32 Thank You Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Showing someone your thanks and gratitude is something deeper than simply saying “thank you”. A thoughtful gift to show appreciation is a wonderful way to build on relationships and let others know just how special they are to you.

Whether they helped out in a pinch or went out of their way to give you support, we have compiled a list of awesome gift ideas they will truly appreciate:

  1. An Inspiring Book of Thanks
  2. An Inspiring Book of Thanks

    More than a couple of words to tell someone you appreciate them; this book is entirely dedicated to thanking them for the wonderful person they truly are. Beautifully designed with a variety of fonts and graphics, the book has over 60 pages of thanks they can admire and display in any space of their home.

    The professional hardcover style and compact 7” squared design is easy to hold, quick to read through, and a sweet sentimental keepsake that will remind them of the people who care about them the most.

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  3. Fresh Box of Goodness
  4. Fresh Box of Goodness

    A gift that keeps on giving is the ultimate way to say thanks to someone special in your life. A cute little planter box set has everything needed to grow fresh herbs and vegetables is a unique gift for friends, teachers, kids, and colleagues.

    Made from a natural wood finish and printed with a sweet message like “Grateful for you from my head to-ma-toes!”, this is a lovely gift they can enjoy year-round.

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  5. Personalized Cutting Board
  6. Personalized Cutting Board

    A wonderful gift that everyone appreciates is one that has a personal touch, this practical cutting board is not only functional in the kitchen but also looks beautiful on display. The added special touch of having it engraved with someone’s name is that extra thoughtful detail that completes the sentiment of thanks.

    Made from quality wood and beautifully finished with a walnut finish, the cutting board is cut with laser precision for a perfect design finish every time. A wonderful gift for any occasion, this one will show them just how much you care.

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  7. Globe Full of Gratitude
  8. Globe Full of Gratitude

    A thoughtful gift that adds color and whimsy to any space, this beautiful handblown globe is a unique gift that is perfect to say “thank you”. Known as the wishing ball and gratitude globe, this is more like a stylish way of collecting goodwill.

    Perfect for any occasion and especially to thank someone for being so wonderful, the globe comes with a small pad of paper that you can write individual messages of thanks and appreciation. Every time they choose to read a note, they will be reminded of your thanks and love.

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  9. Box of Decorative Biscotti
  10. Box of Decorative Biscotti

    A delicious treat for someone sweet in your life, this box of 18 gourmet biscotti are the perfect gift of thanks, any time of the year. With decadent flavor combinations like dark chocolate and peppermint, white chocolate and cranberries, and chocolate with caramel chips, each one is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

    Packed in a professional box and made with fresh ingredients, this is a great gift they can enjoy with family, friends or while entertaining guests (if they choose to share of course!).

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  11. Carved Thank You Angel
  12. Carved Thank You Angel

    For the sweet angel in your life who you would love to thank, this beautifully carved angel figure is a wonderful keepsake that instantly shows them your gratitude and love. The gentle curves and light rustic feel make this figure a great feature in any space.

    The angel is adorned with looped wire wings and holding a wire sign that says “thank you”, this is a sweet gesture that anyone would appreciate.

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  13. Kind Gesture of Sweetness
  14. Kind Gesture of Sweetness

    The best way to thank a sweet tooth is with a set of delicious treats they can enjoy any time they please. This cute metal tin is decorated with written “thank you” from many different languages. A great way to show appreciation, the tin holds over 8.5 ounces of delicious Scotland vanilla fudge.

    Individually wrapped for convenience, the fudge will be a yummy reminder of your thoughtfulness and thanks. A wonderful gift they can enjoy year-round, this one is sure to impress.

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  15. Relaxing Wine Set
  16. Relaxing Wine Set

    For a friend, colleague or family member who loves to kick back and relax, give them a thoughtful set that they can use every day. A cute combo of socks and a spill-proof wine tumbler, each one can be used together or split up between work and home.

