30 Romantic Gifts to Show Him Some Love

Men may not always admit it, but they like to be loved and pampered every now and then. Show that special man in your life how much you love him with a thoughtful gift that he will truly appreciate.

To help you find the perfect gift for his birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, we have put together a great list of things that he will love.

  1. Distance Bracelets
  2. Distance Bracelets

    A matching pair of distance bracelets will let him know you miss him, no matter where you both might be. Wear them on your wrist and synch them to the dedicated app, so you can send a gentle touch that turns into a vibration they can feel. You can even customize the color their bracelet will light up with.

    With a waterproof design and battery life up to 4 days on a single charge, these subtle bracelets are stylish and easy to wear day and night. A great way to stay in touch and remind them that you are thinking of them.

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  3. Plush Robe
  4. Plush Robe

    Give him the ultimate sense of luxury with a comfortable plush robe they can wear all year-round. Perfect for lounging around the house and feeling relaxed, the robe is lightweight and easy to pack for travel. Made longer than standard robes, this style offers a great fit for men of all sizes and the long tie can be adjusted to any size.

    Perfect for any occasion, it is a great gift that will give him a sense of being at a spa from the comfort of home. Made of 100% polyester, the robe is easy to wash, dries quickly and will retain the soft fluffy feel for years to come.

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  5. Gamer Love T-Shirt
  6. Gamer Love T-Shirt

    Instead of giving him a cliché gift of love, give him something that he will appreciate every time he plays with you or his crew. The t-shirt has a simple modern design that will show both of your love of gaming or just his love for the game.

    A comfortable gamer t-shirt made of 100% cotton, it is temperature regulating, light, soft, and will look great even after dozens of washes. The perfect top for everyday wear and easy to roll up for convenient travel.

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  7. Stylish Personalized Watch
  8. Stylish Personalized Watch

    For the man in your life who likes to look good, give him a stylish watch with a personal touch. A sleek modern wooden watch that looks like it was made bespoke is the perfect gift that he will love to wear every day.

    The beautiful combination of black wrist strap, buttons, and inner watch faces, the main watch face is a striking warm wood. On the back, a loving inscription lets him know just how special he is to you. A great reminder that he can appreciate year-round.

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  9. Aphrodisiac Cookbook
  10. Aphrodisiac Cookbook

    Get in the mood for some sensual delights with a romantic cookbook you can both enjoy. Filled with over 50 different recipes that use some of the most potent aphrodisiacs in the world, each dish is couple tested and said to get you in the mood for love.

    The beautiful photography and fascinating information about each ingredient, the cookbook has something that will appeal to every couple. With ingredients like strawberry, oyster, asparagus, chili, and figs, each bite will spark your senses.

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  11. Portable Massager
  12. Portable Massager

    Soothe tired muscles and give him a personal massage to wash away the stresses of the day with a handheld massager. The soft silicone design is smooth across the body and the easy-grip handle makes it easy to rub into stiff joints and muscles around the body.

    The sleek design looks great on display and the quiet vibrations help keep the atmosphere feeling calm and relaxing. With 10 vibration modes and waterproof design, this massager can also be used in the bath or shower. A great gift for any occasion.

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  13. Cozy Hammock for Two
  14. Cozy Hammock for Two

    Cozy up with your favorite man in a classic hammock made for two. The sturdy, handwoven bohemian design fits in any garden or casual space at home. Easy to put up and store away, this is a great gift that can be enjoyed all year-round.

    The heavy-duty make can hold up to 880lbs and made extra wide for two people to snuggle up comfortably. A great gift for relaxing on lazy weekends, put up at the beach or hang in their favorite room for a relaxing snooze at home.

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  15. Chocolate Body Paint
  16. Chocolate Body Paint

    For the man in your life who loves to try new things, get creative with a set of delicious chocolate body paints. Edible and sweet, the paints are perfect for couples who love to have fun together. With the choice of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, you and your partner can use each other’s bodies as the canvas.

    Easy to use, tasty to eat, and simple to wash off, the liquid edible paints are a great way to spend some intimate time while getting a sweet dessert at the same time. Perfect for any occasion, the paints are only limited by your imaginations.

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  17. Stylish Travel Backpack
  18. Stylish Travel Backpack

    For the fashionable man who travels a lot, give him a stylish Kenneth Cole Reaction backpack that easily holds all of the essentials like a laptop, portfolios, books, water bottle and toiletries. A sleek modern design that is easy to match any fashion style, this is the perfect everyday pack.

    Designed with multiple pockets to keep everything organized, the backpack has several compartments that are easy to reach, making it the perfect travel bag around. Compact and easy to store under seats or overheads, this pack is perfect for work, school, and travel.

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  19. Would You Rather for Couples
  20. Would You Rather for Couples

    A playful gift that any couple would enjoy, this book is a great way to let loose and have a little fun with your favorite man. This adult Would You Rather game is filled with questions that are funny, sexy, and a little naughty.

