33 Retirement Gifts for Men to Celebrate a New Chapter in Life

After years of sacrifice and hard work, anyone would be excited to start a new chapter in life with their retirement. Sometimes it can be a bit nerve-wracking to figure out what each day will bring, but with some inspiring gifts and a chance to catch up on the things that took a backseat, this is a great time to plan days of fun and relaxation.

  1. Adventure-Inspiring Book
  2. Adventure-Inspiring Book

    For the man who feels wanderlust and finally has the time to get out there to see the world, a beautiful book filled with travel inspiration is exactly what he needs. With over 1000 experiences that range from making pottery to swimming with dolphins, there are plenty of options to try both locally and abroad.

    This beautiful hardcover book is a journey around the world from the comfort of home. Display it as a motivating coffee table book or turn it into a real bucket list for fun and adventure.

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  3. Monogrammed Leather Journal
  4. Monogrammed Leather Journal

    For the man who always has a great story to tell, give him a personalized monogram journal to jot down all of his thoughts, stories, and words of wisdom. Made of premium soft leather and securely closed with a simple brass button, this journal is a sophisticated gift that he will love.

    Perfect for any occasion, this is an especially thoughtful gift for someone who has recently retired and now has a chance to sit down and write everything important in his life.

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  5. Golf Chipping Practice Net
  6. Golf Chipping Practice Net

    For the golf-loving man, give him a gift that can be used all year long with his very own golf chipping practice net. Ideal for outdoor use but convenient enough to set up indoors, this chipping net gives him a chance to perfect his technique for those important games on the green.

    Equipped with an easy to install net, 15 practice golf balls, 6 golf tees, ground nails to secure it outdoors and a convenient carry case to neatly store everything away. Perfect for golfers of all experience levels.

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  7. Waterproof Hiking Boots
  8. Waterproof Hiking Boots

    For the man who loves to spend time in the outdoors, a pair of comfortable hiking boots is just what he needs. Perfect for camping, hiking or long walks every day, these boots are made to keep feet and ankles safe, dry and comfortable all the time.

    The air cushion sole is made to absorb shocks for long-lasting stability over a variety of terrain, while the mesh lining is breathable for temperature control no matter what the weather is like.

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  9. Luxury Leather Chair and Ottoman
  10. Luxury Leather Chair and Ottoman

    Now that he has retired, give him a place to rest his eyes or relax in absolute comfort in his own luxury lounge chair with matching Ottoman. The smooth soft leather and sleek modern design is a beautiful feature in any room of the house.

    The wide armrests, slight angle and spacious seating offers complete body support while the cushioned headrest and Ottoman help relieve tension in the body. A wonderful gift that he will appreciate every time he takes a seat.

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  11. Book of Bad Dad Jokes
  12. Book of Bad Dad Jokes

    For the man who loves to make people laugh (or cringe) a hilarious yet sophisticated book of exceptionally bad dad jokes is sure to bring a smile to his face. Filled with dozens of terrible jokes that will make him laugh and others squirm, this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving -at least in his eyes.

    A fun little book that he can read at home or on the road. This is a great gift for the man who has everything and loves to laugh with his friends and family.

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  13. Unique Wine Accessory Set
  14. Unique Wine Accessory Set

    For the wine connoisseur who enjoys a drink every now and then, this beautiful wine accessory set is something that he can use to bring his wine experience to a new level. The sleek wooden case holds 8 different accessories from an aerator, bottle stops, corkscrew, foil cutter and more.

    A lovely gift for any occasion, this is a great gift for anyone who loves to entertain at home. Easy to store and convenient for any bottle style, this set will be used and appreciated for many years to come.

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  15. Camping Cookware Set
  16. Camping Cookware Set

    The perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors, a complete camping cookware kit is the ideal set for enjoying delicious meals in complete comfort. The 22-piece set includes everything needed for making hot drinks and meals during camping escapes, no matter how long he decided to stay out.

