33 Thoughtful Retirement Gifts for Women Starting a New Chapter

Retirement is one of those exciting milestones where anything is possible and now is the time to catch up on all the things that were missed in the past. To help celebrate and mark this special occasion, there are lots of wonderful gifts that will make that special woman in your life, look forward to this new chapter she will be beginning.

To give you some fun inspiration, here is a list of retirement gifts that will get her excited for her new life ahead:

  1. Whatever Clock
  2. Whatever Clock

    One of the biggest reliefs in any retired person’s life is knowing they will no longer feel the pressure of time and tight schedules each day. To give her a chuckle and remind her to step back and walk to the beat of her own drum, this clock is a must-have in the house.

    Printed with a jumble of numbers at the bottom and the all-important word “whatever” at the top, this functional clock has a fun design that will perfectly fit in their favorite room for relaxation.

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  3. Retirement Makeup Bag
  4. Retirement Makeup Bag

    For the woman who is now free to come and go as she pleases, this lovely little pouch is perfect for storing essentials neatly in one place. Printed with a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers and the phrase “You can’t retire from being great”, this is a great way to show some love.

    A sweet little gift to mark a special moment in time like a retirement, the pouch is a nice neutral look that easily fits with any style.

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  5. Decorative Ceramic Diffuser
  6. Decorative Ceramic Diffuser

    Retirement means relaxation and taking the time to relax and unwind from all those years of working hard and keeping busy. This beautiful ceramic diffuser is the perfect aromatherapy treatment that will turn any room in the house into a serene spa.

    The lovely white lotus flower design releases a light mist scented with soothing essential oils. A lovely home décor item that easily sits on any table or shelf, this diffuser has a 12 hour continuous timer and has adjustable settings for perfect levels of aromatherapy in the room.

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  7. Weekly Schedule Mug
  8. Weekly Schedule Mug

    Once retirement has officially begun, there is no longer a need for strict schedules or stress from meetings and deadlines. This ceramic mug is the perfect gift for anyone who is about to retire because it perfectly shows what a relaxed schedule looks like.

    Printed with all of the days of the week, the final schedule note for the week it “Do whatever the hell I want to do”. The perfect retirement gift to get them excited about their life to come.

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  9. Inspirational Scarf
  10. Inspirational Scarf

    For the woman who can’t wait to get her retirement started, this is a beautiful gift that will inspire her to get out there and explore the world. This gorgeous viscose scarf is lightweight and has a wonderful Paris-themed print with soft muted tones.

    Easy to wear with any outfit, the scarf also includes a lovely matching watercolor card with the message “May your journey take you on grand adventures and bring you much joy”.

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  11. Art Deco Perfume Bottle
  12. Art Deco Perfume Bottle

    Add a touch of luxury and class with a stunning crystal perfume bottle with a classic art deco style. This is a wonderful gift to help celebrate a retirement and get her excited about the fun events to come. The glistening round bottle has a gem cut finish that beautifully reflects light and colors.

    The 10ml capacity is easily refilled with a small funnel and the long glass stem adds the perfect amount of perfume so there is precise application and never any waste.

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  13. Hilarious Apron
  14. Hilarious Apron

    For the soon to be retired who loves to cook, bake, and BBQ, this hilarious apron is a must-have to give them a laugh and get excited for their new lifestyle of freedom. Printed with the words “I’m retired & you’re not, have fun at work tomorrow”, the apron will make them laugh and have others feel jealous.

    Made from quality cotton that has a soft silk-like finish, the apron is made for most sizes and easily adjusts around the neck and waist for a comfortable fit.

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  15. Book of Inspirational Trips
  16. Book of Inspirational Trips

    For the woman who just can’t wait to officially retire, this is the ultimate book that will get her ready for the adventures ahead. Epic Drives of the World is a beautiful book filled with the top 50 greatest road trips from all over the globe.

    With journeys from Morocco, South Africa, Vietnam, Chile, Italy, Germany, Australia, and more, there are endless possibilities for the next vacation abroad.

