30 Loving Long-distance Relationship Gifts to Show You Care

A long-distance relationship can be hard on a couple, but there are plenty of ways to keep in touch and show each other some love even when miles apart. A gentle reminder of how much you care can easily make their day, so send them a sweet sentimental gift to keep them close to your heart and you close to theirs.

To give you a little inspiration for the perfect gift for your long-distance love, here is a list of great gifts that anyone would appreciate:

  1. Huggable Pillow
  2. Huggable Pillow

    Close together or far apart, nothing feels better than cuddling the person you love. Give them something that will give them comfort and keep your love close when they need it most. A soft and cozy pillow with the message “If you miss me hug this pillow” is just what they need for some comfort.

    A great huggable pillow can easily create coziness to a space and this medium size is easy to travel with as well. Made from soft cotton and finished with neat piping, this modern design is easy to fit into any home décor style.

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  3. Couple’s Love Journal
  4. Couple's Love Journal

    A sweet couple’s journal that you can both share even while apart, this is a great way to communicate and keep that spark of love alive until you can both be together again. With 52 weeks of fun questions to learn more about your partner, the book also has great tips and advice to grow a strong bond together.

    Beautifully designed and easy to follow, the journal has a wide range of questions about a couple’s feelings, desires, and thoughts about the future. Perfect to share or to have one journal each to fill out and exchange at the end of the year.

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  5. Stylish Distance Bracelets
  6. Stylish Distance Bracelets

    No matter how far away a couple can be, having a little memento to remind each other of the love they share is something that will help ease the ache of the distance. A matching set of bracelets is a great way to wear every day as a gentle reminder when times get tough.

    The simple modern design is easy to match any style and adjustable to fit all wrist sizes. The sweet compass charm is a cute way to connect through any distance and the thin cord is subtle to wear daily and on any occasion.

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  7. Jar of Mini Love Notes
  8. Jar of Mini Love Notes

    Sometimes being in a long-distance relationship can feel lonely, especially when you want to share a laugh or want to offer a comforting word when it’s needed. This cute decorative jar is filled with 31 mini letters that can be personalized with special messages from the heart.

    A great little gift they can keep close by, each card can be chosen at random during those times of loneliness while apart. Perfect for any occasion, this is a wonderful way for couples to connect from any distance.

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  9. Think of Me Spoon
  10. Think of Me Spoon

    A simple little gift to show your partner how much you care, this beautiful little spoon is the perfect way to give them a memento that can be used every day. Perfect for anyone who loves to drink tea, the stainless steel spoon is engraved with the message “stir your tea & think of me”.

    Sleek and modern in design, the spoon is dishwasher safe, making it easy to use every day. Packed in a beautiful box and light enough to send anywhere, it’s the best way to send a functional gift with a sentimental touch.

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  11. Loving Message Wallet Card
  12. Loving Message Wallet Card

    A unique gift to give a loved one, this special metal card is shaped like a credit card to make it easy to store in a wallet or card holder. With a special message etched on it, the card can be read anytime they need a little reminder of the person who loves them most out there.

    Anytime they need a little pick me up, they can simply read the message “Missing someone is a part of loving them. If you’re never apart, you’ll never really know how strong your love is. I’ll see you soon! I love you!”.

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  13. Long-Distance Love Mug
  14. Long-Distance Love Mug

    A cute functional mug made specifically for long-distance couples; this is a sweet reminder they can use every day. Printed with a sweet message “Even though you are many miles away, there is no one else closer to my heart than you. I Love You”.

    Made from quality ceramic and with a capacity of 11 ounces, this is a stylish mug that can be used all day long. Keeping a loved one close by might not always be possible, but a sweet reminder will make the time apart much more bearable.

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  15. Golden Compass Necklace
  16. Golden Compass Necklace

    A beautiful necklace to show how much they are loved, this 14k gold fill necklace has a lovely handmade look and compass charm that is adorned with cubic zirconia stones. A lovely little reminder no matter how far apart you might be, the necklace looks gorgeous with any look.

    Perfect for any occasion or as a way to say “I love you” any time of year, the compass is a great reminder for when a couple can be reunited again.

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  17. Love Me Long-Distance Candle
  18. Love Me Long-Distance Candle

    What could be nicer than a soothing candle that reminds your partner of you? This beautiful candle in a jar is a wonderful gift that will keep you connected no matter how many miles apart. The warm glow and natural soy candle scent will fill a room and create a relaxing atmosphere each time.

    With a more personal label that reads “Someone from Colorado loves me”, there are plenty of candles with each state represented. A great way to show someone how much you care, it’s a great gift for any occasion.

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  19. Love You More Picture Frame
  20. Love You More Picture Frame

    A simple gift with a lot of sentiment, this sweet picture frame is the best way to hold on to those precious memories until you can be reunited again. Printed with the loving message “I love you more than the miles between us”, this is a great gift to keep the spark alive.