    Perfect for a unique date night, hosting an adult party game, and adding a little spice into your relationship, this book is a great way to learn all about each other’s love and fantasies. Perfect for any occasion, this is a great gift that he will love to use all year long.

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  21. Love Socks
  22. Love Socks

    Give him a subtle reminder of how much he is loved with a set of heart socks from Happy Socks. Stylish and perfect for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, each sock design has a different pattern of hearts. Sweet and easy to wear with jeans, khakis or business wear.

    Made of cotton and nylon, they are soft, comfortable, and stay perfectly in place all day. A playful set that he will love to add to his everyday wear. The simple design and fun patterns are perfect for anyone who likes to add a unique touch to their look.

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  23. Romance in a Box
  24. Romance in a Box

    Ready for romance at any moment, give him a romantic date in one complete set. Ideal for any occasion where you have a full setup within moments, this set is the perfect alternative to going out. This kit is complete with everything needed for a romantic dinner, drinks, bath for two, and fun in the bedroom.

    For dinner: a candelabra, candles, rose petals, champagne bucket, flutes, and platter. For the bath: fragrant bubbles, soy tealights, and rose petal soaps. In the bedroom: sating sheet set, silk blindfold, adult dice game, and lavender massage oil.

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  25. Dapper Travel Shaving Kit
  26. Dapper Travel Shaving Kit

    Give your man something he would love to use at home and while on the road. A dapper toiletries set that includes everything he would need for a classic shave, this set has a stainless steel bowl, foaming shaving soap, badger brush, vintage style razor with stand, and everything is perfectly packed in a stylish canvas bag.

    Perfect for any man who likes to look good with a nice close shave, the soothing soap will leave his face feeling soft and clean. A great set that he will appreciate with every shave, this is perfect for ant occasion.

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  27. Hot Massage Stone Set
  28. Hot Massage Stone Set

    Bring the serene relaxation of a spa into the comfort of home with a set of classic heated stones. Soothe aching muscles and let worries melt away with a full body massage. Complete with 12 assorted stone sizes and a bamboo heating case, this set is perfect for home or while on the road.

    The smooth black basalt stones are stored in a case that can plug in for quick and convenient heating anytime he will need it. Adjust and set the warmer to the ideal temperature, then just lay the stones over his body for complete relaxation.

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  29. Sophisticated Eau de Toilet
  30. Sophisticated Eau de Toilet

    Give your favorite man something that smells as good as he looks. This eau de toilet from L’Occitane is the perfect gift of luxury that he can use anytime and for any occasion. Created with quality essential oils, the scent has a deep spicy wood fragrance that brings up images of rugged landscapes of the great outdoors.

    Perfect to wear day or night, this is an easy scent that smells rich and beautiful. Without feeling overpowering, the scent notes last for a long time, and they will surely get him some attention. A great gift for any man who likes to look and smell his best at all times.

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  31. Adult Game of Innuendos
  32. Adult Game of Innuendos

    For the man who likes to have a little adult fun, this sexy game is perfect for couples or adult parties that everyone can enjoy. That’s What She Said is a card game filled with innuendos that will either make you blush or laugh out loud.

    With hundreds of setup cards and phrase cards, players are urged to make up the dirtiest phrases with the cards they are dealt with. A hilarious game that will be as raunchy as the mind of the player with the dirtiest mind, this is a great game of fun for adults.

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  33. Delicious Candle
  34. Delicious Candle

    For the foodie in your life who loves everything delicious, give him a scented candle that will drive him crazy (in a good way!). This beautiful soy candle is beautifully scented with two of his favorite things, bacon and bourbon.

    Made with quality soy and a 100% cotton wick, this candle lasts long and does not create soot as other candles do. The scent notes are a great combination of bacon, vanilla, and classic Bourbon, which is something that he will surely appreciate every time he lights it.

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  35. Keepsake Journal for Two
  36. Keepsake Journal for Two

    Give him a gift that you can both enjoy with a keepsake journal for two. This is a great interactive book that is filled with questions and fill in the blanks that are all about you as a couple. A wonderful way to feel intimate and share something together, the book is made to be used for a full year.

    Perfect for couples of all stages, this is a fun way to learn about one another and deepen the connection that you both have. With sweet and sexy love notes that you can tear out, it only takes a few moments to show him how much you care.

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  37. Sensual Massage Set
  38. Sensual Massage Set

    Add a little more spice into your relationship with a set of tantric accessories for enjoyment and exploration in the bedroom. Made for a deeper connection with your partner, this set is all about pleasure and relaxation.

    Complete with body massagers, soft feather, body massage oil, satin eye mask, rose petals, soothing music, and candle, the set has everything you need for a night of exploration and fun. Perfect for couples of all stages, it is a great gift for any occasion.

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  39. Things to Do Bucket List
  40. Things to Do Bucket List

    Ever get bored and have no idea what to do together? This bucket list poster is a fun interactive way to get inspiration to go out there and try something new. With 100 options to do things like skinny dip, go strawberry picking, ride a zipline, and run in a thunderstorm, there are endless fun things to do together.