    Complete with a kettle, a pot, non-stick pan, set of utensils, stainless steel cups, and cleaning cloths, there is enough dining ware for up to 6 people.

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  17. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  18. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Give him the gift of peace and sanctuary no matter where he is with a personal pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones. The sleek modern design is stylish to wear anytime, while the quality cushioning feels comfortable for long-term use. Known for offering some of the best sound quality around, the Bose headphones play deep sounds while blocking outside distractions. Compact and easy to travel, they are a great gift for use at home or on the go.

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  19. Luggage Set
  20. Luggage Set

    For the globetrotting man, retirement is a great chance to get out there and see the world. A personal 3-piece luggage set is exactly what he can use for short weekend getaways or long-haul trips abroad. Made of a solid lightweight plastic, they are easy to pack and protect contents inside.

    The expandable compartments let you pack as much or as little as you need, while the wheels allow for smooth 360-degree movement, making it easy to roll even the heaviest suitcase with ease.

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  21. Comfortable Double Hammock
  22. Comfortable Double Hammock

    Relax and soak in that beautiful sun in a comfortable hammock. Now that he has retired, he can spend his days lounging in the garden or relaxing in the woods. The soft double hammock design ensures absolute comfort no matter where he sets it up.

    The heavy duty nylon fabric is tough and easy to clean. The compact design and strong straps are quick to put up and hold strong. A convenient hammock for enjoyment in all environments year-round.

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  23. Legend Has Retired Tie
  24. Legend Has Retired Tie

    He no longer needs to wear a tie but would totally appreciate a last one to celebrate his achievements at work and at home. The Legend as Retired tie is made of 100% silk and looks stylish for any occasion. The subtle embroidered message shows how much you care, while the gorgeous modern design can easily work with any look.

    A tie with a more personal touch to it, this is the perfect gift for the fashionable man who is loved and appreciated.

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  25. Heated Foot Massager
  26. Heated Foot Massager

    Finally, there is a chance to relax and soothe those aches and pains away. A personal heated foot massager is a great gift that he will use every day. Compact and easy to store anywhere you like, this massager has 18 rotating nodes to knead tired feet that have worked so hard over the years.

    Used as a footrest and shiatsu massager, the height can be adjusted to perfectly raise legs to a comfortable level and the manual mode button easily lets you choose which setting you want.

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  27. Truffle Oil Set
  28. Truffle Oil Set

    Every foodie will appreciate quality oils that enhance their already favorite dishes. This selection of 3 cold-pressed oils infused with black, white and English truffles is an absolute luxury in the kitchen. Use them as a flavor enhancer, try them as a marinade, or just use them as a bread dip for when company is over.

    The smooth earthy flavors are delicious for any meal, and this set is ideal for anyone who loves to enjoy great food.

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  29. Personal Kindle
  30. Personal Kindle

    Instead of letting books pile up at home, give the gift of a library collection in the convenience of one portable device. A personal paperwhite kindle is the perfect gift solution for anyone who loves to read but wants something easy to carry anywhere he goes.

    This waterproof design is ideal for lazy afternoons by the beach or pool, and the double capacity storage allows him to store up thousands of books, magazines, and audiobooks on one small reader. A great gift that can easily fit in any bag or pocket for easy reading no matter where he goes.

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  31. Stylish Watch Set
  32. Stylish Watch Set

    A stylish gift for the fashionable man, a leather watch is something he would love to wear on any occasion. The sleek watch design paired with the rugged leather band is the perfect gift for anyone who loves fashion or just loves the outdoors.

    Made tough and durable, the watch and band are a soft comfortable leather, while the face of the watch is easy to read and waterproof up to 165 feet. The added stopwatch and timer functions are extra features in one convenient design.