    Made from a lacquered wood and clear acrylic photo protector, any 4×6 portrait photograph can be added next to the text. Perfect to display on tables shelves or mantles, the frame can also be easily hung on the wall as a lovely feature in a space.

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  21. Couple’s Survival Guide
  22. Couple's Survival Guide

    A long-distance relationship can feel tough at times, but the love a couple shares can see it through any distance and time apart. The Long-distance Relationship Survival Guide: Secrets and Strategies from Successful Couples Who Have Gone the Distance is the perfect book to help keep the love and connection strong.

    Filled with incredible tips and advice to overcome tough times, the book includes information on good communication, mutual goals, dealing with trust issues, time management, stress, and more.

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  23. Colorful Light Distance Bands
  24. Colorful Light Distance Bands

    Sometimes being apart can feel lonely and sending them a message means they might not be able to read it right away. A pair of matching distance bracelets is a great way to stay connected and let each other know that someone is thinking of them any time, anywhere.

    You can send a customized light color and vibration alert directly to your partner’s bracelet and they will instantly know you are thinking of them. Subtle and discreet, the bracelets are waterproof and can be used anywhere in the world, no matter how far apart you might be.

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  25. Love You More Keychain
  26. A beautiful and functional keychain with a loving sentiment attached to it, this is a great little gift that will keep a couple connected with a gentle reminder of the love they share. Made from a gorgeous walnut wood and quality finish, it’s lightweight and perfect for everyday use. Engraved with the message “I love you more than the miles between us”, the rustic design is stylish and sturdy with a solid leather strap attached to the key ring. A sweet little memento no matter how far apart a couple is.

    A beautiful and functional keychain with a loving sentiment attached to it, this is a great little gift that will keep a couple connected with a gentle reminder of the love they share. Made from a gorgeous walnut wood and quality finish, it’s lightweight and perfect for everyday use.

    Engraved with the message “I love you more than the miles between us”, the rustic design is stylish and sturdy with a solid leather strap attached to the key ring. A sweet little memento no matter how far apart a couple is.

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  27. Worth Every Mile Art Print
  28. Worth Every Mile Art Print

    An adorable 3D home décor item that will instantly add a loving touch to any space, this is a sweet gift for any long-distance relationship. Displayed in a beautiful wooden frame, the cute heart-shaped hot air balloon pops out with great eye-catching texture and style.

    Printed with the message “You’re worth every mile between us”, this will surely bring a smile to their face, every time they look at it. Perfect for any occasion, this is something they will truly appreciate.

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  29. Personalized Coordinates Bracelet
  30. Personalized Coordinates Bracelet

    Keeping little mementos is a great way for a couple to feel connected during times they will have to be apart. A matching pair of cuff bracelets is one way they can think of their loved one every day, while also looking great.

    A simple accessory that can be adjusted to any wrist size, the bracelets are engraved with personalized coordinates of the person they love most. A unique gift that no one else will understand, this is a special memento that only the couple will share.

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  31. Cross-Country Photo Collage
  32. Cross-Country Photo Collage

    Being apart can feel lonely at times, but there is always the joy to plan new adventures for the times you can be together again. This unique picture frame is the perfect gift for the couple who love road trips and exploring home.

    A framed map of all the 50 US states with space to add a photo from each visit is a great way to remember the trips you’ve had and look forward to the trips that are yet to come. A beautiful home décor item that looks great in any space at home.

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  33. Weekend Bag
  34. Weekend Bag

    For the long-distance couple who sometimes get a chance to visit, this is the perfect bag for those quick getaways to spend time together. A great weekender bag is quick to pack and easy to manage enough clothing, accessories, and toiletries for a few days away.

    Stylish and sturdy in design, the bag has comfortable handles and shoulder strap for easy transportation, and it easily fits in overhead compartments when flying to a destination. The special compartment just for shoes will also keep everything clean and tidy during travel.

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  35. Countdown Clock
  36. Countdown Clock

    Feel the energy and excitement until you can be reunited again with a countdown clock to mark the days in a fun way. Perfect to keep track of the days until you can be together, the clock has a small chalkboard sign that can be personalized with any event or occasion that is coming up.

    Easy to display on a desk, bookshelf or table, the clock can be set up and used over and over again. With three push-button windows that change with each day, the clock can count down from 999 days in advance.

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  37. Personalized Art Print
  38. Personalized Art Print

    For the couple who are working on staying connected in their long-distance relationship, this beautiful framed print is the perfect way to keep that spark alive, no matter how many miles apart. Beautifully framed and made to easily fit into any home décor, the print is modern and stylish in design.

    Personalize it with states and names that each person is in, the sweet dotted heart line links the two together just as the couple will stay closely connected despite a distance. A lovely sentimental gift that will bring a smile to their face every day.

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  39. Distance Lamps
  40. Distance Lamps

    Sometimes the miles that sit between two people make it hard to stay connected or communicate regularly. To keep that spark alive and give them a little loving nudge every now and then, this set of touch lamps are the perfect subtle form of communication.