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  17. Gold Preserved Flower
  18. Gold Preserved Flower

    A wonderful way to celebrate a special milestone like retirement is to mark it with a beautiful memento that is made to last. A unique gift that anyone would love is a beautiful preserved rose that is housed in a small gold box.

    Stunning and exceptional in design, the fresh rose is carefully preserved and decorated with a lovely gold trim. The cute heart-shaped box is stylish and easy to display on a table, shelf, nightstand or desk.

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  19. Decorative Candle
  20. Decorative Candle

    Give her a little shine and soothing atmosphere to finally relax in her retirement. This set of luxury candles come in a variety of beautiful colors and the scents will make any space feel like a serene spa retreat. With fragrances like lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and lemongrass, each room in the house can have its own signature scent.

    Each candle is stored in an eco-friendly and beautifully decorated tin with lid. Lovely on display at any time, this is a wonderful gift for year-round enjoyment.

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  21. Celebratory Travel Tumbler
  22. Celebratory Travel Tumbler

    Now that retirement is underway, there is plenty of time to enjoy a nice drink wherever she goes. This handy and stylish travel tumbler is designed to keep drinks at the perfect temperature for hours. Perfect for wine, coffee, iced tea, and anything else she would like to have, the tumbler is easy to carry and store for travel.

    Designed with a lovely metallic finish and the message “I don’t want I don’t have to you can’t make me I’m retired”, this is a must-have for anyone who has finally finished with the grind.

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  23. Complete Comfort Set
  24. Complete Comfort Set

    For the woman who has been dreaming of the day she can finally rest and relax, this gorgeous retirement relaxation set is made for absolute pampering. Made to feel like spending a day at a spa but in the comfort of her own home, this set is ideal for anyone who loves to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

    With everything she would need to let loose, the set includes a tumbler with a stainless steel straw, bottle opener, bottle stopper, coaster, and a pair of cozy spa socks. Perfect for year-round enjoyment, the only thing missing is her favorite wine.

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  25. Jewelry Music Box
  26. Jewelry Music Box

    An inspiring music box is a wonderful gift to celebrate such an important milestone in a person’s life. Retirement is the beginning of a new chapter in life and is an exciting time that she will love to plan the next adventure.

    This lovely wooden box has a peaceful scene printed on the lid and the message “Retirement only means that is it time for a new adventure”. A wonderful way to make new beginnings and opportunities in life.

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  27. Retirement Wine Labels
  28. Retirement Wine Labels

    For the wonderful woman who is on her way to days full of freedom, this is a great chance to get her all of her favorite wines to start retirement off with a celebration. This set of fun wine bottle labels will instantly personalize any wine bottle for a special touch.

    With lovely illustrations and messages like “You can wine all you want, you’re retired!” and “Why limit happy to just one hour? You’re retired!”, they will surely get a smile on their face each time they reach for a new bottle.

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  29. Glass Tea Set
  30. Glass Tea Set

    Retirement is a wonderful milestone in someone’s life. For the special woman who loves to enjoy a nice cup of tea, this beautiful glass tea set is the perfect way to relax and unwind each day. With gorgeous blooming flower tea flavors like Jasmine, Floral Passion, and Fairy Lily, each pot will be a new experience.

    The set includes a modern clear glass teapot, 4 double-walled teacups and a dozen different flowering teas that look so beautiful as they open up in the teapot.

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  31. Cozy Blanket
  32. Cozy Blanket

    No matter what time of year, there is nothing better than a cozy blanket to curl up in for comfort and relaxation. This lovely plush blanket is exactly what anyone would love for their retirement gift, especially with the wonderful satin heart detail in the corner.

    Embroidered with the sweet message “Happy Retirement It’s your time to embrace all the best things in life. Relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy!”. The perfect memento for a special time in life, this is a great way to celebrate such an important milestone in life.