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  33. Happy Hour T-Shirt
  34. Happy Hour T-Shirt

    Give him a gift that will instantly put a smile on his face with a t-shirt to express all the good times to come. This simple gift has a stylish design that highlights the fact that retirement brings a new meaning to “happy hour” and that he now has endless days of happiness ahead.

    The soft cotton blend feels comfortable and the quality crew neck design is flattering on all body shapes. The fun vintage design works perfectly for any look, which he surely will love to wear it for many years to come.

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  35. Set of Fishing Lures
  36. Set of Fishing Lures

    For the man who finally has a chance to truly relax and fish whenever he wants, a complete set of fishing lures is exactly what he needs. Perfect for fishing on the lake, river or by the sea, this tackle box includes over 100 different fishing lures, spinners, jigs, and sinkers.

    With each lure made for different fishing, there is something for every fishing trip. To keep everything neat and tidy, the solid tackle box easily organizes everything for easy reach and use, without the need to fumble around looking for the perfect bait.

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  37. Memory Foam Slippers
  38. Memory Foam Slippers

    The perfect combination of comfort and style, this pair of memory foam slippers is something he will truly appreciate. The light cotton-spandex material is soft and breathable, while the thick memory foam padding absorbs shock to soothe tired feet.

    Easy to clean and care for, the slippers are machine washable and quick drying so they can last for many years to come. The added rubber soles are comfortable and safe to walk on indoors and out.

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  39. Gin Making Kit
  40. Gin Making Kit

    Give him a new hobby now that he has retired with a personal gin making kit. Create real homemade gin with a complete kit that includes everything needed for delicious cocktails. With clear step-by-step instructions, this kit is perfect for anyone who ever wanted to try and make their own drinks.

    This set has two artisan-style glass bottles, custom labels, a personalized flask and a variety of botanicals and spices to create one of a kind gin from the comfort of home.

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  41. Classic Leather Jacket
  42. Classic Leather Jacket

    Sleek, stylish and totally fashionable, this leather jacket is for the man who loves to look good. Celebrate his retirement with a classic jacket that he can wear anytime and anywhere he likes. The sleek contemporary design fits perfectly with any fashion sense and the subtle design flatters all body shapes.

    Made of 100% soft leather, the jacket has a beautiful soft lining, zippered closure, seamed cuff design and convenient deep pockets to store all essentials. A great gift for anyone who seems to have it all.

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  43. Complete Car Care Kit
  44. Complete Car Care Kit

    For the man who loves his car, this is a gift that will keep him happily busy outside on those beautiful sunny days to come. This complete car care kit is made to clean and preserve his pride and joy from top to bottom. The set includes cleaners, waxes, tire gel, scratch removers and polishes that will clean and protect his car from inside and out.

    With a dozen premium products along with soft cloths and buffers, his car will look like it is in top condition every day of the year. 

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  45. Garden Kneeler and Seat
  46. Garden Kneeler and Seat

    For the man who has a green thumb and wants nothing more than to finally spend some decent time in the garden, a comfortable kneeler is exactly what he would truly appreciate every day. Made sturdy and tough for constantly use, this multi-functional gift is a kneeler, seat and gardening tool storage bag in one.

    Collapsible and compact for easy storage, this 3-in-1 gardening tool is lightweight and easy to take around the garden anytime you need it. A great gift to save those knees with a thick memory foam mat and convenient pouches to hold everything needed for work in the garden.

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  47. Adjustable Workbench
  48. Adjustable Workbench

    Give him something that will perfectly fit in a workshop or garage, a quality workbench is just what he needs for all those projects that have been on the backburner over the years. This tough bamboo top workbench has heavy-duty legs that can be adjusted to any convenient height from the 15 setting available.

    Easy to assemble, easy to move around and sturdy for any type of task, this bench is perfect for work both indoors and out.

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  49. Quality Electric Shaver
  50. Quality Electric Shaver

    Now that he is retired, there is no time to waste on manual shaving every day. A stylish and convenient electric shaver is the perfect solution for quick shaves in and out of the shower. The 5-blade design is made for close shaves without the worry of getting a nick or cut in the process.