    No matter where a couple is in the world, the lamps are connected in a way that one person can send a light message to the other at any time. With over 250 colors to choose from, these lamps are connected through wi-fi and will instantly light up when someone wants to let you know they are thinking of you.

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  41. Couple’s Pillowcases
  42. Couple's Pillowcases

    One of the things that long-distance couples hate most is sleeping alone at night, so to keep the loneliness at bay, this pair of sweet pillowcases will help keep them connected without feeling lonely at night. A cute design that makes sense when put together, each pillowcase has half the complete image.

    No matter what the distance, someone’s other half is out there, and these pillowcases are the perfect way to represent that bond they share. The soft cotton is cozy, and the print will look great even after many washes. Perfect for any occasion.

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  43. Matching Luggage Tags
  44. Matching Luggage Tags

    When the time comes to visit each other, nothing could be cuter than a set of matching passport holders and luggage tags to show your connection even when apart. Designed for the couple who love to travel and experience adventures together.

    The passport holders have the safety feature of RFID protection and the luggage tags have a strong eco-friendly leather strap to keep it safely on luggage at all times. Personalized with names or special messages, this set is perfect for all couples.

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  45. Personalized Star Map
  46. Matching Luggage Tags

    No matter how far apart a couple can be, there is nothing that will make them lose the love they have for each other. A beautiful and romantic way to remember the moment two people met and fell in love is by framing a personalized star map of the night sky of the beginning of their journey together.

    With a framed print of a specific night sky that two people shared on a special day, this print will instantly bring back those wonderful feelings and memories from the very beginning. A sweet sentiment that can be displayed in any space.

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  47. Multiple Time Zone Clocks
  48. Multiple Time Zone Clocks

    For the couple who are separated by time zones, this is a gift that will help them stay connected in time, no matter what the distance. This vintage-inspired clock has three different time zones on display, which not only looks like a fun and unique home décor item but also helps keep track of time across the country.

    Perfect for anyone who wants to feel connected with their other half, the clocks will keep perfect time and help them communicate without having to wake up very early or stay up very late at night. A cool way to see time differences, this is a fun gift for any occasion.

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  49. Selfie Circle Light
  50. Selfie Circle Light

    For the couple who love to stay connected with regular video chats, this is the ultimate gift that will help both of them look their best during special video visits. A bright LED selfie ring light perfectly illuminates a person, so they look perfect for video chats and recordings.

    Easy to install and adjust with its sturdy stand, the light brightness can be adjusted and the angle of the light so that everyone looks like they are professionally lit for their videos. A great unique gift that can be used every day.

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  51. Date Night Planner
  52. Date Night Planner

    Even when a couple has distance separating them, it doesn’t mean they should give up on date night plans. Keep the relationship exciting and fun by planning out different date nights for the times you can be together again. With 40 blank coupons and lots of room for imagination, there are endless date ideas to plan for.

    Split up the coupons so each person has 20 to fill out and keep the excitement alive until you are both reunited again. A wonderful way to connect and keep the spark alive, this is a great gift for any occasion.

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  53. Chocolate Covered Cookies Set
  54. Chocolate Covered Cookies Set

    No matter how far a couple is, there is nothing better than getting a sweet gift to show just how much they care. A box full of gourmet chocolate-covered cookies is just what they need for those days they need a sweet pick me up.

    Filled with an assortment of 20 different cookies, they are beautifully decorated and presented in a stylish box. With flavors and toppings like dark chocolate cookies with nut brittle, sunflower seeds, caramel, and candy crunch, they are sure to enjoy every last one.

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  55. Sweet Promise Rings
  56. Sweet Promise Rings

    A long-distance couple who would love to show each other their love and dedication, a matching set of promise rings is a sweet sentiment that will keep them connected even when miles apart. Made to fit into each other, the ring designs are modern and minimalist with a lovely heart they can both share.

    Lightweight and easy to wear with any style, the stainless steel rings are polished to a high shine and made with a comfort fit finish. A lovely gesture that will remind them of the love they share, the rings are perfect for any occasion.

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  57. Truth or Dare for Couples
  58. Truth or Dare for Couples

    A fun game that can be played together and even via video for the times they are apart, the classic truth or dare game is specially designed for couples who are looking to add a little spice into their relationship. Filled with a couple of hundred questions and dares, there are endless hours of fun with this book.

    A great way to bond and learn a lot about each other, this is a fun way to rekindle the love while in a long-distance relationship. Great for any time of year, this is a fun book that will keep a couple entertained for hours.

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  59. Cozy Blanket for Two
  60. Cozy Blanket for Two

    When a couple is apart, sometimes the feelings of loneliness creep up, but this ultra-soft and comfortable blanket will help keep those feelings at bay. Made with a soft velvety texture, the blanket is the perfect way to stay warm and cozy at home.

    Printed with the sweet message “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite”, the blanket is a wonderful memento of the love shared between two people and the excitement of cuddling together again.

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