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  33. Enlightening Book About Retirement
  34. Enlightening Book About Retirement

    Retirement can feel exciting but also stressful with the unknown of what to do next. While some cannot wait to let loose and get started on all those plans made years ago, others are left wondering what to do with themselves. The book The Joy of Being Retired: 365 Reasons Why Retirement Rocks -and Work Sucks! is an absolute must-have for anyone recently retired.

    Filled with advice on how to enjoy new freedom and what to expect in the first year of retirement, the book talks about slowing down, getting creative, living life on your own terms, and so much more.

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  35. Engraved Wooden Plaque
  36. Engraved Wooden Plaque

    Nothing could be better than commemorating a special moment in life like retirement. There are so many emotions and plans for the future that making it official with a beautiful plaque is a great way to celebrate this moment in time.

    This lovely wooden plaque has a gorgeous warm finish and is engraved with an acrostic poem that spells out the word “Retirement”. Each letter is an inspiring message to let loose and enjoy the newfound freedom in life.

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  37. Stylish Commemorative Necklace
  38. Stylish Commemorative Necklace

    For the fashionable woman who is about to retire, nothing could be sweeter than a stylish necklace to mark the beginning of a new chapter in her life. This beautiful 14k rose gold necklace is a stunning modern design with two interlocking rings that represent the past and the future.

    Dainty and minimalist in design, the necklace easily suits any style and can be worn for casual and formal events. Presented in a beautifully decorated box, there is an inspiring message inside to reflect and appreciate all they have experienced and all that is to come.

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  39. Adorable Pillowcases
  40. Adorable Pillowcases

    Give a reason to sleep in and relax once retirement is fully underway with a stylish pillowcase that is decorated with soothing colors and a print made for relaxation. Printed with a different message on either side, the pillow easily fits in the bedroom, on a daybed or in their favorite spot for a quick snooze.

    Made from a soft and comfortable brushed microfiber, the pillowcase fits all standard pillows with ease. Durable and made with a hidden invisible zipper, the pillow will always stay in place so there is no more fussing while trying to fall asleep.

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  41. Angel Figurine
  42. Angel Figurine

    For the angel in your life who is about to retire, give her a beautiful angel figurine to commemorate this important stage in her life. This gorgeous resin angel has a lovely modern design and is painted with soft muted tones that are easy to fit in any room décor.

    Engraved with a sweet encouraging message at the bottom, the angel can be a beautiful feature displayed on a table, shelf, bookshelf or nightstand. Truly eye-catching, this is something she will surely love to show off.

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  43. Jewelry Dish Set
  44. Jewelry Dish Set

    For the fashionable woman who is about to spend the rest of her days relaxing and planning the next adventure in retirement, this is a great little gift she will love to use every day. A beautiful jewelry dish with gold honeycomb design is a gorgeous modern accessory that easily sits on any table.

    Perfect for organizing jewelry and other little trinkets, the dish also includes a matching bracelet with minimalist gold beads on a simple fine strap. Printed with the message “You are as sweet as honey”, this is a gift that will surely put a smile on her face.

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  45. Not Retired Sign
  46. Not Retired Sign

    Retirement is a huge milestone in anyone’s life and a time to get excited about the new chapter that is about to begin. To help celebrate this momentous occasion and remind them just how happy they should be, this lovely sign is the perfect addition to the home or garden.

    Printed with the message “I’m Not Retired I’m A Professional Gardener”, this is a must-have sign for anyone who finally has the time to relax and enjoy favorite hobbies like gardening.

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  47. Clear Picture Frame
  48. Clear Picture Frame

    To mark a special moment in time like a retirement, this beautiful modern picture frame is a great way to display favorite photos from fun happy moments, like a memorable vacation. The perfect home décor item that easily fits in any room in the house, the frame will not only keep memories alive but also get them excited for the next holiday adventure.

    Printed with the message “Every day is Saturday when you’re retired”, the frame also holds standard 4×6 photographs above the text. A great gift for anyone who is planning the next trip away.