    Perfect for use at home and compact to take on travel, this shaver also has a handy popup trimmer for a complete shave and clean up.

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  51. Wooden Sudoku Board
  52. Wooden Sudoku Board

    A unique gift for the man who loves to train his brain, a wooden sudoku set is a great way to tease his brain in a stylish home game. The wooden design is solid and modern, making it a great home décor item for any room in the house.

    Perfect to play on his own or as a group game, the versatile design is ideal for any sudoku game style. This set includes 90 number pieces, 90 thinking pieces, a solid base, and convenient storage compartment to neatly pack away when not in use.

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  53. Men’s Personal Scent Sampler
  54. Men’s Personal Scent Sampler

    For the dapper man who likes to look great all the time, give him a set of luxury scents to take his style to the next level. The perfect finishing touch for any occasion, this set includes 5 signature Giorgio Armani scents that he will love to use.

    The sample set is perfect to try out a range of scents without the cost of buying full bottles. The small 5-7ml bottles are also convenient for easy travel when you want to smell great on holiday.

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  55. Fitbit Smartwatch
  56. Fitbit Smartwatch

    A great tool for tracking health and wellness, a Fitbit smartwatch is a great retirement gift for keeping his health on track. The functional watch has multiple tracking options to watch heart rate, step count, sleep quality and more.

    The added bonus of having Alexa built-in gives him even more options for controlling smart home devices while away or just get up to the minute information when he needs it. A great gift idea for the man who already seems to have everything.

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  57. Book of Extraordinary Facts
  58. Book of Extraordinary Facts

    It is never too late to learn something new and if you know someone who just loves to learn and share facts, then they need this book. The classic vintage design is a great addition to any library or coffee table and the hardcover makes it easy to display anywhere in the house.

    Filled with over 700 pages of information from history to pop culture, there is something interesting for everyone. A great read for curious minds and anyone who likes learning for fun.

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  59. Ergonomic Footrest
  60. Ergonomic Footrest

    Soothe aching feet with a memory foam footrest. The lightweight design is easy to move around or even pack away for travel. Perfect for any room in the house, the ergonomic footrest is made for easing pains in feet, knees and the back.

    Great for improving circulation and promoting good posture, the 100% memory foam shape is easy to use, easy to store away and versatile to use on various parts of the body.

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  61. Handyman Magnetic Wristband
  62. Handyman Magnetic Wristband

    Give the gift of an extra hand when he needs it most. For the handyman who loves to work around the house, this magnetic wristband is a convenient holder for nuts, screws, nails or screwdriver and drill bits.

    The comfortable and breathable design makes it easy to wear for long periods, while the wide magnetic band easily holds multiple items at once. Great for anyone who constantly fumbles around while trying to build and fix things in the garage or workshop.

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  63. Retirement Schedule Mug
  64. Retirement Schedule Mug

    Remind him every day of his new-found freedom with a novelty mug that will bring a smile to his face every time he uses it. The simple design on a functional mug lets him know that he is the boss of his schedule from now on.

    A great gift for anyone who loves to enjoy a good coffee or tea in the morning, this is a wonderful way to start the day. Convenient to hold and easy to wash, this mug is sure to bring a smile to his face for many years to come.

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  65. Wooden 3D Cabriolet Puzzle
  66. Wooden 3D Cabriolet Puzzle

    For the man who loves puzzles or tinker away at models, this is the perfect combination of the two. A classic Cabriolet convertible in a 3d wooden model is just what he needs for relaxation and fun. The gorgeous design has all of the details a classic car should have, but the challenge of assembly is what will give him hours of fun every day.

    Precisely cut with lasers and even powered by simple rubber bands, this model, once assembled can be moved forwards and back like a standard metal model. Perfect for model collectors and car lovers alike.

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