    The stainless steel tumbler is easy to hold and keeps drinks cold for hours. When the time comes to relax and soothe tired feet from a long day, the soft and cozy socks will add comfort and let others know that wine is a must-have for the evening.

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  17. Deluxe Gift Basket of Goodies
  18. Deluxe Gift Basket of Goodies

    What could be better than a little gift basket to say thanks? A deluxe gift basket filled with their favorites. This hamper is full of delicious treats that will keep their tummies happy for a very long time.

    Filled with premium delights like gourmet chocolates, toffees, and caramels, there are also lovely soothing teas, and a personal mug with “thank you” printed on the front. The perfect way to show your gratitude.

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  19. Special Thank You Wine Labels
  20. Special Thank You Wine Labels

    A set of quality thank you labels made specifically for wine bottles is a wonderfully unique way to show your thanks. Stick them on favorite wine bottles for a more personalized touch to show just how much you care.

    A wonderful way to thank someone for everything they do, each of the four stickers is a beautiful modern design that is easy to peel and stick on any surface.

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  21. A Little Token of Thanks
  22. A Little Token of Thanks

    Sleek, simple, and very sweet, this beautiful glass heart token is a lovely reminder of your gratitude and love. Imprinted with a lovely “thank you” in the middle, the minimalist design of this token is the perfect little decoration they will love to display.

    Crystal clear and smoothly shaped into a heart, the token is presented in a sweet little mesh bag, ready to be gifted in appreciation. A wonderful way to show you care, this is a gift that will make them smile every time they see it.

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  23. Different Ways to Say Thanks
  24. Different Ways to Say Thanks

    At a loss for words of thanks? This set of 30 pop-open cards are the perfect gift for anyone you truly appreciate. Whether they are a good friend, close colleague, or loving family member, everyone will love the written messages of thanks.

    With different inspiring and uplifting messages written on each card, they can choose one at random whenever they like and get a sweet reminder of your thanks and thoughtfulness. A great gift for any time, this is one they will enjoy all year long.

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  25. Book of Wit and Appreciation
  26. Book of Wit and Appreciation

    For the person who can’t get enough of the Golden Girls, this is the perfect way to show them how much you appreciate them. A full-color illustrated book of the ladies and their razor-sharp wit is the ultimate collector’s gift that will make them laugh every time.

    Filled with quotes and wise statements that could only come from the likes of Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose, there are nearly a hundred pages of advice, games, quizzes, and more. A great gift that can be enjoyed all year, this is one they will truly appreciate.

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  27. Big Colorful Box of Sweets
  28. Big Colorful Box of Sweets

    The ultimate gift for the sweetest person you know, this huge box of delights is a great way to say “thank you”. Beautifully packed in a decorative box that will instantly bring a smile to their face, this set is filled to the brim with classic candies and sweets that everyone loves.

     A box full of delicious nostalgia is a wonderful way to show someone how much you care. Whether they helped you out in a little way or were there to support when you needed it most, a box full of yummy sweets is one way to get your message of thanks across.

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  29. Decorative Pie Dish
  30. Decorative Pie Dish

    For the baker on your list who deserves a pretty gift for all they have done for you, this beautiful hand-painted pie dish is a must-have in any baker’s kitchen. The classic vintage design and gorgeous floral design have a sweet country charm to it.

    Made of quality ceramic that is heat-resistant and can even be stored in a freezer, this non-stick deep pie dish is perfect for baking lunches, dinners, and desserts. Versatile and beautiful to display, this is something they will appreciate every time they use it.

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  31. Monogram Decanter
  32. Monogram Decanter

    A premium decanter with a personal touch, this is a must-have for anyone who loves to enjoy a good drink. Perfect for storing whiskey, cognac, bourbon or vodka, the sleek modern bottle looks beautiful out on display.

    Engraved with initials or a name, the bottle is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to a wonderful person in your life. A great gift for any time of year, this is something that will be cherished for many years to come.