    The large scratch off poster can be displayed anywhere in the home and can sit as a reference for those days where it just seems like there is nothing to do. Get inspiration and create fun memories with him all year long.

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  41. Superhero Underwear
  42. Superhero Underwear

    For the man in your life who loves superheroes (or thinks he is one), this is the perfect gift that he will love. This pair of Superman underwear comes equipped with its own cape for a truly super feeling that he will appreciate.

    Hilarious and perfect for the man who loves to geek out, this is a gift that will make him feel as powerful as the Man of Steel himself. Perfect for any occasion, they will put a smile on his face every time he puts them on.

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  43. Workouts for Two
  44. Workouts for Two

    Get healthy together and spend some quality time working out with the man you love most. This book of workouts for partners is the perfect excuse to spend more time together. Filled with 70 exercises that can be done in the gym, outside or at home, they are made for all training levels.

    With complete step-by-step instructions, you can both set up health and workout goals that you can then work on together. There are several sections of information to get you motivated and help you track your progress. A great gift for any time of year.

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  45. Heart Fondue Set
  46. Heart Fondue Set

    Spoil him with a romantic dinner and dessert by giving him a love fondue set. Perfect for spending a quiet night in or bringing out for entertaining guests. This set is stylish and easy to use for delicious treats, both sweet and savory.

    Made of a quality ceramic for easy cooking and care, the classic design uses an open flame to cook the food in the main pot. This set also includes 6 heart-shaped bowls and 6 small food skewers. Enjoy dipping bread into melted cheese or dip fruits into some smooth melted chocolate.

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  47. Couples Love Coupons
  48. Couples Love Coupons

    For the man who deserves a little love and pampering, give him the gift of an IOU that he can redeem whenever he likes. This set of 15 love coupons are the perfect gift that he will cherish for as long as the vouchers last.

    A great way to show him how much you care; each card is printed with a different gift that he can redeem at any time. With gifts like “breakfast in bed” and “personalized wild card”, he will have just as much fun with these cards as you will.

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  49. Date Night Bucket List
  50. Date Night Bucket List

    Keep your relationship fresh and exciting with a boxed set of couple’s bucket list ideas. Perfect for date night or just as a goal to keep the spark in your love life, this set includes 52 different date night ideas that range from casual and sweet to sensual and sexy.

    A great way to mix up your usual dates, each stick can be used as many times as you choose. Keep the jar in any room of the house and simply choose a date for those days when you need a little inspiration. Perfect for any occasion, this is a gift you can both enjoy.

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  51. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  52. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    For the man who is a sweet tooth, give him a sensual gift of chocolate-covered strawberries that he won’t be able to resist. This set of a dozen strawberries decorated with luxury Belgian chocolate is beautifully presented in a heart-adorned box.

    A great gift for any occasion, this one will surely show him how much you care. Fresh and delicious, the strawberries are dipped with dark, milk, and white chocolate for a truly delightful dessert. Spend a romantic evening together and feed each other this memorable dessert.

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  53. Kama Sutra Book
  54. Kama Sutra Book

    Spice things up in the bedroom with a modern Kama Sutra book. Taking cues from the ancient art of connecting and making love with one another, this book is filled with photos and instructions for completing each position.

    With information about each sacred step, this book will inspire or become a challenge to try each one out. Perfect for couples in all stages in a relationship, this book is the ultimate form of intimacy and fun. Keep things light and add that extra spark between the two of you with a book that you can refer to for many years to come.

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  55. Personalized Leather Bracelet
  56. Personalized Leather Bracelet

    For the man who likes fashion and accessories, this is the bracelet for him. This stylish leather bracelet is the perfect gift that works with any look and style. Made of 100% genuine leather, the bracelet is personalized with a message, name or coordinates on a gorgeous aluminum plate.

    A great gift for any occasion, the bracelet is easy to wear, has a sturdy clasp, and can be printed with a gentle reminder of the love you both share. Include both of your coordinates to show how distance has brought you both together and will never keep you apart.

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  57. Spouse Spice Set
  58. Spouse Spice Set

    Add a little spice into your relationship with a hilarious set of spices made just for couples. With two bottles in the set, one is made specifically for men and one is for women. Give each other sweet daily reminders of the love you both share by following one of the cards from the bottle.

    A wonderful way to mix things up for each other, the set includes a hundred ways to let them know how much you care. Sweet, gentle, and a was to rekindle the love, this is the perfect gift for any couple, and can be used year-round.

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  59. Bath Bombs for Him
  60. Bath Bombs for Him

    Give your favorite man the gift of relaxation in a soothing bath made just for him. This set of bath bombs just for men includes scents like patchouli, basil, anise, cinnamon, marjoram and more. A great way to soak the stress away, each bath bomb is made to feel soft and luxurious without leaving residue.

    Made with ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil, his body will be feeling fresh, relaxed, and ultra-smooth. A great set of 6 different scents that he can use any time he feels like letting loose and soaking his tension away.

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