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  49. Relaxing Coloring Book
  50. Relaxing Coloring Book

    After so many years in the grind, now is the time to let loose and say all of the things that they wished they could have said before retirement. This hilarious gift is perfect for anyone who has a great sense of humor and doesn’t mind a little colorful language.

    A wonderful way to relax and unwind while getting a little creative, this adult coloring book is designed specifically for those who are retired and want a little chuckle each day.

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  51. Fun Artsy Tile
  52. Fun Artsy Tile

    A unique gift for the fashion-forward woman who is about to retire, this is a beautiful tile wall art piece that adds a pop of color into any space and reminds everyone of the beauty of retirement. Designed with a modern touch, the tile is a bold eye-catching addition they will love.

    Printed with the message “Time to stop living at work, and to work at living”, this is the perfect reminder of what is now important in life. A great gift to make them let loose and finally relax.

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  53. Happiness Musical Figure
  54. Happiness Musical Figure

    What could be better than a beautiful home décor figure that expresses true freedom and happiness? This stunning Willow Tree figure is a wonderful gift for anyone who is recently retired and looking forward to the future ahead.

    Designed with lovely muted tones, soft curves, and expressive style, this figure also plays Tchaikovsky’s” Waltz of the Flowers” for a truly beautiful display feature. Truly a gift that is perfect for any time of year.

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  55. Personal Spa Set
  56. Personal Spa Set

    For the woman who never really took the time to rest and relax, retirement will now give her a chance to slow down and focus on all the things that were put off until now. This beautiful home spa set has everything needed for absolute relaxation.

    With lovely scented soy candles, natural pumice stone and soft cotton cloth, every night can feel like being in a spa but from the comfort of home.

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  57. Poetry Art Print
  58. Poetry Art Print

    Tell them just how much they will be missed with a beautiful art piece they can display at home. This lovely art print has a soothing look and is printed with a wonderful message of love and appreciation. Perfect for any space in the house, the print easily hangs on the wall or can be displayed on a shelf.

    Printed on quality photo paper, the print easily fits standard 8×10 picture frames in any style, so it can perfectly match any décor space. A great gift they will appreciate for many years to come.

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  59. Fun Charm Bracelet
  60. Fun Charm Bracelet

    Retirement is a new adventure in anyone’s life and to celebrate such a special occasion, this cute charm bracelet is the perfect reminder for the stylish woman in your life. The lovely little charms are engraved with well wishes and inspiring messages of excitement for the adventures ahead.

    The minimalist design perfectly suits any style and the adjustable band makes this bracelet easy to comfortably wear every day. A lovely memento to cherish and enjoy for many years.

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  61. Journal for Reflection
  62. Journal for Reflection

    Retirement gives people a new perspective on life and a chance to slow down to focus on the things that have been set aside over the years. As a way to refocus the mind and think about the wonderful things in life, this gratitude journal is a wonderful gift for anyone who is about to retire.

    The beautiful modern design has a soothing look and the prompts inside will help them rest, relax, and think about their desires, plans, and feelings each day.

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  63. Classic Spa Robe
  64. Classic Spa Robe

    A cozy robe to make them feel like they are in a day spa every day, this is a must-have retirement gift for anyone needing a little rest and relaxation from the long years hustling at work. Made of a soft luxurious cotton blend, the robe is adjustable to fit any size.

    Personalized with a beautiful monogram, this is a wonderful gift that will show them just how special they are. A great gift to celebrate an important milestone in life, this robe will surely be used and loved every day.

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  65. Etched Wine Glass
  66. Etched Wine Glass

    A personal wind glass that hilariously expresses retirement, this stemless wine glass is the perfect retirement gift for anyone who loves a nice glass of wine and has a great sense of humor. Etched with the words “I can wine all I want, I’m retired!”, the modern glass design is easy to hold and wash.

    Perfect for keeping track of their drink at parties or just a way to celebrate their special milestone, this wine glass is the perfect addition to any drinks collection and bar space.

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