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  33. Cozy Luxury Throw
  34. Cozy Luxury Throw

    As a way to give thanks and offer someone a cozy gift they can enjoy all year long, this is a must-have in everyone’s house. This throw is a large 50”x60” and easy for two people to curl up in, the soft and comfortable Sherpa fleece is lightweight and warm.

    Designed with a subtle modern embossed pattern, the light texture instantly creates a cozy inviting atmosphere to any space. Perfect for any time of year, this is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

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  35. Geode Air Plant Set
  36. Geode Air Plant Set

    A sweet little gift set that instantly adds a little sparkle and life to a room, this lovely geode air plant collection is a great way to tell someone you appreciate them. With three different stones and colors in the set, they can easily style a room with all three or split them up for a nice little feature in different rooms.

    There is one lovely amethyst, cute rose quartz, and a clear crystal geode, each topped with a fresh air plant to add some freshness to a space. Perfect for friends, colleagues, family, and even kids.

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  37. Jade Massager Set
  38. Jade Massager Set

    For the person you would like to thank and give them a little something soothing for their beauty regime, this beautiful set of jade face stones and rollers is just what they need in their collection. The stunning design and easy to use set is perfect for healthy blood circulation and giving them a sense of relaxation.

    Known for having good health and anti-aging benefits each of the stones will vary in color since they are all made from genuine jade. Smooth, quiet and compact for any makeup case, the rollers can easily be used at home or packed for travel.

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  39. Bamboo Charcuterie Board Set
  40. Bamboo Charcuterie Board Set

    A wonderful gift for anyone who loves to entertain, this beautiful charcuterie board is a wonderful way to show someone your thanks. Made from bamboo and designed for easy food prep and display, there are several serving compartments, 3 ceramic bowls for sauces or snacks, and a set of cheese knives to complete the look.

    Perfect for anyone who loves to break bread with friends and family, this is a must-have item in everyone’s kitchen collection. A great gift they can use all year-round, this is something they will truly appreciate.

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  41. Personalized Monogram Whiskey Glass
  42. Personalized Monogram Whiskey Glass

    A sleek modern design with a touch of vintage charm, this is a luxury whiskey glass that will instantly show someone just how much you care. The clear 11 ounce glass is adorned with a beautiful pewter stamp that displays a personalized monogram.

    Perfect for any home bar, personal drinks set or on display for entertaining, the glass is a sturdy design that’s beautifully presented in a sophisticated box. A personal touch they will really appreciate, this is a thoughtful gift they will proudly use again and again.

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  43. Versatile Wooden Tray Basket
  44. Versatile Wooden Tray Basket

    A cute kitchen item that comes with a delicious treat, this is a wonderfully versatile gift they will love to use every day. Presented with an assortment of healthy gourmet foods like dried peaches, apricots, kiwi, apples, and more, the beautiful wooden tray cleverly converts into a basket with a built-in stand.

    A wonderful gift for a work colleague, friend, or family member, this is a lovely gift that has endless uses and looks adorable on display. Perfect for saying “thank you”, this year-round gift will surely bring a smile to their face.

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  45. Gourmet French Macaron Set
  46. Gourmet French Macaron Set

    To truly show someone how much you appreciate them, give them a gourmet gift that has a touch of luxury to it. A box of premium French macaron cookies is just what anyone would love to get as a gift.

    Beautiful in design and delicious for any sweet tooth, there are 12 different incredible flavors to enjoy. With delicious combinations like raspberry cream, dark chocolate, crème brûlée, and creamy pistachio, the only problem they will have is choosing to share or keep them all for themselves.

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  47. Personalized Cork Holder
  48. Personalized Cork Holder

    For the person on your thank you list who loves to enjoy a good bottle of wine, this is a beautiful modern gift they will happily use for many years to come. A personalized monogram wine cork holder is not just a great home décor display, but also a fun interactive gift they can use to collect corks from all of their favorite wine bottles.

    Perfect for adding a personal touch to any space in the home, this is a thoughtful gift they will truly appreciate with every new bottle they pop open.

