play against each other to see who has the best aim. It includes 16 different games, 6 audio calls, and a large LED scoring screen to keep track of all shots.

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  49. Complete Kitchen Knife Set
  50. Complete Kitchen Knife Set

    A common housewarming gift with a sleek stylish twist, this knife set includes all of the knives and prep utensils needed for any dish made at home. Presented in a clear knife stand, the design is modern, professional and perfect in any kitchen.

    Have him looking like a pro with a complete set which includes 6 steak knives, paring knife, cheese knife, pizza cutter, carving knife, bread knife, scissors, peeler and more. To keep everything sharp and working perfectly, it also includes an easy to use sharpener.

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  51. Indoor Herb Garden
  52. Indoor Herb Garden

    Even if he does not have a green thumb, he can grow a small garden in the comfort of home. A modern LED indoor garden will give him fresh herbs or vegetables when he needs them. The perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook, the garden box easily fits windowsills, countertops, small tables, or anywhere else a small garden is desired.

    A great way to add a little life into a room, the grower simulates natural sunlight with bright 850 lumens 4000k LED lights that can easily help plants grow regardless of conditions outside. Perfect for small homes, places without decent garden space or gardens with difficult conditions.

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  53. Gourmet Hot Sauce Set
  54. Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

    The spice lover in your life will thank you when they get a set of delicious hot sauces that will add a kick to all of their meals. Perfect for anyone who loves to add a little spice to their food, the three bottles hold award-winning flavors that include some of the hottest peppers in the world.

    From the habanero to the ghost pepper to the scorpion, these healthy and delicious sauces are totally plant-based and sourced from all-natural ingredients like peppers, tomatoes, garlic, lemons and more.

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  55. Rolling Stone Coffee Table Book
  56. Rolling Stone Coffee Table Book

    Give them a coffee table book that people actually want to read. The 50 years of Rolling Stone hardcover is filled with incredible interviews with legends like Springsteen, Jagger, Cobain and more. The gorgeous full color photographs paired with the complete journey through music history is something that everyone will want to check out.

    Beautiful to display on its own or as an addition to a personal library, this collector’s item is a great gift for music lovers and Rolling Stone fans alike.

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  57. Gourmet Spice Rub Set
  58. Gourmet Spice Rub Set

    Whether he likes to cook in the kitchen or BBQ up a storm, a gourmet set of spices is exactly what he needs in his life. A boxed set of 12 different flavors will instantly help create delicious meals that he and his guests will absolutely love.

    With incredible flavor combinations like blue cheese and Cajun spices, spicy garlic and herbs, jerk spices, and Montreal seasoning, every meal will taste like it was seasoned by pros.

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  59. Quality Bluetooth Speaker
  60. Quality Bluetooth Speaker

    Everyone needs a great speaker for their new home. Whether he likes to listen to music, watch movies or spends long nights gaming, quality sounds are an absolute must. The Bose reputation for delivering top-quality sounds is available in a small Bluetooth speaker that can easily fit any room in the house.

    Sleek, modern and totally portable, this speaker is designed to give deep surround sound for a truly immersive experience that he will love. Use it every day at home or take it on the road for great sounds anytime.

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  61. Complete Bartender Kit
  62. Complete Bartender Kit

    Nothing could feel more stylish in a new house than a personal bartender kit like the pros use. This complete set has 17 different tools and accessories to create incredible drinks from the comfort of home. Perfect for entertaining guests, the entire set is beautifully organized in a professional carry case that can easily store away when not in use.

    The ideal gift for anyone who loves to mix drinks or wants to learn how, this set has everything needed for creating endless drink styles anytime and anywhere

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  63. Luxury Blanket
  64. Luxury Blanket

    Add a touch of sophistication to a new house with a luxury velvet textured blanket. The plush warm fabric provides nice warmth and the beautiful soft feel creates a cozy look to any room. Perfect for cooler nights to add layers to the bed or just throw on the couch for a comfortable place to curl up.

    A simple functional gift that instantly makes a room look like a luxury hotel. Also great for that person who seems to have it all.

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  65. Unique Ice Cube Tray
  66. Unique Ice Cube Tray

    Bringing a modern twist to the standard ice cube tray, this novelty tray makes 3D skull-shaped ice that will really bring drinks to a new level. A great gift for the guy who likes to entertain, mix cocktails or just likes to add a wow factor to his drinks.

    These ice cubes are larger than standards and slowly melt to keep drinks colder for a longer period. The tray is easy to use, crack-resistant and easy to store in the freezer.

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  67. Basic Tool Set
  68. Basic Tool Set

    Every new homeowner needs a basic set of tools to get them through common household repairs. For the handyman who can do it all himself, getting him started off on the right foot with a complete Black + Decker tool kit.

    Perfectly organized in a convenient carry case, this set includes a Lithium battery-powered drill, charger, tape measure, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, drill bits, utility knife and more. With over 65 pieces in the set, he will have everything he needs for basic building and repairs.

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  69. Sophisticated Ottoman Storage Chest
  70. Sophisticated Ottoman Storage Chest

    Bring a little class into a room with his very own leather storage Ottoman bench. The traditional design has a classic tufted top and faux leather for easy care and clean up. The extra-large storage capacity will help him easily organize a room and hide clutter for a neat and tidy look.

    The sturdy design lets you rest your feet or sit on it as extra seating when you need it. Perfect as storage and home décor in bedrooms, lounges, offices or hallways.  

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