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  49. Decorative Candle Set
  50. Decorative Candle Set

    A set of beautiful candles to add aromatherapy anywhere they are, this is a lovely set that is perfect for showing someone your thanks and appreciation. This set of four soy candles is gorgeously held in decorative paisley print and each includes a matching lid for neat display.

    With four colors and scents like jasmine, vanilla, green tea, and lemon, they will love to place them around work or home for a nice light scent all day long.

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  51. Luxury Handmade Soap Set
  52. Luxury Handmade Soap Set

    Nothing shows loving sentiments and a feeling of thanks more than a thoughtful handmade gift from the heart. This set of beautiful luxury soaps are handmade for a feeling of spending the day at the spa every time they take a bath.

    The moisturizing lather releases a beautiful soft scent of lavender, rose, lemongrass, rosemary, and more. With each bar beautifully wrapped in decorative paper, the soaps are a lovely display until they are ready to be enjoyed in the bath.

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  53. Ceramic Marble Coasters
  54. Ceramic Marble Coasters

    Perfect for friends, colleagues, and family, this set of gorgeous coasters are a sweet little gesture to show your thanks and gratitude. This set of ceramic stone coasters is designed to look like luxury marble with a touch of gold throughout.

    The soft cork bottom will protect all surfaces and the beautiful luster of the top surface is sure to become a fashionable feature in any room. Perfect for any time of year, this is a stylish gift that will be used for many years to come.

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  55. Complete Bacon Set
  56. Complete Bacon Set

    For the bacon-lover you want to thank, this is the ultimate set they will love with every meal. Ideal for foodies, chefs, and anyone who needs bacon in their life, this delicious gourmet set includes a tasty maple bacon aioli, delicious maple bacon jam, and savory boozy bacon barbecue sauce that will probably disappear first.

    Made from gourmet ingredients with incredible taste in mind, this is a great way to show someone your gratitude every time they enjoy the burst of flavor in their meal. A great set that they can enjoy all year, this is one they will truly appreciate.

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  57. Flower Reed Diffusers
  58. Flower Reed Diffusers

    A pretty and unique gift that combines stylish home décor with beautiful aromatherapy, this set of mini reed diffusers have the added special touch of lovely soft wooden flowers that really make a statement in a room.

    With scents like white rose and lily of the valley, the fresh botanical aromas will instantly make any space happy and relaxing. A wonderful gift for work colleagues, friends, and family, everyone will love to have these out on display for all to enjoy.

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  59. Happy Thank You Candle
  60. Happy Thank You Candle

    Make someone’s day with a bright and colorful candle that will instantly put a smile on their face. This bold and happy candle design is made to add excitement in any space, with beautiful rainbow letters that spell out “thank you”.

    The sleek modern glass jar is easy to match in any room décor and the soft champagne scent adds a gentle therapeutic scent that everyone can enjoy. The large 3-wick design adds a beautiful soft glow and instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere they will enjoy.

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  61. Amazon Fire Stick
  62. Amazon Fire Stick

    As a way to show your thanks and appreciation, give them the gift of entertainment that can be enjoyed all year long. This 4K Fire Stick with Alexa voice activation will let them steam a variety of media in bold 4K ultra HD.

    Perfect to use with any modern TV and Bluetooth devices, the Fire Stick can also control home devices with sound commands via Alexa. A wonderful gift they will love to use every day, this is a must-have in any household.

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  63. Decorative Salt Lamp
  64. Decorative Salt Lamp

    For the person on your list who deserves to know how special they are to you, give them a healthy and stylish home décor item that will bring them a sense of peace and relaxation every evening. This beautiful heart-shaped salt lamp has a wonderful soft glow that adds comfort and peace in any space.

    A great way to show someone your thanks, the lamp is perfect in any room, especially in places where they like to unwind from a long day. Perfect for year-round use, the health benefits of Himalayan salt will truly be appreciated.

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